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Unboxing: scentbox #6 sweet shop

We have here the last of the scent box bundle!  This one is sweet shop which makes me think like a bakery, candy and everything along the lines of that.  So I believe everyone was thinking notes of vanilla, candy.  I was quite surprised with what comes in this box since I don't think it is really what we had in mind but nonetheless, a decent box.
Scentbox #6 Sweet Shop
Again, here is the link for this box just in case it is restocked in the future and you are interested.
We have a $5 coupon code which was extended from August, so make sure to stay until the end to get them :).  Also comment about your opinions about this box.  I'd love to hear what you have to say about this box!

It looks so sad and empty :(.

The usual information card that tells you the details of the product.
Sorry, i really can not get the coloring right for the pictures of the information card. Sigh....
The product line up.

The first product is pure smile jewelry scrub glitter sugar scrub retailing for $8 and contains 100 mL.  This is a full sized product and it measures 3.5 cm x 16.5 cm.  It was randomly selected from diamond, ruby, topaz, emerald and sapphire.  I received the sapphire one.

This seems like a really interesting product and the packaging is super cute :D.  I really wish i could read Korean because there are always fun pictures in the back telling you stuff like "you can use this on your nipples too (Pure smile lip masks HAHA).  I will be using this because I go through scrubs quite quickly so I am not going to feel guilty to keep this :).

Product description:
Pure smile sweetly scented body scrub is made from black sugar, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, glycerin and also diamond powder extracts for clearing your skin of any impurities and maintaining it silky smooth and healthy!

How to use:
Gently massage the body scrub onto wet skin for couple of minutes.  Rinse off with warm water.
Hmmm.... are they saying if i use this scrub, my boobs, knees and back? I'M GOING TO BE EDWARD CULLEN WITH MY PALE SKIN AND DAZZLING BOOBS HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Okay..... I'm slightly weird.  Just slightly okay?
The second product is Hello everybody vita berry shampoo retailing for $23 and contains 220 mL.  This is a full sized product and measures 4.5 cm x 19 cm.

I have seen many people buy this shampoo and conditioner and have heard good things about this so I'm quite excited to have this myself and try it out!  Hopefully it doesn't dry out my hair and makes it smell good :D.

Product description:
This spa vita berry shampoo is supercharged with 10 berry complexes that gently cleanse and repair damage without stripping color, wilting perms or drying out hair.  It deeply penetrates into each lock of hair to reuild and resurface hair, leaving strands strong, healthy, smooth, shiny and fully restored.

How to use:
Massage throughout wet hair.  Rinse thoroughly.
The third product is Hope girl tinted lip balm retailing for $12 each and contains 5 g of product.  This is a full sized product and was selected randomly from strawberry, love peach, or hot cherry.  I got the color 03 hot cherry!

This is my first hope girl product so i'm excited since i keep hearing about this product.  I have seen their leopard print packaging, but its usually gold and brown so the pink is nice.  I don't know if I should keep this product too since i have so many lip products.  Maybe i will give it a go since i love lip balms and maybe this one would be a hidden treasure like the pure smile lip treatment that i use everyday now!  I am bribing my parents to buy me like ten when they go to Japan next year! I NEED IT IN MY LIFE FOREVER!

Product description:
Scented with a delicate strawberry, peach or cherry fragrance, Hope girl's tinted lip balm is both a lip tint and a lip balm.  While the co-enzyme Q-10 and shea butter formula deeply nourishes your chapped lips, the lovely pink tint will stain your lips with a long-lasting colorful radiance!

How to use:
Apply the tinted lip balm with your finger and blend it into your lips.
It's such a pretty color too! :O  Must resist touching it!!!! UGHHHHH
The last product is Pure smile choosy lip pack shining (white pearl and pink pearl) retailing for $2 each.  This is a full size product.

I have used the one they gave us from the same brand but in the milk flavor.  It was okay to use but i'm a mouth breather, so i was drooling on the mask and it keep sliipping for me haha.  And it was quite thin so my nail ripped it a little bit.

Product description:
Enriched with collagen, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and honey, the Choosy lip pack shining edition deliver abundant moisture and nutrition to your lip easily and quickly.  The hydrogel adheres tightly onto the lips and offers a cooling and soothing effects to chapped, stresesd-out skin as well.

How to use: 
After toner application, place the lip pack over your lips.  Rest for 5-30 minutes, remove the patch and pat in the remaining essence onto your lips.
HAHA yes, the "you can reuse it on your nipples!" picture.  I have to say I actually did try it and it was sightly moisturizing and cooling, but i only had one patch so the other nipple was sad.  I didn't notice much difference since i don't have dry nippies, but i think women that is breat feeding or is pregnant would enjoy this on your girls.

*Prices in purple are prices I found through official site  or popular online stores*

3) Hope girl tinted lip balm $12 ($10 USD/ 10,000 Won)
Total: $48 on the info. card
Total: $46 retail prices in Korea

I have found the products on their official website but for pure smile, the prices are in Yen for some reason.  Also I do not think that Hello everybody has the vita berry shampoo and conditioner anymore since it isn't on t he site.

Out of the three scent boxes, this one would be places second place.  I'm glad I got the scrub glitter sugar scrub and I'm really happy I got the shampoo too but it would feel weird for me not to have the conditioner to go with it.  I'm also excited for the lip balm but i might have to wait it out until i finish my other lip balms.  And the mask I have tried before but not really enjoyed so we will have to see about those too.  I give this box a 3.5/5 stars.

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