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Y.E.T thank you set

About a month ago, Memebox created five "thank you sets" featuring kocostar, YET, Ddung, benton and another brand that is not coming to mind.  Only the YET set caught my eyes because of the lip stain set of 5 different colors along with a liquid liner, 10 piece sheet mask, a lip and cheek cream and the set also came with a free gift all for the price of $30 which was an amazing deal in my eyes.  I used a $5 coupon code so the price came down to $25 plus free shipping.  At first I was going to pass, but then it was sold out and I got super sad.  After two days, it came back in stock and I knew if i didn't get it the second time, I'm totally going to regret it and I was definitely right.
Memebox has taken down the page for these sets, but this was the picture that they had on the set.  They also had swatches which was super helpful since they were an online item and we couldn't swatch them to see if we liked them. So I appreciate Memebox doing swatches for us and I hope they will continue to do that in the future.

Let's get started :). Again, coupons will be included at the end of the post along with my archive list of my past memebox unboxings.
 Of course I would start the post of with the main event.  This is the Very merry tint set with five (well suppose to be five) shades.  I have grown to love lip tints since they give you more of a natural look to the lips, they are low maintenance, and if the wind blows, my hair would not stick to my lips.

I don't know if it is just me but the drawings of these girls freak me out.  They kind of look like those brat dolls back in the day :S.  I wish they just had the drawings that they had in the inside of the flap rather then these freaky ones.
 The set is suppose to come with 5 shades: 01 pearl paradaise, 02 orange flower, 03 pink romance, 04 cherry blossom, and 05 red apple.  When I opened mine, it came with two red apples and no pearl paradise.  I was quite upset since I bought the set for five different shades of lip tints and not four shades.  I wasn't the only one, a lot of other people that got this set had the same thing. And when we emailed them to ask them what's up, they just gave us the generic response of "oh we are sorry this happened and we didn't know about it".  The even more sketchy thing is the pearl paradise was being sold for $5.  Like what is going on and how did they manage to all of a sudden have only the pearl paradaise to sell and for them to screw up every single order for this set.  Anyways, enough about my rant and let's get onto the actual product.
 The box that the tint comes in is super nice surprisingly.  It measures 21 cm x 13 cm, and each tint measures 2 cm in circumference and 7.2 cm in height.  I was honestly expecting the bottles to be skinny and limp but these are a nice size and on the slightly chubby side.
 HAHA I am dying from the drawings.  They are so cute, especially that ajumma on the right HAHA.  It also somes you have to achieve that gradation lip that Koreans love since it gives you that baby doll look.
 The lip tints up close.  As you can see, pearl paradise is no where to be found and instead, there are two cherry blossoms.  So annoyed!

 When I go to Sephora, I don't really see lip tints at all.  Honestly Sephora has boring make up compared to the Asian market, specifically Korean cosmetics.  Where are you going to find cute packaging like these ones, other then their limited edition collections.

 These tints come with a regular doe foot applicator.  I tried these on a couple of times on my lips and they work just fine.  I can easily get a precise application and they dry down to a nice stain.  I would definitely not recommend you use your fingers to pat them down because then you would have stained fingers and would get weird looks for sure HAHA.
 Swatches from left to right: 
Cherry blossom: a cool tone apple red
Orange flower: warm toned bright orange
Pink romance: creamy hot pink
Red apple: warm tone orange red 
 As you can see, I just let them sit on my hand for less then two mins and they already stain my skin.  I tried these on my lips last night and was very impressed with the pigmentation.  You can easily get a natural stain on your lips, but I tried applying two coats and WOW. I tried the cherry blossom on my lips with two coats and it looks just like a high end lip stick.  The stain did not dry my lips out in any way.  I will do a full review and lip swatch later on since I don't want this post to me miles long, but watch out for my review on these. They have impressed me thoroughly.

If you guys are interested in this set, they do have this set for $15 USD on koreadepart.  Click here!  I'm thinking I might even need to check out the other shades in their range.  I'm obsessed for sure.
 The second product is the Y.E.T kiss me touch me lip and cheek.  They don't have this on the memebox site either but they do have it on koreadepart for $3.77 USD which is dirt cheap :D.  And I don't know why but the name "kiss me, touch me" makes me feel like I'm a pedo or something.  There are these little girl looking cartoons and it is telling me to touch them.  NO thank you.

 This lip and cheek cream comes in a plastic jar with the weird doll cartoons again.  But it does show you that you can use these on your lips as a lip color/ balm or on your cheeks as a cream blush.  I love me some cream blushes since I do have dry skin, but i usually don't like to use them both on my lips and cheeks since I feel like it is dirty to me.

 This set came with the shade apricot which is a cool tone pink with a slight peach undertone.  I don't know why the photo makes the swatch look like it is a hot pink.  In real life, the color is more of a warm, peach toned pink color and not this highlighter pink that is showing up in the photo.

 The cream blended out looks like a very natural flush and definitely would work for my pale skin. For my chocolate sistas, I'm not sure if this would work out for you since it is on the light side.  The surprising thing of the cream is that it doesn't leave my skin sticky at all after being blended out.  Usually cream blushes would not set and you'd have to put powder blush on top to set it, but this one slightly dries down but it doesn't dry out my skin.  I'm impressed with this product as well.  Y.E.T you are doing a good job :D.
 The third product is the cat girl waterproof pen liner retailing for $5.07 on koreadepart.  Not much to say about this product but it is a liquid liner that has a brush applicator.

 The tip is very fine and precise which I do like.  This reminds me of the stila liquid eyeliner pen or the Kat Von D liquid liner as well but for the price tag of $5, you can't beat it.
 The pigmentation of this liner is so so, not the blackest black but good enough for it to work.
The last piece of the set is their sheet masks which we got 10 of them.  I have one duplicate but I don't really care haha.  They have cute packaging too.  I still haven't tried these since after I am done showering and washing my face, I'm too tired already and just head to bed.  But I am going to have to make the effort to use these so I can do the review for them >:(. Rawr...

Overall I am very satisfied with the set they create and I hope they will do more Y.E.T value sets WITH free shipping (or else I won't buy it haha).  You can easily find this brand on koreadepart and I just might have to dive more into this brand. I love their products, their price point is quite affordable and I recommend their lip stains.  AAAMAAAZING~ I love it.

Did you guys get this set? What do you think about this set and which are your favorite products in this set and have you tried anything from this brand?  Let me know in the comments down below :D.  Cheers~

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