Friday, September 26, 2014

Mnet's Mwave k-beauty box unboxing

 This package popped up in my mail box today and I was super surprised.  I thought I was super lucky to get some company to want me to do reviews for them, but I was just dreaming.  But I don't mind if they did want me to, wink  wink ;).

Anyways, I started getting worried because the package has my name on it and has my full address, but I couldn't for the life of me think where or how this  box of Etude house end up at my house.  So confused.

When I finally finish situated myself after work and changed into my PJ's, I sliced the box open and in I found......
If you want to check out my first post about this box, click here!

This box was $40 (shipping included) and it shipped internationally.  The box caught my attention since it was an unboxed box, meaning you know exactly what you are getting and what you are paying for, and for that price, you really can't beat it!
Curious to see what is inside?  Keep on reading~

 So of course, I have to compare this to Memebox (which I love dearly and sucks out my money, but it gives me a weird sense of joy).  First, the box looks the same other then the color and design.  The box is the same size, the flap is the same, most of the elements of the box is the same.  The memebox is slightly bigger but ht that much.

 Once the box is opened, you see this!
 Unlike memebox's instructional card, Mwave's card is super luxurious.  It is laminated with plastic and has really nice pictures.  And it folds out! WOW.
The overview of all the products on the card.

 The box is also nicely packed.  Nothing came broken.  The box was hiding in the etude house box with tons and tons of bubble wrap (which I will reuse haha).
 My usual mug shot line up with all the products.
 The first product is CODE glokolor N. all-UID foundation retailing approximately $30.  It contains 15g x 2 (one is a back up) and it comes with one compact and one sealed back up.  The plastic compact measures 8 cm x 3.5 cm.  I find the BB cushions packaging slightly bulk, but what can you do :S.

Product description:
This all-in-one fluid foundation makes delicate skin texture and naturally glow skin with 5 make up effects moisturizing, cover, glow, tone and texture and 2 functional effects-UV blocking, whitening- by Pentaprism code. It contains UV blocking function SPF 30, PA+++ and has whiting function.

How to use:
After pressing the button, take an appropriate amount by using "Fitting Puff" and pat the puff lightly over the face.
 There's english!
I love their box too.  They pay so much attention to details.  LOVE!
The BB compact and the back up.  I kind of don't like the fact that the back up doesn't come in a vaccum pack like the other BB cushions (like Iope, Laneige, etc) but what can you do.  It just comes in the regular plastic wrapping with the sticky tab.

Here's the sponge that comes with it.  It is very much like the IOPE BB cushion but I feel like the IOPE one is slightly finer.  What I mean by that, the little bubble on the sponge is slightly smaller making the sponge slightly smoother.  But i do like the band on the CODE sponge better as it is thicker and it stays on my fingers better when I use it.
Close up :O.  It kind of looks like a planet haha.  Like those national geographic pictures of planets and Earth :D.
The foundation comes out of this star shaped thing which is super cute.  You just have to press the button to release the product.  It took me about 12 pumps to get it started.

Here is the swatch of the CODE foundation.  I was slightly nervous since the box said the shade was in Medium but it works just right for my MAC NC25 skintone.  I am a pale girl, like Edward Cullen, Chinese, yellow under toned skin.  It also blends in to the skin nicely and has a slight dewy finish.  But I'd say it is more of a satin finish since it doesn't make my face shine like a K pop star.
The second product is Dr. Jart Bounce beauty balm in the shade 01 Light retailing for $58 at Sephora and contains 12 g.  My card is saying "12 g x 2" but I do not see a back up for this.  And the compact does not pop out so I have no clue whats going on haha.  The compact measures 7.5 cm x 3 cm.  There is no detected scent.

This was the reason I bought the whole box.  I really wanted to try out some BB cushions and now I have three :D from swapping for the IOPE BB cushion, the CODE foundation and this one.  I'm super excited to try all of them out and see which one works best for me :).  The ridiculous price tag at Sephora for this and the lack of reviews online just gave me the green light to buy this to try out.

