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Unboxing: Memebox special OMG 4

 When memebox first released the statement for this box after the disappointment to deliver real OMG products in the past OMG boxes, they said they would ensure use that they would give us the weirdest, quirkest products in the OMG 4.  So i gave memebox my trust and hoped for the best.  I'd have to say this will me my last omg box after getting three out of the four OMG editions.  No more for me.  Maybe because I'm already immuned to all the weird things such as bee venom, snake venom, spider venom, placenta, snail mucus, all of those I'm already immuned to and like.  But I do think this is a good box nonetheless.  Anyways, let's get into it and see what are the contents of the box ;).
#55 OMG 4
$29.00 + shipping
 Sneak peek of what is inside the box ;).  You can't really see much eh? BUAHAHAH

I apologize in advance for the dis-function of my nose.  I'm still sick and have a runny nose, therefore I can't really smell anything so I can't really do the smell-o-scale for you guys.  I'm sorry :(.

Coupons for December has been updated and will be included at the end of this post!  There is also a list of my old unboxings if you would like to check it it!
 The usual info. card.  The products looks pretty good this time around, but we will have to see if it has the Wow factor.

 Hmm... is it just me or the lipstick kind of looks weird....
 The first product is Nadu skin the first love pack retailing for $4 (12 mL) and $2 (18 mL).  The pack includes both lady point pack and gentleman point pack.  These are full sized products.

LOL I just noticed the very weird diagrams in the back of the package.  I really hope it isn't what I think it is.... sheet masks for female and male genital... LOL.  I don't have the guts to show you on this blog since I want to keep it PG.  But oh... dear.

Product description:
Here's o a truely OMG product in the history of Memebox- specially designed mask packs for a female's and male's Y zone (definitely not for facial use!)- to be used to moisturize and treat the most sensitive yet uncared for part of the body.  They're formulated with lavender flower water and various moisturizing nutrients and each designed to perfectly fit female's and male's body."

How to use:
Shake the mask to ensure the pack inside is well-soaked in the essence.  Cleanse the skin throughly.  Open the mask and place it through or over the Y zone.  For ladies, remove after 15-30 mins, for gentlemen, after 5-10 minutes.
Are they... for real.  LOL I don't know if I'm brave enough to try this on my lady bits :S. Are you?
The second product is Pureplus+ cocoon returning toner retailing for $18 and contains 200 mL.  This is a full sized product and the clear plastic bottle measures 5.5 cm x 12 cm.  

The cocoon reminds me of the cocoon balls that were sent in the first few memeboxes.  I got them in a trade but still have not tried them out yet.  Maybe this is something like it?  I'm curious to see what it is :D.  Let's see!

*After reading the description:* Hmm it has witch hazel.  I'm not so sure about using that for my face since I have dry skin but I might just pass this on to my boyfriend that has acne prone skin.

Product description:
Replenish, control excess sebum, remove dead skin cells and impurities and brighten up dulled complexion with this returning toner packed with cocoon extracts, witch hazel, and various vitamins to make your face look and feel younger.

How to use:
Apply the toner all over the face using a cotton pad or your hands.
Here is the English ingredients for you guys ;).

The third product is Abalone crystal double ex cream retailing for $78 and contains 50 mL.  This is a full sized product and the plastic jar measures 6.5 cm x 5 cm.

This was actually the spoiler for this box and I was very pleased to see something I have never seen before.  Abalone, in Chinese traditions, is a very expensive food but I never really liked it since it just tastes like an eraser to me.  I also don't like shark fin because it doesn't have any taste to it and I saw what they did to the sharks and it's terrible!  Never will I ever eat shark fin again and I hope they would stop with the shark killing! :'(  Poor sharks.  But I have never heard of an abalone moisturizer, so this will be interesting to see if it works haha.  Hopefully my face won't turn into an eraser.

Product description:
This abalone crystal double ex cream is concentrated with fermented abalone, black bean extract, and watermelon extract to deliver a cosmic blast of skincare benefits.  Fresh "abalone" from the Southern coast of Korea are highly recognized as the King of Shellfish with their mucin containing abundant minerals, proteins, amino acids and essential fatty acids to provide remarkable skin revitalizing, wrinkle reducing, skin brightening and hydrating benefits.  It also soothes irritated skin, and enhances the skin's elasticity to deliver visible anti-aging results with each use!

How to use:
Apply directly over clean face both day and night.  Pat it in for full absorbency.
The jar looks so luxurious! Looks like something you can get at the department stores.
Ohhh so creamy looking :D.
I'd say this cream is medium thickness, not a light cream but not thick either.  Just right in the middle.  Soaks into the skin, and doesn't leave it greasy or sticky.
The fourth product is Shara Shara secret magic lipstick retailing for $8 and contains 3.5 g.  This was randomly selected from 01 sky to pop pink, 02 green to pink  and 03 yellow to mango.  I got the color green (more like poo) to pink 02.  This is a full sized product and measures 2 cm x 7 cm.

