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Unboxing: Memebox Global 17

 When I missed the awesome Memebox global 14 box, I was so bummed it wasn't funny.  The boxed looked amazing, I'd even rate it at least a top #2 out of all the boxes I saw.  So when they came out with the global bundle set, I jumped on it so fast.  I got a good deal too I believe :D.  Anyways, I know you are curious to see what is inside, so let's get started.
$23.00 + shipping
 Sneak peek to tickle your pickle (HAHA Why does that sound dirty...or is it just me.  It's just me isn't it).

Coupons will be included in the bottom like always.
 Information card to tell you how to use the products.

"We announce the arrival of Memebox global 17!  Our memebox global edition have never failed your expectation and we can guarantee your utmost satisfaction in receiving this 17th edition, also packed with beauty goodies totally worth the wait. :)"

 Oh this line up looks pretty good!
 The first product is Palan Crysence home car pouch set (Marin shampoo + power treatment 80 ml) retailing for $186 for 1,000 mL.  This is a sample size (even though it says it is full sized, it is definitely not since it is 80 mL and not 1,000 mL).  

I just get scared at the price of this product.  $186?!?!? SERIOUSLY?  Would anyone buy this for that much money! That is crazy to me.  Now I really have to try it and see if it is worth the price.  I'm usually not for foil packages, but there is no way I would pay that much for a full sized hair product.  I will stick with my $5 Aussie shampoo and conditioner thank you very much.  This shampoo and conditioner better be made of gold O_O.

Product description:
Deluxe samples of Palan's famous "protein shampoo" and "protein treatment" highly prasied by numerous hair stylists and top actresses in Korea.  The Crysence Home car hair kit not only nourishes damaged hair but also clarifies and rejuvenates sensitive scalp.  After just a single use, many have attested how their dry, mane-like locks have become dramatically softer, silker, and glossier.  Formulated with 100% natural minerals, hydrolyzed protein, keratin, jojoba oil, salicornia herbacea, tea tree, meadowfoam seed oil and citric acid.

How to use:
Shampoo: Massage into hair and scalp throughly.  Rinse off with lukewarm water.
Treatment: Towel-dry to the point where hair is still wet but not dripping with water.  Apply the formula throughly, spreading it over a handful of locks at a time.  Rinse off after 10-15 mins.
Second product is Climax water pool cleanser retailing for $34 and contains 150 mL. This is a full sized product and measures 4.5 cm x 15 cm.

I have tons of cleansers by now, so this will be in the line with the other 10 cleansers.  Can I even get to it >_>.  I think I will have to do a cleanser challenge.  One new cleanser every week and do reviews on them haha.

Product description:
This highly elastic, sticky textured water pool cleanser is enriched with soda water and over 22 naturally-derived components.  Its innovative formula works wonders as the mucin-like gel melts onto skin, extracting and dissolving dirt, oil, and make up residues piled up on the surface.  Double cleanse with this miracle cleanser to completely suck away all residues and impurities from your face.

How to use:
Wet face and gently massage until cleanser gets thick.  Rinse off with lukewarm water.
The third product is Dr. MG real mucin suncream SPF45 PA+++ retailing for $41 and contains 50 g.  This is a full sized product and measures 3.5 cm x 13 cm.

I'm not going to open this product just yet since I need to use plenty other products and don't want this to go to waste.  But I do actually appreciate getting sunscreen even though I always forget to wear it.  I think I really need to buckle down and be serious about this skincare business.  12 step skincare routine, here I come! LOL  I am glad to get a snail sunscreen since I have sunscreens, but not one with snail mucus so that is different :).

Product description:
Who says sun creams are only for the summer?  UV protection has established itself as a beauty essential in Korea and has recently been taken more seriously in the Western beauty scene as well.  This mild sun cream from Dr. MJ works to hydrate, protect, and balance out the skint one, smoothly coating a thin layer of nourishing snail secretion formula.

How to use:
Apply thinly over clean face.

