Friday, January 17, 2014

L'occitane haul

Since I have been cutting down on buying any cosmetics, I started getting obsessed with body care stuff.  I was never one to remember to moisturize my body or ever really cared enough to do something, but now I have to shift my focus on something.  I don't normally shop at L'occitane since it is really expensive.  Getting three times are already $100!  That's dropping a lot of cash for a few products.

I do like the fact that they are all organic and made actually from France.  I don't like companies claiming to be made somewhere, but in realty it is made in China or Asia.  And you are paying premium price too! *Coach cough cough*.

 The main reason for this haul was for a foot cream.  I was looking for a good foot cream, debating between the peppermint foot cream from the body shop or this one. A lot of reviews online told me not to get the body shop one since it wasn't moisturizing or did anything for their feet.  Quite a few people said the one from l'Occitane was nice so I decided to get this one.  It wasn't too too expensive. $30 for 150 mL was not too bad.

My job makes me stand on my feet for 8 hours and more after when I want to go shopping or hang out with my boyfriend.  So they are always really dry (since I never remember to moisturize down there), i have three callus (two on my big toe and one on the side of my left foot) so they really hurt.  

I have used it a couple of times now and I quite like it.  I thought it would be more thick then this but it is nice. It's also moisturizing enough for my feet and it is not one bit greasy.  I like it! Approved!!  
I was standing in the store, deciding whether to buy this gift set or just get the foot cream.  This gift set was $84 and there was a 10% off coupon so it wasn't too too bad.  But in the end I decided that since I had deluxe sample sizes of the perfume, peony shower gel, lavender bubble bath and the almond shower oil, I didn't feel the need to spend the extra cash and have clutter in my house.  I just got a sample of the almond concentrate instead ;).

There was also a deal for the full size hand cream and the food cream for $50 instead of $60.  I actually kind of regret not getting that deal instead.  I didn't want that promotion since I don't find the hand lotion moisturizing enough for me but I didn't think that I could have gotten it for my boyfriend since he was complaining the next day his hands were really dry and needed some type of hand cream.  I was like darn! 
I also picked this up on a wimp.  I never seen this in their permanent line and I quite like the fact they brought out discontinued items for a discounted price too!  This perfume isn't too too special when it comes to the scent.  I didn't really test it out in the store since it didn't have a tester but the manager was actually nice enough to let me test out her own that she bought for herself.  So nice :').

The scent is very rose scented (as the name states), not too sickening stinky rose smell with a slight clean and grassyness to it too.  LOL worst at describing scents.  The top notes is grass (ah ha!) and lemon.  The middle notes are wild flower, wild rose and pear and the base notes are tonka bean (which I have never heard of) and cedarwood.

I can't give a full review on this since I have not tried it out enough to give a full review but hopefully I will remember to come back to it and review it :).
During the sale, they also had a buy two get one free for their travel size.  I found that they had minis of my favorite face cream for the winter time, their 27% shea butter night cream which works well for my dry flaky skin.  So I grabbed two of those and also wanted to try the Angelica hydration cream since the sells girl said it was good for dry skin.  I'll be keeping this for the summer time :).  Love travel sizes but I kind of regret getting these small travel size when I could have gotten the foot and hand cream for the same price I paid. $50 , $55 after Canadian tax.  And it is final sale so I can't do anything about it. Oh well. 

I'm actually glad l'occitane's prices are high which permits me from getting too addicted to their product.  Overall as a whole, l'occitane is a solid company and they have some good products but I an not attracted to a lot of their products but I will always love their shea line since it is all natural and organic. :)

What do you love from l'occitane? I'm always curious to hear from others. ;)

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