Thursday, January 16, 2014

Body shop deals guide

Ever since I bought a few body butters from the body shop, I have been obsessed! Their scents are really nice, their prices are fair and they give back to the communities where they get their resources from which makes my heart feel warm and fluttery. 

I would never get anything full price if I don't have to and the best thing about the body shop is? There is always always always a deal and a coupon to use.  If you get their membership card, which i do recommend, you can get it for $10 which you get back on your birthday ($10 towards any purchase on your birthday month), and you collect points for every $25 you spend. 

Membership benefits:
-$10 for the card itself
-$10 reward on your birthday month
-10% off all purchases online and in stores
-exclusive discounts and sneak peeks
-points for every $25 spent (remember max 2 points per transaction...even if you spent $100, you still only get 2 points)
-every 4 points = $15 reward towards your next purchase
-8 points, card renews itself for the next year
There is an awesome deal right now where you get double points.  This means you can spend half the amount to get those rewards and even renew your card! Whooo hoo~

*BTW the picture isn't for this event, the event is only in physical stores and only until Jan. 18, 2014*

So I got this email yesterday and it was aweeeesome.  $10 off $25.  There is a code on the bottom where you can type in for your unique code to use online.
There was also this one too! So you get two choices.  Either $10 off $25= $15 & 10% off :).  So much shopping to do!  But wait there is more!
If you ever buy anything in a physical store, you get a receipt right?  If you look on the bottom of the receipt, there is  always a special offer for $15 off $40 which is frinkin' amazing! That means you pay $25 for $40 worth of products plus 10% off and any other discounts you want to stack.  That is why I have been on a craze with their products! Because they are so cheap with all the discounts!

Hopefully all these tips will help you on your next trip to the body shop. :), comment down below if you bought anything, what you bought or even link your blogs so I can see your hauls.

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  1. I never knew the body shop had a membership system!

    Definitely going to sign up :D Thanks for the post!



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