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Unboxing: memebox special #29 scrub box

I have been anxiously waiting for my scrub box to come in the mail.  I know instagram #memebox isn't helping with my impatient mood either.  I wait day by day, asking myself where is it.  I think this might be the longest I have waited for my memebox, 10 days.  10 days!! AHHHH... LOL I'm just over reacting at this point.

My thought process when I bought this box.  This one came out with the tea and foot care one.  For sure I wasn't interested in foot care, the tea one sounded nice but at that point I have bought about 20+ boxes so I knew I didn't need a "interesting sounding' box so I just stuck with my scrub box since I do have some dry areas on my face and my foot.

I paid $20+ shipping so this box was very much worth it!  Although it is out of stock now, there might be a chance that it will get restocked this Friday since they have told us they are going to be bring back some old favorite boxes! Get excited!!

 Sneak peek of what is inside!
There will also be coupons at the end if you are interested to check out what boxes they have currently on memebox!

 Close up... what do you see :O.
 Zee information card I oh so appreciate.

 Those look so awesome! So many big big big big products.  Yes this is definitely a good buy!
 Mug shot~ Ohhhhh I am drooling with all the awesome products! I want to use it on my body!! 

 The first product is Insobeau natural base cereal peeling mask retailing for $27 and contains 150 mL. This is a full sized product.  The tube measures 4 cm x 18 cm and smell-o-scale= 7/10.  It smells like sweet grain cereal.  I can not think on top of my head what cereal this smells like, but it smells SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. 

Omg, cereal smelling peeling mask? WHAT!  Okay this is WAY too awesome. I love me some peeling mask.  I am very excited to use this :DDD.

Product description:
The all-natural formula made from corn starch and rice flour offers a concentrated blackhead, pore, skin elasticity, brightening and sebum control treatment by gently peeling away excess dead skin cells and skin impurities and delivering deep nutritional all at once.

How to use:
Spread out an adequate amount evenly over your face and massage it gently for a couple of minutes.  Rinse off with warm water and finish off with a foam cleanser.
 The packaging is meh, simple and sleek which I do like.  What i like is the smells LOL.  Okay i'll stop talking about how it smells soooo good. XD
 The product comes out like a cream but the grains itself was very fine. 

 The second product is Eglips JolieBebe lip polish retailing for $7 and contains 15 mL.  This is a full sized product and measures 1.4 cm x 11 cm.  Smell-o-scale= 5/10 and smells kind of like baby powder but it is slightly sweet too.

I like how they pretty much included every single body part in this scrub box.  I have been using the Pure smile lip scrub from my milk box but I am not liking that one too much, so this one wiill be nice to try as well!  The packaging is super cute too! It reminds me of those cute twins with the guy and the girl characters from Sanrio that have little stars on them.  I don't know what they are called.... 

Product description:
Duo-polish effect of the bead-like grains and the jojoba oil formula work to smooth out dry, flaky skin for cleanser, softer and healthier looking lips!  The shea butter complex also moisturizes the lips, preventing it from dehydration during application.  The olive oil and sweet floral scent leave your lips soothed, moist and sweetly smelling as well.

How to use:
After cleansing, massage the Lip Polish onto lips and roll it over 20-30 times with your finer.  Rinse off with water or with a tissue.
 The packaging is so cute right!
 The scrub itself is very find as well!  I wonder how it will perform.
 The third product is The herb factory foot scrub peppermint  and tea tree retailing for $14 and contains 200 g.  This is a full sized product and measures 8 cm diameter x 6.5 cm.  
Smell-o-scale= 6/10 and it smells like mint mouth wash.  Why do a lot of foot scrubs and foot products have to be mint scented? Its not like I'm going to bend my foot to my face and smell it HAHA.

I never bought myself a foot scrub so I'm glad I finally got one in a memebox too :D.  The packaging reminds me a lot of the body shop's foot products.  I stand all day at works so this will be really nice to use at the end of the day :).

Product description:
Walnut shell powders from the foot scrub functions to gently exfoliate callouses and any other skin impurities from your feet for a smooth, cleanser foot condition.

