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Unboxing: Jackpot box reveal!

So couple of weeks ago, Memebox was harsh promoting this box they came up with called the jackpot box.  I honestly had no clue what it was and had to ask on makeuptalk forum what on earth was going on.  I thought they were just going to choose people as winners, but it turned out to be boxes you can buy and get the chance to win the jackpot box which contained $1,000 worth of products!  The first prize was very impressive, and of course I was hoping to win but I mean who wasn't.  So whenever I enter in some kind of contest, or even those japanese toy vending machine things where you spend $2 and get a cute toy, I look at the rest of the prizes and if I was happy overall with the prizes, then I would buy it.

I can not include the first prize since the picture is so stinkin' long, but here is the link to the box if you wanted to check it out!

Here are the other prizes though.  They aren't a LONG ASS PICTURE.  Geez...
2nd place
3rd place
4th place
5th place
6th place
7th place
8th place
9th place

Guess what place I got?

I got 8th place.  I don't know why this picture is so blurry, but it is :(.  I'm not going to lie because I was wishing I got 2nd place since I really really wanted the IOPE BB cushion and just cannot justify the price tag for it.  So when I saw the package only being one box, I already knew it wasn't the second place.  I would also have been really happy with 4th or sixth place but I'm surprised, I actually am happy with this box too!  I didn't think this box would be as good as it is actually!  

I do like the idea of a jackpot box and it is good for those that don't buy too many of the memeboxes and you have the chance to get past box products.  I know some people see it as "oh they are just giving us leftovers", but these are damn good leftovers!  I know personally I really wanted to get the IOPE box but it was just WAY too expensive, $80 and $90 is quite pricey for memebox!  So I'm glad that they did put the products that they couldn't sell and almost every box has an IOPE products which I think makes this jackpot box really worth it!

The sad thing with the jackpot box is that they don' t have the information card with the description and instruction.  So i'm going to have to go around and find the information from past boxes.  Let's get started!
The first product is Tosowoong time shift skintoner AP therapy retailing for $36 and contains 150 mL.  This products comes in a really nice glass bottle and measures 4.5 cm x 14.5 cm. Smell-o-scale= 4/10, and it smells very faintly of herbs.

This product is ridiculously huge!  I think this and the IOPE essential facial oil makes this box worth it!  I mean you do get 8 products in this box anyways, and usually your not guaranteed that many products unless you really got lucky and bought the right box!  I have no idea what this does so I am doing the research and trying to sum up what this product does for you.  Oh wait, haha i found the full description from their offical ebay page :D. NICE!

Product description:
"It is hypo-allergenic emulson that you can use for problematic skin as well as sensitive skin as it developed natural vegetable material that is good for the skin including rose oil, chamomille, bergamot fruit oil, lavender oil, orange oil, jojobar seed oil, Portulace Oleracea extract and natural black yeast ferment filtrate that is effective for improving skin through know-how of Tosowoong.  You can experience skin texture that is amazingly improved, calming effects and fast absorption caused by the nature of natural fermented materials."

Recommend for:
-skin with greasy sebum
-skin that does not take make up well
-dry skin
-who needs skin improvement

A year ago if you told me to use skincare product with snail mucus, I would have told you to take a hike.  But after getting memebox and all these snail products and seeing a good effect on my skin, I am now more open minded about very weird skincare ingredients.  So I'm super happy to find out they have snail mucus in this! :D Hey hey, you eat escargot too! Don't judge me >:(.  Just look at my baby bottom smooth skin ;).
The second product is IOPE essential facial oil retailing for $90 (that's what they said on the memebox card but I highly doubt it) but I am finding other sites selling them for $17 but I don't know if it is fake or not :S.  This is a full sized product that was featured in the IOPE box and contains 30 mL.  The glass bottle measures 3 cm x 10.5 cm.  Smell-o-scale= 4/10 and it just smells like natural herbal products.  I like herbal :).

I'm so excited for this oil since it is from IOPE.  For those that don't know much of IOPE, it is under the same company as Amore Pacific (Amore pacific corporation; which does sell in Sephora by the way but is VERYYYYY expensive),  Aritaum, HERA,Lanegie, Mamonde, Hanyul, Lolita Lempicka, Innisfree, Etude house and many other well known brands too! Here is the link if you want to read more about the company!  IOPE has always been a expensive brand so I have never tried their products but I am happy that I got this oil :).  I'm expecting good things from it!

