Sunday, July 4, 2010

Clarisonic pro

Just two weeks ago, I decided to finally buy the clarisonic but on EBAY!! >=D I got the newest 2010 model with 4 speeds (which is only with the Pro clarisonic). Normally the pro one cost about $225+ but i got mine for $161 + $30 (shipping)=$191. Ebay seller was really good with shipping, only 3 days after I bought it, IT CAME TO MY HOUSE!! wow

YEY...preeetyyyy. There's actually 4 different types of clarisonics:

-Mia $149 (only one speed and is smaller)
- Classic $195 (only two speeds and comes in three colors)
- Plus $225 (only two speeds + with body head= 3rd speed, only in white and limited edition model)
-Pro $195/$225 (4 speeds, 5th speed with body head, Grey one comes with normal brush head while other comes with sensitive brush head).
I got the Men color HAHA...grey. Iunno why but there's an inscription on mine that says "Metropolitan".

There she is, ain't she a beauty? Buahahah >=D

Here's some info:
Benefits that the company claims --> fewer dry patches, gentle exfliation for softer/ smoother skin, firmer skin with improved texture, great prep for skin tanning

The difference with Clarisonic Pro and the classic is that it comes with:
-Universal charging cradle, comes with a nourishing care cleanser, has 4 speeds for the face, 5th speed when body brush is used
-The classic only has 2 speed and a 120v AC chargin cradle. Don't get confused with Plus and pro though. Clarisonic Plus has only three speeds, but for the same price. So just get the Clarisonic pro ==".

As you can see here on the clarisonic pro/plus, the plastic pattern on the clarisonic handle is kinda like a water drop-ish patter and the classic one just a tear drop shape.

I haven't heard anyone talk about the battery in the clarisonic. The battery is located on the bottom of the handle and is activation when placed in the cradle. I think its magnetic or something.

Here's just some random instruction. It also comes with a mailing thingy that gives you a free subscription to Women's Health (but it only works for US residents which suck).

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