Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New memebox: Etude house, Beauty 911

#72 Etude House#58 Beauty 911

The highly anticipated Etude house brand box is here along with another new box called "beauty 911".  I'm really excited for the etude house! Who else is with me! But I still have to decide if i want to get one or not since I got all these other boxes I want to get.

I also will have coupon codes included in the bottom, so don't miss those!
#72 Etude House
$32.00 regular + shipping
Shipping starts Nov. 6
Guess what? It’s an epic moment in Memebox history – the Etude House Box is finally available!

Who says serious skincare and makeup has to be, well, serious? Not Etude House!

Although Etude House’s cult-favorite products pack a punch with seriously effective ingredients, their cheeky names and ridiculously cute packaging never fail to make you smile! Offering a wide range of beauty products, Etude House delivers 100% satisfaction for all!
It’s a win-win situation: crazily adorable beauty goodies that are totally effective? Why wait? Shop now!
#58 Beauty 911
$23.00 regular + shipping
Shipping starts Nov. 21

Bad hair days, vicious zits, hangover days, days when it’s just so obvious that you’ve partied way too hard the night before – we’ve all been in that situation when we would’ve killed for a beauty emergency kit.
Smart us, we’ve curated the perfect all-inclusive beauty box to save you in all your beauty predicaments, and put an end to all the madness. With this 911 Beauty kit, you’ll be ready to face all beauty emergencies – from head to toe - without the slightest sense of panic, and keep your cool in any situation.
365 days a year? That’s just way too many potentially bad beauty days. Grab this 911 Beauty box and you’ll be prepared to handle any 911 emergency whenever, and wherever you go!
Etude House + Beauty 911
$55.00 Regular + shipping
Shipping starts Nov. 21

Etude House + Banila Co.
$58.00 + shipping
Shipping starts Nov. 21

Here are some coupon codes for you guys to enjoy!

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2UI8$5 off anything, can only be used once 

 Free shipping on orders above $50 form memeshop

MEMEBUNDLE3: $5 off an order with 3 memeboxes or more

MEMEBUNDLE4: $8 off an order with 4 memeboxes or more

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