I was super excited to get another magic lipstick, and when I opened my little lipstick box, I saw a poo color.  Mine was suppose to be green to pink, but I feel like the lipstick was expired or something.  Not really happy about that, especially when I really do like the color changing lipsticks.  I would purposely put lipstick on in public just to freak people out to think I'm cool enough to wear green lipstick HAHA.  Yes I'm weird and a dork ;).  But now that the lipstick is poo color, I don't think I will be using this at all.  Not comfortable with a lipstick that is questionable.

Product description:
A secret, color-transforming lipstick which offers a highly pigmented radiance, a long-lasting adherence and a moisture lock-in all in just a single swipe.  Experience how it magically changes its shade according to the temperature of your lips!  It gently formula is enriched with avocado oil and tocopheryl acetate which effectively protects lips from dehydration.

How to use:
Use a concealer or a foundation to tone down the lip contours first.  Apply the lipstick and wait for 10 seconds until its color starts to become more vivid.  Coat a thin layer of lip gloss for extra plump and gloss.
Such a shame because the packaging is so cute!
The swatch itself is alright, I'm praying the lipstick is okay to use.  The color is really pretty.  Definitely something I would actually wear since it would be a lot sheerer then this on my pigmented lips.
The fifth product is Dr. MG moisture bounce Aqua memory BB SPF 30 PA++ retailing for $46 and contains 45 g.  This is a full sized product and the glass jar measures 5.5 cm x 4.7 cm.

This product really reminds me of the Holika Holika Aqua petit BB cream which I once owned but gave it away because I could not get it to work with my dry skin since it would cling onto the dry patches.  I'm praying when I do try this out, it won't be the same.  But I don't think it would cling onto my dry skin since I use peeling gels to get rid of my dead skin. We shall see.  The packaging looks so luxx though :D.  Price tag is pretty high too :S.  YECKS!

Product description:
Yes we've all been through a BB cream, but what about a bouncy, jelly-like BB packaging in a bottle and scooped using a spatula like any other facial creams?  Dr. MJ moisture bounce Aqua memory BB adheres tightly onto skin with its cushiony texture and offers wrinkle care, UV protection, and skin brightening effects as well.

How to use:
Use the attached fixer brush to apply the formula over specific areas of hair you wish to style and lock in place.

So pretty!

Please excuse the lipstick swatch LOL.  It slightly stained my hand.  But the color of this BB cream is perfect for my skin. I like how it does not have any grey undertone to it and it won't give me that ghostly cast.  Liking it so far :).
Blends into the skin nicely too.  But applying it on the face will be a different story.
The last product is Purebess hot styling hair fixer retailing for $16 and contains 8 g.  This is a full sized product and measures 1.5 cm x 11.5 cm.

Not really sure about this product since I'm not really into doing my hair. Hmm... Can I use this on my brows do you think?

Product description:
No it's not a hair spray or wax gel cream.  It's a hair fixer that you can apply multiple times consecutively because the formula is non=sticky and lightweight and it shapes into an easy to use mascara-like package!  Simply swipe away to fix up and style any loose hair for that perfect, stewardess look.

How to use:
Use the attached fixer brush to apply the formula over specific areas of hair you wish to style and lock in place.

This definitely is an interesting product, but I think I'm going to try it on my brows instead hehe.

*I can not seem to find the website for the products, so I won't be including them here.*

1) Nadu skin the first love pack $6 
2) Pureplus+ cocoon returning toner $18
3) Abalone crystal double ex cream $78 
4) Shara Shara secret magic lipstick $8
5) Dr. MJ moisture bounce aqua memory BB $46
6) Purebess Hot styling hair fixer $16
Total: $172 on info. card

Overall I am happy with this box.  It isn't the weirdest products ever, but it did satisfy my thirst for something different.  OMG 2 was for sure my most favorite OMG edition, while the third edition was the worst in my opinion and this one would rank second out of the three I got.  I'm getting a kick out of the genital sheet masks for sure LOL, I'm excited to try the BB cream and the abalone cream is super cool and I have never heard of anyone making a cream out of it.  The cocoon toner will be going to my boyfriend since he has acne prone skin, lipstick I will not be using and the hot styling hair fixer, I'm going to try it on my brows instead of my hair because I don't see the point in using it in my hair :S.  I will give this box a 4.5/5 stars and would recommend it :).

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  1. There's absolutely nothing in this box that interests me, except for the BB cream perhaps! Glad I didn't pick this one up!



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