Product description:
This facial balm takes care of tone, flaws and surface as well with the new shape memory BB, firming bounce balm.  Skin regains its original moist and elasticity filled up from inside.  (The English on the card isn't the best :S, I'm confused myself.)

How to use:
Use the enclosed sponge and add light pressure to apply balm all over the face and neck.
The back of the slip of the box.  Looks like 007.  Dun dun daaaaaa nuuuuuuuunnnn.
There's English there's ENGLISH :O.

The compact is sleek, kind of boring to be honest.  It kind of reminds me of the innisfree BB cushion.  You open it by pressing the button in the front.
It also comes with the puff but the Dr. Jart one isn't as nice as the Iope and Code one.  It is a lot thinner and not so puffy. I don't know how I feel about that :S.
The inside is covered with a little plastic cover and this strong ass sticker that took so much effort to peel off! What the heck!  I would strongly suggest you leave the sticker on since the product inside is quite messy.
Here is the balm.  When they say balm, they mean it.  The BB cream is super thick, just like a balm. Well that's the name, I'm just being silly at this point.  The inside is not a cushion, but a mesh fence.  My first impression of the mesh is that it does not control how much product comes out and as you can see, there is tons of product that squirted out.  Not liking that :S.
Here is a swatch.  It has a yellow under tone as well and it does match my skin, but not sure if it will work with my dry skin.  We will have to see.
It blends in, but it is slightly cakey.  I didn't use the puff to swatch it so many that is why.  Hopefully it isn't cakey when i do try it with the puff.
The third product is Mediheal N.M.F aquaring nude gel mask retailing for approximately $2 for one mask and it contains 30 g.  I can't find the exact same version of this mask online but that is how much the masks retail for in general.

I am excited to try this mask out since it is split in half.  I'll have to see if it works better or it will just slip off my face.

Product description:
This double-moisturizing mask immediately delivers moisture to your skin with a special hydrogel mask sheet, which adheres to skin tightly and firmly.

How to use:
Place the embo side of both upper and lower sheets on your face after toning.  Pat firm and leave on for 10-20 minutes. 

The fourth product is Ellegirl I say tint you say goss in the shade 03 rock berry retailing for $12 (I think but correct me if I am wrong) and it contains 10 mL.

I have seen these in memebox, I forgot which box, so I'm not surprised to see this product.  I am glad I got this since I didn't get one in memebox.  I am loving the color!

Product description:
K-star's favorite: Ellegirl I say tint you say gloss rock berry!  With a combination function of a lip tint and gloss, it starts off as a lip gloss, then dramatically turns into a lip tint.

How to use:
Apply a small amount of the content on the gloss wand, and softly tap your lips with it.  From innocent looking to fierce, this lip tint-gloss makes all styles possible!
The packaging is super cool with he awesome drawing of the girl to the graphic detailing on the side of the box.
I'm really glad the drawing of the girl is also on the tube! The lid reminds me of MAC, it is super nice quality.
The applicator is a doe foot application on a clear stick.
I promise you that the color is not red in person.  It has a slightl fushia tint to it in a mixture of a dark berry color.  The swatch just looks like it is red. Sigh.
Not even a minute after wiping it away, the gloss has already stained.  This is nice :D.  I have quite pigmented lips so I hope this does show up.
The fifth product is Clio gelpresso pencial gel liner mini The color of 2014 retailing for approximately $26  and contains 5 mini eyeliners measuring 45 mm each pencil.  The tin measures 7 cm x 11 cm x 1.5 cm. 

The compact was a lot smaller then I anticipated but I think it is a good thing. It is so small, it would be awesome for traveling.  The liners are the twist up ones and I love them like that since I do not have to waste product when I sharpen! Whooo~

Product description:
Filled with sliding gel texture in the retractable mini auto penci, this can be used as an eyeliner or blended out as eye shadows.  Five various orchid colors, world trend color of 2014, helps you make both trendy point and wearable make up.  Waterproof formula stays put all day long without smudge.

How to use:
Draw a line from the inner corner to the outer corner of upper and lower lid.

