Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MAC Dame Edna Beauty Powder in Spectacle! Review

I never knew what the point was to have a powder that is almost translucent but with a pink tone...Such a waste of money. Until now! =D I'm so liking now. For people that don't know what beauty powders are suppose to do:

-iluminate your face and give it a glow
-basically like a matte highlighter
-can be used as a blush.
I have to admit I only bought this because I have seen it on Youtube for quite a few times and wanted one myself. I got this in the CCO when i went to the states for only $18! YEY

The packaging looked quite nice and it also came with a puff thingy that i don't use. The glasses on the case looked awesome, but i didn't notice that it was only a cheap sticker ==". Fail. When you first buy it, it has this spray on thingy that makes it look very shimmery and pretty. But after about 5 swirls, the product underneath is actually matte. Iunno if you can see still, but the powder had a imprint of "Dame Edna" with stars all around it.

The product itself is nicely pressed and feels very silky to the touch. Pigmentation is sheer, but that is the point of beauty powders.

Overall mark:

-packaging: B

-product: A

-Cost: B+

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