Thursday, September 18, 2014

My first giveaway! Open international~~

 This will be my first ever giveaway so I will be curious who will enter.  I was at my local Daiso picking up just a few things I needed but ended up with about 10 items.  I know that happens to a lot of people going to target and such, so I know I am not alone :D.

Anyways, are you curious to see what is inside this pouch?  I'm super excited to give these away since I also bought myself the same things, so it is like you guys will be trying it out with me!

Contest rules and requirements will be at the end!

 So you made it into the post and you are looking at the products that that I will be giving away.  Let me explain what each product are and how you can enter in the end :).
 The first item will be the pouch that it will come in.  This was the cutest one I could find haha, and the must sturdy.  I find fabric pouch like this isn't special enough for me to buy most of the time, but then when the time comes.... I need them and regret not buying it at the time. The inside is also plastic so good for accidents too :D.
 This was the first interesting product I found! I stand for 8 hours at work for 5 days a week so my feet get dry and I form calluses on my feet which is not fun! I have heard if you put tons of moisturizer on your feet an wear socks at night, you wake up and your feet will be baby bottom smooth.  This product right now here silicone socks type of thing for your heels!  I was like WHOOOOOO I NEED THAT!  And you guys need it too! LOL.
 This is easy enough to understand :D.  Slip it on your foot.
 The second product I have not seen many people talk about.  This is a "foaming net" which helps you make bubbles with bar soaps.  I usually don't like to use bar soaps because I feel like it is slightly disgusting because you are putting it on your face, then letting it dry and all your dirty and oils will dry on the surface of the soap.

I recently got the coconut bar soap form the tropical scented box which was suppose to help with pores and cleanse the face too so this will work well with it!  And it will keep my soap dirty freel! WHOO~ I feel like a free women HAHA.
 1) Wet the net while placing the bead in between your fingers to hold it.
2) Rub your soap onto the net to create the foam.
3) Remove the foam with your other hand.  The picture explains it better
4) Use the foam to wash your face!

I have never came across something like this, so this will be very interesting to try out :D.  The package comes with two so you can share with your loved ones too.
 Honestly speaking, I just thought this was cute so I bought it HAHA.  I have a thing for pandas after watching the anime Polar cafe.  I loved how the panda was in the anime, and I'm more like the penguin in the anime kekeke.

I don't spend much on bath products, so the only things I had were liquid soap and sometimes a loofah if I was feeling like a rich person LOL.  This is a panda body sponge which you just use it to scrub your body.  I think this doesn't scrub since it looks soft, but I don't have one so I can't really tell you how it is XD. I'm too cheap on myself.
 Look how epic the panda looks!! Japanese are so funny haha.
 This product I thought was for washing the dishes.  But it is actually a shampoo and conditioner hair and head brush.  When I wash my hair, I just slip the shampoo and conditioner on and call it a day.  Rinse it off and its a done deal.  So I like it when I go to the salon and they scrub my head for me, it feels super relaxing.  But then i try to do it at home and I fail, mostly because it makes my arms tired KEKE.  I'm so lazy, I know ;).

You are suppose to push down the bottom on the top... but I do not know what that does LOL. But use this when you are putting conditioner on your hair and just use this as a head massager.  This is suppose to stimulate your scalp, massage your scalp and also deep clean it too.
 These are a pack of Q tips. But these are not just any Q tips, these has a pointy end to one side so it is great for precise touch ups!  And they come  individually sealed with plastic so you can just throw these into your make up purse! I know when I use make up and I bring a small bottle of make up remover, I never know where to store my Q tips because they do not have them packed.  So these are super useful!  I might have to go back and buy myself a pack!
 Make sure not to stab yourself in the eye HAHA.  I think I might do that by accident.
 The last products are these eyelashes.  These are my holy grail lashes and they sometimes don't even have my number 7 which really pisses me off sometimes.  The band is not the uncomfortable black, thick plastic bands but instead these are clear and flexible bands that are super comfortable.  My problem with false lashes are that many are way too long for my eyes.  They reach all the way to my eyebrows because I am asian and I have a smaller lid to brow space so finding false lashes are a pain in the ass.  These are just perfect, comfortable and at $2, you can not beat it!  #7 are definitely my favorite and #1 I cut it up and use the flare section at the end of my eye to make it all sexified HAHA.
Look at that awesome clear band.  Also if I am wearing a full eye make up look, the clear band will show, so I use run my eyeliner (whether or not it is liquid or gel) on the band and boom! You can't see the clear band anymore :D.

So now that you know what the giveaway items are, here are my basic rules to enter!

1) Follow me on the following:
Follow this blog (Of course LOL)
 Instagram: christinahello
Facebook blog page (link is here)

2) Be 18 or older 
If you are not, please notifiy your parent or guardian that have entered or won this contest so they do not freak out when there is a package in your front door.

