Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Advice in buying from ELF cosmetics

So as you might have noticed, I am quite the ELF cosmetics fan. From being an affordable alternative and being good quality, ELF is good for those that wants to build their kits or even food for beginners. But who doesn't want to save money, even if you are buying from their low low prices eh?

1) Always check for coupons before you pay for anything/ choose anything. Coupons usually have restrictions.

-go to retailmenot to check the recent coupons
-go to and subscribe to their newsletter

2)For canadian buyers, always use a Paypal account to pay. When you pay for shipping, it would only be the flat rate of $6.95 and not $15. I don't know why, but it is like that.

3) There is ALWAYS a good coupon code, but there is the best sale that only happens once a year. It used to be 75% off sitewide, but this year it was only 60% off. It isn't bad though ^^.

4) If anything goes wrong with your order, anything break or yeah...whatever is wrong, then just go to customer service and tell them what is wrong. Most of the time, they will refund your money but you can also request to get the product sent to you again.
*Note: I have never had any problem with ELF customer service. They are very very respectful for their customers and are very polite and understand. THUMBS UP FOR ELF CUSTOMER SERVICE! Even if they have to listen to people complain all day. If there was an award for best customer service for online shopping, they totally deserve it.*
Hope this helps and Happy shopping at elf.

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