The fourth product is Cheek room lip palette retailing for $24.  This is a full sized product and measures 6 cm x 6 cm. The palette is randomly selected from 01 or 02.  I got the shades 01.

Honestly by now, I dread getting products from cheek room.  I really don't like the graphic design of their brand, especially that really amateur font bothers me to bits.  But the colors of this palette does look nice.  The packaging is nice with the magnetic closure system, but I think I will be passing this down to my sister or mom, someone that would find better use is this product other then me who loves me just some lip balm.

Product description:
A lip palette with three different types of lip item- color lips, shiny lipstick and lip balm.  The two color lips sparkle with luminosity and radiance while the shiny lipstick gleam with fine pearls and silky elegance and the lip balm smoothly melts onto lips for a lasting moisture boost.

How to use:
Apply to lips using the mini lip brush included.

The colors are very wearable, but I'm too lazy to use a lip brush for daily use.
The fifth product is Shara shara pink piggy collagen cream retailing for $22 and contains 50 mL.  This is a full sized product and measures 6 cm x 4.5 cm.  Smell-o-scale=5/10 and it smells exactly like Dove soap HAHA.  NICE!

I'm actually quite happy that we are getting Shara Shara products (well except for the girl sunscreen that takes up way too much room).  This moisturizer is so cute and the texture is very interesting!  If you have the secret key super plumping jelly cream, you would know the texture is very strange and interesting to play with.  This cream is kind of the same, with the collagen, it makes this moisturizer exactly like jelly.  I just want to sit around and play with this cream for fun HAHA.  I have issues I know.

Product description:
A skin firming and nourishing cream containing high concentrates of collagen of greatly enhance the skin elasticity and resilience.  Naturally derived formula made up of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and argan oil helps moisturizes, rejuvenate, and treat fine line and wrinkles.

How to use:
Apply directly to clean face.  Pat it in for full absorbency.

This cream comes with a spatula which I always appreciate and have learned to use it instead of my fingers since it will keep the cream clean :).

The texture of this cream is very light weight, soaks into the skin and doesn't leave any residue.
The last product is Shara shara bee tox spot cream retailing for $18 and contains 15 mL.  This is a full sized product and measures 1.4 cm x 11.5 cm.

Yet another bee vemon product, not sure how well they work but I will try them.  I have about five bee venom products that I still have not touched and I do not know why!  I have to get to it asap because it is so interesting to me that American markets doesn't have something like this.  Well that's why we have asian beauty product hehe.  Go Korean cosmetics!  WHOOO~

Product description:
A perfect spot cream for acne-prone skin types.  This bee tox spot cream is formulated with bee cenom extracts to help control excessive sebum secretion and 6 kinds of herbal extracts to mitigate troubled spots and blemishes for achieving clearer, more well-balanced skin.

How to use:
Apply in small quantities to troubled spots.

Very nice and simple packaging :).

*Prices in purple are prices I found through official site  or popular online stores*
Not sure if you guys have noticed, but I have always included the link of the official website link for you guys to check it out.

1)Palan Crysence Home care pouch set $14.88 ??
2) Climax water pool cleanser $34 ??
3) Dr. MJ real mucin restore sunscream $41  ($30 USD/ 34,000 Won)
4) Cheek room lip palette $24 ??
5) Shara shara pink piggy collagen $22 ??
6) Shara shara bee tox spot cream $18 ??
Total: $153.88 on info. card

Very odd but I can not seem to find the korean retail priced on the korean websites.  Half the websites I typed in doesn't work, others just didn't have in on their site.  Anyways, my opinion on the Global 17 compared the my first global box which was the 13 (which I honestly think was a train wreck) is definitely an upgrade.  This is a solid box, and I'm excited for the Shara shara pink piggy collagen cream, the bee tox spot cream and the snail sunscreen.  The other products I can definitely do without but the box isn't that expensive since I got it in a bundle with coupons and codes, so the sting of the retail price is lessened.  Overall I give this box a 3.99/5 stars.

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