Friday, July 30, 2010

ELF Nail polish remover pads review

I have heard a lot about these pads on youtube and decided to try them out. When I first got it, like everyone else, I thought it was all dried out. But when I actually used it, it took off my nail polish like a dreammmm~~ One pack comes with 18 pads (one pad is enough for both your'll see) *sorry about the lightening, the sticker says "New Improved forumla*
Thinking that this would be just another stinky nail polish that would taste/smell like death (like Sally Hansen ones..those Liquid ones omg >_<), this totally took me by surprise. IT SMELLS AWESOME!! "Fresh citrus scent" to be exact. O-M-G I couldn't stop smelling these darn things. It doesn't even have the smallest hint of alcholic nastyness. Thumbs up for that =D

As you can see, there are only 4 ingredients, compared to Sally Hansen nail polish remover that has 30+ ingredients. And it smells REALLY REALLY joke. The product/packaging was a lot less smaller then I expected when I first got it. Compared to a Mac blush, it is a little bit smaller (around 0.5 cm in radius smaller). Pads itself are litterally paper thin. When you first feel the pads, they feel like they're dry but they're really not. Start rubbing it againsted your nails and surprisingly, oils take away the polish like melting butter. I'm not quite sure what the pads are; they are kinda something like really thin felt.

How they work... Here is a nasty 5 days old manicure that is starting to chip...please ignore the uglyness. *Btw...if you're wondering about the color, its 1 coat of OPI 3 Plums I win from Vegas collection with 1 coat of ELF nail polish in Mod Mauve*.

Before... Definition of swipe: a "wipe" from bottom to top and not rubbing it back and forth

One swipe...

Two swipes...
Three swipes...
Five swipes... (keep in mind i'm not rubbing my nails and i'm using only light pressure)

One bad thing about these pads is it makes your polish turn to liquid kinda thing, and the liquid stuff goes under your nails and stays there.
-Price: A+++ (just like every other thing from ELF; only $1)
-Packaging: A (nice hard plastic)
-Overall rating: A (bad thing is I LOVE this product but i'm going to have to buy a lot more if i use nail polish on a daily basis)
-Buy again?: YESS!!

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