Sunday, July 4, 2010

ELF haul, review and swatches =)

This might be my 4th haul from ELF. I might show all the other stuff from before, but they kinda suck so i might not XD. Total came to only around $15! YEY (i used a coupon, but i forgot which one).

*Tip: when buying anything online, go check to see if they have any coupons you can use. Also when you order from elf, they charge Canadian's $15 bucks to ship here, so if you wanna save money, get a paypal account and you'd only have to pay $6.95.*

Its just a small haul...but here it is, there's more to come soon cuz I ordered just a few days ago when they had the 60% coupon code (SIXTY).

Basically the only reason i got this haul was because I really like the lip tins. They're mositurzing enough to be a lip balm, but the texture gives my lips a shine so its kinda like a gloss without being thick. Sad thing is, they don't sell them anymore ='(.

I'm still kinda on the fence about this product. It claims to reduce redness and all that, but you'd have to put a lot on to "reduce" anything. Its not horrible but its not awesome like everyone says.

As you can see, this is a studio blush ($3) in candid coral. It is true to what the name is, its a coral color (no surprise there xD). Sorry if the picture is kinda dark, but this is the best way to show you guys the true color. It has the coral color with gold shimmers. The finish is frosty and gives a nice flush to the cheeks. Great summer color.

Another Studio blush in Pink passion ($3). This one is a hot pink with a completley matte. I haven't used a lot of makeup these days because I don't have school and rarely go out ==". Fail i know.

All 9 of the E.L.F candy shop lip gloss. This was recently on sale for only 50 CENTS!! INSANE, so i just grabbed all of them >=D. Then again they don't have them anymore.

E.L.F candy shop lip gloss in Berry Pop (Berry color with very little shimmer).

E.L.F candy shop lip gloss in Mocha Mania (bronze color with gold shimmer), my 2nd favorite out of all of them.
E.L.F candy shop lip gloss in Candy Fix (light bubblegum pink with no shimmer at all). One of the least favorites of mine beacuse its basically a clear lip gloss with no color at all.

E.L.F Candy shop lip gloss in Frosting Fanatic. My FAVORITE!! As you can see up above, this one gives the most color and finishes as a light golden sheen. THIS LIP GLOSS IS LOVE.

E.L.F Candy shop lip gloss in Melon Mayhem (peachy color with gold shimmers). I'm on the fence about this one, it gives color and looks like there's TONS of shimmer in the pot but its just like the other ones.

E.L.F Candy Shop lip gloss in Coconut Crazed (clear with gold glitter). I was really looking forward to this one but there was a HUGE dent in the lip gloss and two sides of the tin was rusty, so the gloss itself was kinda orangey. i complained and they gave me my money back.

E.L.F candy shop lip gloss in Cherry bomb (flat red color). My 3rd favorite, makes my lips nice and juicy looking. LOVEE~~

Studio Eyebrown Lifter and Filler ($3). I can't really review this one because I gave it to my mom, but a lot of people on Youtube say that the highlighter is a good dupe to Benefit's eyebrow enhancers.
I'd upload the brushes, but i don't know why its not uploading. Sorry :'(
Hope this was helpful or fun to look at. Feel free to leave a comment. ^^

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