Friday, July 30, 2010

ELF beauty encyclopedia Face Edition Swatch and Review

Everytime i go on ELF cosmetics and found something thats new, I litterally start freaking out. Then when i'm calm I look at it again. If it still freaks me out, then i buy it. So this is basically what happened with this beauty encyclopedia.
Again, if you don't feel like reading, video--> enough said. All of the beauty encyclopedias are $5 each from ELF's regular line. If your

Inside on the left hand side is printed how-to instructions on application of blush, bronzer, highlights and concealer.

Comes with plastic cover thingy to protect products! Good thinking Elf.

(if you want close up pic, check out my youtube video; link up top)
Top row: Shimmer creams

In flash

In daylight

-very creamy; good texture
-has different color but shows up with only slight difference on skin

2nd row: concealer
In flash

In daylight -very creamy and pigmented
-easy to blend
-two of them from the right stain after wiping off hand; use with caution

Bottom: blush and bronzer

-very pigmented
-not packed enough; a little bit powdery

Compared to the studio blush and bronzer, the blush from studio is more of a coral color while the blush from the encyclopedia is a warmer pink. The bronzer from the encyclopedia is sightly darker and more pigmented then studio (a little to the sheer side).

The face brush that comes with it, well its really...crappy. Its all messed up, scratchy, and just plain wrong ToT. I just use it now to get rid of dust off my netbook and my table HAHA.

Looks more like a broom...geez. Its can't even be considered as a makeup brush.

For 5 bucks, you really can't go wrong. This product is decent, but the brush and powders needs a little bit of work.

-Price: A+
-packaging: B
-Product: B-
-Overall rating: B-
-Buy again?: No

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