Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The body shop summer 2010 Baked Bronzer

Just a few weeks ago, or I think it was last month? There was a sale (i think it's still going on right now) in Canada, the body shop yet again had the "Buy any 3 items for only $30" but not including gift sets or any set for that matter. So i decided to take that offer since I was wanting to get this highligher/bronzer for a long time, but $21 is a little too expensive for The body shop. Anyways, here's some pictures...

The packaging is just like the blush/bronzer from last year, but this time it is clear. The clear makes the whole product look very nice and sleek. The lid is a deep doom shape, same with the product itself.

As you can see, it has a marblized finish containing gold, brown, little bits of redish brown and a light pink. It looks really muddy and washed up since I have been using it and swirling it around with my brush.

Swatch in day light/ more yellowish light.

Here's a swatch in flash light/ white light.

(Oh la la, made in Italy!)

It reminds me a lot of Mac's MSF's. It is kinda similar, but i like these a whole lot better because MSF have more chucky gimmer while this once gives more of a sheen. MSF are 10g and these are 9g!! WOW The price differs by $12...

Summary: -cost: 7/10 (for regular price; I got mine for only $10)

-Pigmentation: 9/10

-Packaging: 8/10

Overall: B+

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