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December Ipsy bag 2013

Wow the year is alreayd over and I have been absolutely being lazy with blog post.  It is January 4th alreayd and I got my ipsy bag on December 12.  Please don't hurt me :(.  I promise I will at least post the ipsy bags on time T_T.
 This is my fourth bag I have recieved from them and I can say very confidently that this bag is the nicest one out of all of the ones they have came out with.  Normally their bags are very cheaply made but this one is thick, nice, high quality. :)  This month's bag is celebration.  Honestly at first, I wasn't impressed with the bag and the products.  I was thinking the products would be more festive, a fun colored bag and maybe some glitter for make up.  Sadly it was very boring, gloomy shades.

 The brands included in the bag.
 This month's bag is a plastic fabric with diamond pyramid. Already said this, but very nice :).
 The inside is a bright red shade.
 This month's bag, like I have said already, is kind of boring to me.  They always give the same shades, red lip products, neutral eye shadows and nail polish that I don't use and don't need.  I have check the nail polish out of my quiz, even told them by email why there is nail polish in my bag when I have checked it off my list but they said they couldn't do anything about it.  Okay, guess that will be passed onto my boyfriend's sister.  Nothing wrong with that but it is taking up a spot where other product could be which I could potentially use.
 I got this shade that looks very much like metro chic from Sephora opi collection which they have discontinued.  I remember this because of lollipop26 (which sadly she doesn't make any youtube videos anymore and I don't know why!).  It is a deep purple mauve.  I can't say much about this since I will not be using it.
 Included in the bag is a eyeshadow trio from POP beauty.  I actually don't think they sell this brand in Canada, but I am not sure.  I am actually quite surprised at the quality, it is very smooth and pigmented.  I was praying so hard not to get the white, silver and black trio since I never wear those shades.

 When I saw the sneek peek, i was just like  Not ANNNNOTTTHERRRR red lip products.  Gosh.  And it is J cats?  I was not impressed with the first products I got from them which was the nude lip stick.  That lipstick was terrible.  Not creamy enough, goes on patchy and the shade didn't flatter my NC25 skintone. Just no...
 When I tried this one though, it completely different.  This product is amazing.  I have dry, chapped lips but this doesn't cling onto those dry spots.  In fact, it is quite hydrating on my lips and the color is just right for my fair skin :).  I love this lip pencil and it is quickly becoming one of my most favorite products of all time!  I give this products a thumbs up and totally recommend it.
 This was also another products that i was like ugh, not perfume samples.  I thought it would be one of those small vial, spray it three times and it would run out perfume samples.  Nope, these are pretty big actually.  Enough to last you many two weeks?  I haven't actually tested it out completely but I don't like the scent.  The lighter colored liquid if for girls, which is just a generic sickeningly sweet scent, and the yellow tinted liquid which is for males which is also a very generic drugstore axe scent.  

I would not recommend these perfumes since they don't have the same complexity as a high end perfume and would not really be worth your time if you want your perfumes to be unique.
 Here is a comparison with the regular perfume sample vials you would get at sephora and the size of the english laundry perfume samples.  Quite big :).
Special offers for ipsy users (but everyone can use the code, lets be frank LOL).
 The last product I got is the be a bombshell "The one stick" which reminds me a lot of the NARS multiple sticks.  I was most excited about getting this product since I like anything that is multipurpose and I love cream products for my cheeks.

This product is nice and creamy but the downside to it is the shade.  I am very fair, NC25 to be exact. I popped open the lid and I saw this beautiful shade of baby pink but wait! Is that...glitter! I hate glitter on my face.  I like it on my eyes sometimes but never on my cheeks.  Absolute turn off and the shade doesn't really show up on my skin :/.  Darn! I will have to try and make it work as a lip color but if that doesn't work, its going into the garbage.
Overall, I wasn't too impressed with this month's bag.  I did like the eye shadow trio and the jumbo lip pencil.  I won't complain too too much since the bag is $15, but if they continue with all red lip products and neutral eye shadow shades, I think I would just save my money.  Hopefully the next bag will be better :).

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