Monday, December 15, 2014

New: Memebox lucky box 12

$23.00 + shipping
Shipping starts Dec. 24

New lucky box :D.  If you are a newbie to memebox and haven't bought plenty of memeboxes like me, I would totally recommend to start your memebox journey with a lucky box.  If you are already a memebox collector and don't mind getting doubles, this would be a good buy to get as well ;).

"You can never go wrong with Luckyboxes! Luckybox #12 is finally here with ONLY the best-loved products featured in our previous Memeboxes, so #getlucky and experience meme holy-grails carefully picked by our beauty experts! "

Lucky box, FIY, is a box where they put the best of the best from past boxes into this box.  Here are my past lucky boxes I have received.

Again, coupons will be included below along with a full list of my past unboxings.  Cheers~

Make sure to check out my other memebox unboxings.
R8GEAH or 54PT5U: $5 off $30 on any orders 

MEMEBUNDLE3: $5 off an order with 3 memeboxes or more

MEMEBUNDLE4: $8 off an order with 4 memeboxes or more

$5 off automatically through this link (that means you can use a coupon on top of the automatic discount)

$10 off $150 automatically through this link (same thing, you can use a coupon on top of this automatic discount)

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