Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The body shop black friday haul

 I know this is super duper over due, but I get excited with unboxing memeboxes that I always put everything else on the back burner.  I should have uploaded this when it was still available but I just couldn't with work being so busy :S.  So sorry in advance for that but I am going to share with you this awesome deal right here ;).

I believe this deal only happens twice a year, but they always have good deals like 40% off, buy 3 get 3 free.  I also suggest getting the body shop membership since it is worth it as well.  The card itself is $10, but you do get $10 credit back on your birthday month to spend it on anything you would like.  Every $25 you spend before tax, you get one point.  If you get up to 4 points, you get $15 store credit and if you get u to 8 points, you get back $25 store credit and a free renewal for next year's membership.

On top of that, you get 10% off regularly when you buy anything from the store and you get exclusive deals as well.  I think it is a pretty sweet deal.  You can always work up a good deal since I'm going to teach you all the tips and tricks!  Let's get started shall we?
I'm not sure if this is applied to all body shops around the world, but I'm specifically going to talk about the body shop Canada.  If you have bought something from the body shop (or did a return), check your receipt on the bottom.  You'd be surprised to see that there is a "special offer" and there is a time limit where you'd have to use this coupon.  This is for them to try and get your back into the store.  This only works in store and not online.

$15 off $40= $25 for $40 worth of products.  If you work that into a buy 3 get 3 free, you can essentially get... LOL a lot of stuff.  On top of that, you get 10% off too.  How worth it is that ;).
The deal they have around the Black Friday time (and also Mother's day I have seen the tote deal), they offer this amazing tote with 8 full sized products inside for $30.  So the deal is, get anything for $30+ and you can buy this tote for $30.

People have said that it is really weird that the tote is a huge Canada flag, but I actually think it is a nice bag.  It is nice and sturdy, inside has a pocket for you to hold stuff in and it is great for shopping around with or even grocery shopping :D.  I like it!
Mine got a little wet on the way home since it was raining pretty hard when I was busing, but inside comes with this $5 off any purchase valid between Dec. 1-24, 2014.  This sis a good deal because it doesn't limit you to anything such as "you must get at least $25 to use this coupon".  None of that bull sheep.  Just $5.  It's better then cash ;).
 Since I still have about 5 untouched body butters from the body shop, I couldn't really get myself to get more since I got all the scents I wanted.  I was quite stuck as to what to get for the $30 quite frankly but I settled for the basics.  So I got myself the jumbo pink grapefruit shower gel and the pink grapefruit scrub.  I love this scent since it is so refreshing and it wakes me up with the citrus fragrance.
 The pink grapefruit scrubs is less of a scrub then the mango.  I don't know how this will work out but I will give it a try!
 I had a jumbo of the mango scrub before and I absolutely loved it.  The scent is amazing, the scrub works well and it leaves my skin moisturized with the mango see oil left behind.  I don't even have to worry about moisturizing my skin afterwards. If you have not smell the mango scent, you must!  It smells like a fresh cut mango and not artificial at all.

 Last year's Black Friday, I saw this awesome deal for the tote but I couldn't decide fast enough since it was another $30 you had to spent.  That would have made my total to be $66 after tax and I was not ready to spend the money. But this year I was smart and I had 8 points saved up, so I had $25 credit and I used it on this order.  Which means I only spent $5 on all of this.  That is a steal of a deal of I do say so myself :D. 6 full size, 1 travel size and one bath lily.
 I don't usually get loofas since I'm too lazy in the shower but I really should us it haha.  The body shop's bath lily is a lot more sturdy then the ones I used to get from the dollar store when I was a kid.  They are denser and create a lot more bubbles.  I quite like it and the retail price of this is $3 which isn't too bad of a price :D.
 The tote also included a satsuma body sorbet retailing for $15 and a satsuma body polish retailing for $20.  The sorbet is one of the newer products but honestly I don't understand it much.  It is a light weight body moisturizer that is suppose to soak into the skin quickly without leaving the skin greasy. It does do that but I think it is just that I don't like the satsuma scent.  It smells very household cleaning product and I'm not very fond of it at all.  I haven't tried the scrub yet but the scrubs inside the gel looks fine.  I hope it isn't those plastic beads though since I don't want it to wash into the ocean and the fishes die from eating it :(.
 The tote also comes with a strawberry shower gel which I do like :).  I'm glad it came in this tote since I love the scent.  I can't really say that the soap works well, but it hasn't broken me out or dried my skin so I guess it works?  This shower gel retails for $9.
 We also got the camomile gentle eye make up remover full sized!  I have been itching to try this make up remover since it is suppose to be their best seller product.  I tried it the other day but it doesn't work that well with eyeliner and waterproof mascara.  Yes it is gentle, but it if can't even take off my mascara and eyeliner, I feel like this won't work for me.  Have you guys tried it before?  Does it work for you?  This bottle retails for $16.  I would rather buy the MAC make up remover in the pink bottle then this.
 We also got this hemp hand cream which I always think that the leaf looks like marijuana HAHA.  I don't know why, so I'm slightly put off on that fact and I never wanted to try it.  It also smells weird, so I might give this to my boyfriend kekekek.
 Their vitamin E line is also suppose to be one of their best seller items but I can never justify paying the price for them.  This was surprisingly full size and retails for $17.  I am going to have to try this out :).
And last but not least, we also get a full sized shea body butter retailing for $20 regularly.  This isn't my favorite scent since it has a very warm and stuffy fragrance.  I'd rather get the honeymania or the other fruit scents but you couldn't choose which body body you get.  I might just use this on my boyfriend since he doesn't like walking around like a giant piece of fruit.

That is it for my little black friday haul from the body shop. Again I'm sorry for posting this so late but next time around Mother's day and black Friday, take note of this deal and work up some awesome coupon stacking deal alright?  Hopefully this was helpful for your next body shop trip and happy shopping! Cheers~

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