3) Comment down below on the following:
A) Please state your username & facebook name, the one you have used to enter in the contest with (if you are not comfortable to state it on the internet, you can private message me through the facebook page private message)

B) What country you are from

C) The most unique beauty product you have in your country! I would love to know :D. 
 We don't have much interesting products here in Canada since it is the same things as USA.

D) Which product from the giveaway you are most interested in and why.
Contest is opened internationally so feel free to enter :).

The contest will end one month from now, so Oct. 18, 2014.  I will choose the winner then!  I will personally message you through my email or through the facebook page, so please do now be fooled with fake accounts and DO NOT give out your personal information to just anyone.

*I was not sponsered by daiso, I just found cool items I wanted to share with you guys HAHA.*


  1. Username Colby
    Facebook Mandy Wong
    From the USA and originally from Hong Kong and I found that the product 3M pimple dots are amazing! It's a clear dot that you put on at first sign of a zit/pimple and it reduces redness or clear it completely by obsorbing the oil and sebum It is really a good product especially before a special date or occasion that you want it gone fast!
    The one product that I'm interested in your give away is the pointy Q-tips and I do agree that when it's individual wrap it's more sanitized when on the go. But I like the fact that it's pointy to get a precise clean up on the eye makeup or anything.
    Thank you!!!

  2. 1: Email is, facebook - Kelly Graham
    2: Yes I'm over 18 :)
    3:b: USA
    3.c: I agree, we don't really have too many interesting products. Having memboxes are definitely making me branch out and try new things!
    3.d: I'm most excited to try the footie socks! I too am on my feet all day and I have been told to try socks at night, but they make me too hot! lol

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Woah a totally new giveaway from you^.~ join? Of course, here we go ^^v
      1. Follow your blog & FB - done
      2. 18+ - definitely
      3. A) User name. Jeanne (still dunno how to chance it) & FB user name. Nelly Lee
      B) I am from Indonesia
      C) Hmfff~ the most unique product in my country? Traditional Indonesian Spa product from Bali island, most of the ingredients are from traditional herbal and flowers, smell and texture are nice.
      D) Product that got my interest - Silicone socks, you know we should treat our foot nicely. It's support all of our body everyday and I love home treatment the most. I almost can imagine myself treating my feet with this silicon socks, listen to music and have a cup of warm green tea, must be heaven ^.*

      Thanks for this giveaway ^^

  4. Okay, just showing some love here! :)
    Woohoo giveaway~~ Goodluck gals.
    Did all the stuff, and I'm from Czech Republic- the land of slow trends! We are behind in everything and MISSHA just came here last
    But we do have sephora, douglas etc. Just not many brands coz the tax is so high!

  5. 3. fb name Karin Shaim
    ig username @karins28
    I am over 18+
    B.I am from Israel
    C.there isn't a certain products but more of a brand of products that is called AHAVA , all of their products are made with the dead sea salts,their products smell amazing !
    D.I am most excited about the panda body sponge! it looks adorable ^^

  6. fb name : Krystle Maree
    I am over 18 +
    instagram: krystlegoesmeow
    I am from Australia
    We are lucky to have some awesome native plants like kakadu plum, macadamia, and lily pilly and other native ingredients. Emu oil mositurizer is also pretty cool.
    D. Panda sponge.....I love Daiso <3

  7. 3) Comment down below on the following:
    A) Please state your username & facebook name, the one you have used to enter in the contest with (if you are not comfortable to state it on the internet, you can private message me through the facebook page private message)

    B) What country you are from
    I will message you on my name and all of that!
    I am over 18+
    I am from the US
    hmmm....I cannot think of anything. We are pretty commercial here. We do love our day spa's!
    the hair brush is really cool

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Whoa you are the best! Thank you so much for this giveaway ^.^.
      A. Following as Luvea Ah (, fb: Natalia Kaźmierczak.
      B. I am from Poland.
      C. Hmm we do have a lot of brands that are trying to make products as natural as possible since it is quite popular here. Many of them are quite good actually. What may be unique though is the fact that for some time there was quite huge hype for DIY products ;D. Basically you were buying components lets say for cream or facial oil and you were mixing them all by yourself following the instruction. It was result of idea that chemical, parabens etc. are bad and people felt more comfortable making products by themselves and knowing what they are actually using. What I found quite interesting and well surprising is that korean site of Memembox actually is selling some polish products (not sure if I can put the name but oh well if you would be curious it's Bell, in Korean apparently it's 벨)
      D. Oh my they all seem so fun and usefull. I really wanted to get the foaming net since bubble cleansers are amazing for my face. But when I saw this panda glove *,*. I have thing for pandas also, they are super cute and funny, I love to watch them on yt as they are playing haha so clumsy. Also I think daily use of such sponge may actually exfoliate body quite well and thats what I need really much. Body scrubs aren't really for me, they are to harsh so I think that sponge would do the work ^^.
      Seems I wrote too much already haha hope it didn't bored you too much. Have a nice day :).

      PS Needed to edit, made typo in my own email ^^'. Sorry for the mess.

