Friday, July 30, 2010

ELF Studo Minty Lip Gloss Swatches and Review

When everyone said they tasted minty, they weren't kidding. If you use Colgate classic toothpaste, you will know what i'm talking about when i said they taste like toothpaste. Thinking that they would be minty like ELF plumping lip glaze (i like that minty & the texture), I decided to buy all of them. Here's close up pictures and swatches of all 9 of the glosses.

If you don't feel like reading, check out my video instead:

ELF company claims "The sheer glossy color conditions lips with a minty fresh taste. Can be worn alone or layered with other lip products. Give your lips a beautiful sheen and freshen your breath for instant gratification."

-yes it is minty fresh tasting
-yes it can be worn alone/ layered
-freshen breath...ehhh. iunno about that. Maybe eat some gum or, iunno BRUSH YOUR TEETH XD.

Minty lip gloss goes for $3 from the studio line but you can find 50% off from

Here's the close up of each gloss.

Seattle-clear with chunky sliver shimmer

Nashville- Brown nude color with fine gold shimmer

Miami- peachy pink with fine gold shimmer

Los Angeles- Dark baby pink with gold shimmer

Boston- Cranberry purple color with chunky gold and blue shimmer

New York City- Dark hot pink with chunky purple and gold shimmer

Chicago- Brownish Bronze color with chunky blue and gold shimmer

Houston- Grape purple with chunky blue and purple shimmer

San Diego- Vibrant orange color with chunky gold shimmer; most pigmented

Pros about these glosses:
-not sticky
-good variety of colors
-some of the really shimmery ones remind me of MAC dazzleglass
Cons:-lighter colors such as Nashville and Miami are just clear when applied onto lips
-when closed tightly, some of the lids dont' match up with the tube
-few of lids actually come this

-Price: A+ ($3 or $1.50 with coupon)
-Packageing: C+
-Product quality: B
-Overal rating: B
-Buy again? :No

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