Product description:
"Facial oil nourishes dry skin and give an instant shine and makes your skin moist and smooth to form a thin film on the skin, immediately the light,  fast penetrating formulation will plump Bali said.  supplying nutrient-rich, organic argan oil, and high affinity for the skin Macadamia oil is quickly absorbed to help protect the skin.

How to use:
Then gently spread outward from the inner face right after relieving one use (two drops) essential next step in the back of the hand raised to face gently pressing down will absorb.
The facial oil comes in a sciencey looking glass bottle which I really like because I always feel like a scientist every time I use something with this type of packaging.
The third product is JJoyy bubble peeling pad retailing for $7 and contains one puff >_>.  I was so happy to get this because I saw it from other people's boxes, but it's just one puff.  Sigh.  This better be good for a single use.  

I don't know what to expect from this product, just hope that it works just as good as my Secret Key peeling gel from my Detox box :D.

Product description:
This is an exfoliating pad enriched with natural AHA components, various plant extracts, and fermented extracts which work too easily yet very effectively remove dead skin cells and excess sebum off your face.  This bubble peeling pad was made so that you could experience the same peeling effects at home as you would with expensive treatments as dermatology.

How to use:
Moisten the peeling pad with water, create enough foam and place your fingers on the band.  Gently and evenly rub onto your face (be careful the foam doesn't go into your eyes) and then rinse off with warm water.  After use, apply a soothing moisturizing product.
The fourth product is reBorn calming skin retailing for $30 and contains 200 mL.  This was featured in the dermocosmetics 2.  

I have no clue what this does.  I just remember seeing it in other people's unboxings, so the product description I am about to type out will help a lot LOL.  Black Q tip and a little dropper or something...

Okay after I have found the product description, this will be definitely used on my boyfriend!  BOYFRIEND COME HERE!!!

Product description:
A 7 days bio peeling product which consists of the Killer peeling pad and Killer tok tok sol, this anti-trouble killer kit works to remove stubber acne and excess dead skin cells piled up on your skin.  You'll  be able to experience real dermatology-like results after 7 days of using this kit!

How to use:
First rub the pad to create enough bubbles, place your fingers on the band and apply it all over your face.  Then, squeeze out the Tok Tok sol on the black cotton tip and apply it on acne on your face.  A killer pad can be stored in a zipper bag for reuse.

Fifth product is Dermahouse collagen firming cream retailing for $29 and has 30 mL. This is a full sized product and I got this in my collagen superbox but did swap it away.  So this is quite funny that I have got it back again XD.

Product description:
"The abundant collagen, shea butter, and mango shea butter ingredients in the collagen firming cream work to lock in moisture and deliver beneficial nutrients deep down into your skin. With continuous use, you'll experience disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improvement in the skin texture and clarity."

How to use:
Apply the cream generously over your face and gently pat it in for full absorbency.

The sixth product is RiRe lip manicure that retails for $18 and contains 10 mL.  This is a full sized product and I got it in the color 3 deep plum. 

 I actually got this product in the k-beauty wrap up edition one but didn't really like it that much :S.  The color was too hot pink for me and the applicator was too short.  The packaging is also so weirdly shaped too :S. Maybe I'll get over it and it might even turn out to be an awesome product.

Product description:
What exactly is a lip manicure, you might ask? RiRe's sensational lips series- Lip manicure- refers to 7 different vivid lip colors that boost the level of color radiance and long-lasting finish of nail manicures. Plus, they're totally waterproof and do not wear off when you eat, drink, or talk.

How to use:
Thinly apply the lip manicure over your lips as you would with an actual nail polish. Do not touch or close your mouth for a minute until it completely dries.
I do not believe this was in any memebox so I don't know where to find the source from :S.

This is also another product that was not featured in other memeboxes, well at least I do not believe so?  And all the descriptions are in korean, so I will just link you the website~.  The color I got was vivid jane that actually looks really natural but I have many many many lipsticks, so this one will have to wait.

So that is all that was in this box! At first I was disappointed with the place I got but after I looked into the products that came with this box, I was not dissapointed at all! Although there are about two products I can't use on my skin type, I will pass it onto my boyfriend since he does have acne.  I'm excited for the Tosowoong time shift serum, the IOPE facial oil, the peeling puff and the lip stick! So this is a hit box and I would give this box a 4/5 stars!  I really hope memebox makes more of these boxes because it is a really fun idea.

Here are some coupon codes for you guys to enjoy!

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