Colors left to right:
No. 12 Shine lavender
No. 13 Frozen Lavender
No. 14 2014 Orchid
No. 15 Bloody purple
No. 16 Blackish orchid
I love love love No. 12 shine lavender.  It makes my skin look like it is wet.  The shimmer is so fine and so dense.  Omg, I need to find more of this type of liner from the :O.  I am in love!
After about three mintues, let's see if it smudges after I rub it.
Three strong rubs after, the liners slightly smudge but not too bad.  Blackish orchid was the worst as it almost completely rubbed off, which shine lavender just slightly smudge.  Not too bad considering these do not claim to be waterproof or anything.  Not shabby at all but not as good as the Tosowoong Makeon eyeliners which stay put even if my life depended on it.
The sixth product is Faith in face miss invisble pore hydrogel mask retailing for $3 each mask (a box has 10) and contains 25 g.

I see the word PORES so I am excited.  I hate hate hate my strawberry nose.  I would extract my blackhead dirty but they come back the next day :(.

Product description:
A secret formula containing chestnut shell, witch hazel, peppermint extracts and salicylic acid can effectively cleanse and tighten your pores.  The gel mask melts and penetrates concentrated essence deeply into your skin, instantly sooth and cooling down your skin temperature by -5 degrees celcius.

How to use:
Position the mask over your face after taking off the film attached to it.  Leave it on for 30 minutes.  After removal, gently pat and massage the remaining essence into your skin.
No English :(.
The last product is Shingmulnara ultra light sun gel retailing for $8 and contains 60 mL.  The plastic bottle measures 5 cm x 9 cm x 1.5 cm and there is a slight herbal scent but not super strong.  The sunscreen has SPF 30 and PA++.

I have never seen a gel sunscreen in North America so I was super excited to get this even though I'm lazy when it comes to sun screen haha.  I was expecting it to  be a clear gel, but it isn't.

Product description:
This gel-type sunscreen protects your skin from the sun's UV rays while containing its extraordinary functions; moisturizing, whitening and anti-aging.  With non-greasy texture, it is quickly absorbing into your skin, and provides light feeling especially in the summer time.

The sunscreen is white :O. I thought it would be a clear gel.
Texture wise, the sunscreen is super light weight and does not leave my skin sticky or greasey.  I quite like it :).

What are my final thoughts of this box?
Overall I love this box and think the money is definitely worth it.  For $40 with shipping included, international shipping from South Korea and you get to know what you are getting in the box, you can make a smart decision if you want the box or not without wasting money on a mystery box.

How does this compare to Memebox?
The box is the same other then the color and design of the box, the price is around the same and both boxes provide you with full sized products.  This box gave us 5 full sized products and two sheet masks (I don't count sheet masks as a full sized product unless it is a full box).  Both boxes are collaboration with Get it beauty.

What do I like about this box?
-$40 price tag
-you get to know what you are getting in advance and then decide if you think it is worth it or not
-Fast shipping
-Product are fantastic

Any cons?
-No coupon code or point system like Memebox
-no shade option so if you are not fair, your screwed

Overall I think this box is very awesome.  I got two base make up, one protection product, one lip product and two skincare product. For $40, this is a serious steal. And if you buy the box and don't want one thing, you can always just not open it and sell it individually.  This is like memebox, but the Mwave one is already off the site and I don't know if this is a one time thing or what.  I really hope this is not a one time product because it is amazing.  I'd give this box 6/5 stars because it is really that awesome.

Total box value compared to $40:
1) CODE foundation $30
2) Dr. Jart bounce beauty balm $58
3) Mediheal N.M.F aquaring nude gel mask $2
 4) Ellegirl I say tint you say gloss $12
5) Clio gelpresso pencil gel liner mini the color of 2014 $26
6) Faith in face mask $3
7) Shingmulnara ultra light sun gel $8
Total: $139!!! AMAZING~~~~~~


  1. Now I really can't wait for the box. Even the liners are very interesting colors. I think mine will arrive sometime next week!

    1. :) I hope you like yours when you get it~

  2. Aww I'm really sad I didnt get this! The products in the box seem really interesting :)

    1. Hopefully they have another one coming out later on



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