  9. G3ni3luvzy00h
    Jeannie song
    I'm from the states so not much around here. But I am korean and try to keep up with my country's beauty trends. I think one thing I found the most useful was disposable sheet mask. It doesn't have any essence or anything on it. Just a pack of dry sheet masks. I mainly use it for powdered mask packs. I would wet my face, put on the mask, and slather on whatever gooey mask pack I have decided to use that night. It's thin enough so my face gets saturated and won't have to spend 5 minutes trying to wash off all the grainy particles. Or I just use my mix of moisturizer and essence. Oh I think I just talked too much lol
    I am most excited for the panda! I think it's soft enough to use on my baby daughter and hopefully she will stay still when I wash her! Love the giveaway~

  10. 1) following via IG (LoChan1984), FB (Lorna Hanson) and email
    2) I'm 30 *sigh*
    3a) - info provided in1) :)
    3b) I'm in the UK
    3c) gosh, interesting products - I didn't know those existed before I found out about memebox lol There really isn't anything of if there is they stole the idea from asia, like bb and cc creams!
    4) I love the idea of the soap net, I've avoided bar cleansers because of the possibility of contamination (and the faffing about). Daiso has an answer for everything don't they. I wish we had them over here too, I'd be in there every day lol

  11. 1) GFC: Evgeniya Retskaya
    Instagram: @retskaya.en

    2) I am over 18+

    3) Comment down below on the following:
    A) username Evgeniya Retskaya & facebook name Evgeniya Retskaya
    B) Ukraine
    C) Piel Cosmetics
    D) The silicone socks - my feet are very dry

  12. First of all, thank you very much for such a lovely giveaway ^_^

    1) Followed the blog via E-mail :
    GFC : Fany Ayanomori
    Instagram : @fany_ayanomori
    Facebook : Fany Ayanomori

    2) I'm over 18 years old .. ^_^

    3A) Username : Fany Ayanomori
    FB name : Fany Ayanomori

    3B) I'm from Indonesia

    3C) Hmm. There's not even unique product here in my country.. Just the products you usually see..
    But now I'm into BB Cream.. ^_^

    3D) I love the silicone socks.. My feet is very dry and that is just the one I need.. Because I've already tried many product for calluses feet.. And still no good result.

    Thank you..

  13. 1) Followed the blog via E-mail :
    GFC : arianne mae capaciete
    Instagram : @ariannemae007
    Facebook : arianne mae capaciete

    2) I'm over 18 years old .. ^_^

    3A) Username : arianne mae capaciete
    FB name : arianne mae capaciete

    3B) I'm from philippines

    3C) Hmm. i think its the nose clipper.its a clip made of silicone pads that u clip at the bridge of ur nose. it's suppose to make ur noise more aligned and pointy. have tried it, unfortunately it didnt work for me lol.

    3D) I love the false eyelashes, im addicted to all things related to making the lashes look longer! :)

    Thank you..

  14. 1: Email is
    facebook - gemma nyan kazehaya
    Instagram: @gemmita1755
    GFC: takumi creaciones
    2: Yes I'm over 18 :)
    3:b: Argentina
    3.c: beauty products Farmacity are very goods
    3.d: the body panda sponge because i love pandas are very cute *_*
    Thanks so much

  15. FB Name: Abigail Fernandez Songco
    I'm above 18 yrs old
    Country: Philippines
    Avon and Tupperware Brands cosmetics are of high quality and it's a booming business here in our country
    The shampoo and conditioner head brush is kind of new to me, just curious i'd like to try those..

  16. FB Name Carina Byttner
    I'm 35 +++ :-)
    I'm from Sweden
    Best beauty product must be fresh air and to eat lots of salmon.
    I love masks from Korea and lipsticks,,, a real nerd about those things :D

  17. Facebook name Paula Tinamont Cortadito Del Tiempo
    I'm from Spain and I have 26 years old.
    The typical cosmetic products of my country are made ​​with natural ingredients typical here as olive oil.
    I really love the panda body sponge, it's so cute.

  18. username & facebook name: Serena Citi
    country: Italy
    I'm 23
    Best beauty product of my country are made with bio ingredients (olive oil)
    I love eyelashes because I've never try them!

  19. thanks for chance! :)
    gfc: ISA VAL
    love cosmetic cotton! :)
    fb: cogito ergosum
    sorry, I haven't got instagram! I'm from Italy.
    Please contact me via email if I win! Thanks so much!
    love sephora and Kiko ^^

    contry Serbija
    49 god
    the body panda sponge because i love pandas are very cute

  21. GFC: Kimberly Camille Tiu
    FB: Kimberly Camille Tiu
    IG: kimtiu37

    Hi, I'm from the Philippines
    Most unique products? Maybe something falling under the Organic and Natural Beauty products category.

    I'm interested in the silicone socks, since work all day and thus wear shoes all day. This would be the perfect accessory to sore feet

  22. gfc: Caryn M
    fb: Ccm
    ig: @ccm_1981

    Happy Skin Cosmetics
    i'm interested with the false eyelashes coz mine is so short.



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