How to use:
Gently massage the foot scrub onto wet feet for a couple of minutes and then rinse off with warm water.
 The textures is like a half cream, half gel with very very find particules of walnut shells.
 The fourth product is Pibugonggam G Facial scrub retailing for $13 and contains 50 g.  This is a full sized product and measures 3.5 cm x 12 cm.  Smell-o-scale= 6/10 and it smells like mandarin oranges and citrus fruits.

I was just thinking why there was no facial scrub and here it is! Haha I thought this was a body product or something. :S  As you can see,  I don't read the card until I type it out for you guys ;).  I used to love using the St. Ive's apricot scrub but I do find it not that great now that I have tried so many other products that doesn't harshly scrub my face.

Product description:
The G facial scrub is made from natural scrub ingredients- orange and tangerine peels- and works to exfoliate gently without stimulating the skin.  The vitamin-rich grapefruit, sea buck thorn, red poppy petals and aronia extracts rejuvenate and cleanse the skin all at once.

How to use:
Gently massage the facial scrub all over your face, avoiding the eyes.  Rinse off with warm water.
 I really hope those red beads are not plastic beads. I saw an article which is making the Canadian government about to ban any scrubs with plastic beads in exfoliators because it is washing into the ocean and there is a huge build up in the bottom of the sea.  Then the fish eats them and it doesn't get disgusted and they die... I think they die or just something not very good HAHA.  Bottom line, don't use plastic beaded scrubs.
 The second to last product is Tosowoong perfume body scrub wash retailing for $19 and contains 160 g.  This is a full sized product and it measures 4 cm x 18 cm. Smell-o-scale= 4/10 and it smells like... apricot and nutty-ness.

This product would make my boyfriend jump for joy. He loves body scrubs haha. I like them but I don't love them like he does.  I might pass this on to him to use ;).

Product description:
Infused with almond, apricot, walnut and honey extracts, this sweet scented perfume body scrub wash will not only refresh your body, but it will also refresh your spirits!  This luxurious body scrub gently sloughs away dead skin cells, leaving smooth, radiant, polished skin.

How to use:
Squeeze out scrub onto hands and massage onto body, focusing on elbows, knees and othe rareas that need extra ettentions.
 Ohh it is so fine!
The last product is New girl fast scalp hair root up ampoule retailing for $6 and contains 20 mL.  This is a full sized product and measures 1.5 cm x 12 cm.  Smell-o-scale= 0/10 I do not detect any scent!

I'm not the biggest hair product person and can say that my hair is the only thing on my body I don't take good enough care.  I usually just buy the huge jug of Aussie moisture shampoo and conditioner and then just blow dry my hair.  So this will be very interesting to use!

Product description:
An advance scalp care formula, the Fast scalp hair root up ampoule is enriched with green tea water, viotin, mentol, salicylic acid and dex panthenol, and works to clean your scalp by scaling away all dead skin cells and built-up skin impurities in your scalp.

How to use:
Apply an adequate amount directly to your scalp and massage it on with your fingers.  Then shampoo and rinse off.

*Prices in purple are prices I found through official site  or popular online stores*

1) Insobeau natural cereal peeling mask $27 ($21.26 USD/ 22,000 Won)
2) Eglips JolieBeBe lip polish $7 ($5.80 USD/ 6,000 Won)
3)The herb factory foot scrub $14 ($11.53 USD/ 12,000 Won)
4) Pigugonggam G facial scrub $13 ??
5) Tosowoong Perfume body scrub wash $19 ($23.93/ 24,900 Won)
6) New girl fast scalp hair root up ampoule $6 ??
Total: $86 on the info card.
Total: $81.52 retail prices in Korea

I can confidently say this is one of my top boxes out of all the boxes I have bought.  I love how they carefully picked products for your face, lips, foot, body and even your hair! They hit every body part and I love that! I'm super excited for the peeling mask, scalp ampoule, facial scrub and the lip scrub.  Actually i'm pretty much excited for everything. I will give this box a 5/5 stars!  Good job memebox! I love love love this box!

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