Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ELF tone correcting concealer vs MAC moisture blend

When I first got the tone correcting concealer, immediately I thought it looked like a dupe for MAC's moisture blend. And it really is a good dupe for the MAC's moisture blend. The packaging is the same, comes with the doe foot applicator and the size is the same. I don't' know how much product the ELF one comes with but MAC comes with 5 mL.
They both have a liquidity formula and is very light weight. I know a lot of people don't like the ELF one because they can't find the right shade, but luckily for me Light Beige is the perfect color for a NC20-25. The color is a way better color match then my MAC one. In my opinion, I'd buy the ELF one any day. Compared to $1 or $20 bucks, which one would you pick?
As you can see, the MAC one is wayyy more orange (just noticed that its NW20...and I'm a NC, argh) then the ELF one. Frinking love the ELF one wayyyy more. Both of them are non-drying and are easy to blend. Thumbs up ^^
Conclusion for ELF tone correcting concealer:
-price: A+ ($1 each)
-packaging: A
-product quality: A
-Overall quality: A
-Buy again? Yes


  1. ooh what color/number was your nc mac?

    when i had my color match at mac for concealer i was nw25 and nc30 for foundation

  2. nvm i see that you wrote nw20. usually for concealer ppl have dark circles. i guess you do not need dark circle coverage!

  3. Lol the concelar did not match me on bit. It was like patches of dark brown on my skin with i use it. And now i dont even know where it is, i think my sister jacked it :(



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