Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Vanity Set up

Just yesterday, I felt like my room needs change...yes again. So I rearranged my vanity table/dresser drawers. I try to keep everything in order, but those stacked up organizers make is so hard =(.The wooden box I got at Ikea for $12 I believe, but that was about a year ago. Now I don't think they carry it because I have went to Ikea a few weeks again, and every time I go there, they don't have it anywhere in the store. The light up mirror I got for $24 at Marshall last year.The little brush holder and the tray is a DIY thing I did last week when I got bored. The tray originally made into a lipstick holder, but I just took out the sections. Holders are made from cardboard boxes that were laying around in my house and the delivery boxes from ELF cosmetics. If your wondering why I have a Adidas watch wrapped around my eye cream, it's because in the morning, I'm quite in a rush and I need something to keep track of the time. The brushes are a mixture of Crown brushes, ELF brushes, Eco tool brushes, Posh brushes, and MAC brushes.
All my blushes, mostly from the ELF studio collection. I also have some MAC, Revlon, the body shop and Laura Geller.
Bronzer and highlighter- We got some ELF studio, MAC bronzer, NYC bronzer in Sunny, the body shop, elf natural radiance in Luminance, Tarte Cheek stains.
Basic face stuff- ELF complexion perfection, MAC studio fix in NC25, MAC Dame Edna beauty powder in Spectacular, Make up forever HD powder, Urban Decay Brow Box in Betty Beige, Guerlain Highlighter beads.My random eye stuff- ELF mineral eyeshadows, ELF pencil sharpener, ELF duo dream eyeshadows, Clinique GWP eyeshadows, Smashbox eyeshadow, VS Beauty Rush eyeshadows, Sephora white eyeshadow from the birthday freebie, Skin food BB cream in tone 2, duo eyelash glue, MAC paint pot, Make up forever aqua eyeliners and Make up forever flash palette. Eyeshadow pigments- Depoted Beauty Rush luminance eyeshadows, 90+ Leishi/ Lanmei pigments
My gray clarisonic pro in its lil home, some 90% Rubbing alchol to clean my makeup and a mini hand sanitizer.
My palettes- 88 warm palette, 88 color palette, DIY simmer palette, all of the beauty encyclopedias from ELF
Eyeliners, Mascaras and a few lip products that have no room in the other sections. Lots and Lots of lip glosses, lip balms, and a few OCC lip tars.
Lipsticks and VS Beauty Rush lip glosses.
Random stuff- MAC selected moisture blend in NC20, ELF tone correcting concealer, MAC prep and prime with SPF 50, ELF primers X2, ELF shimmering facial whips, VS beauty rush cream eyeshadows

Nail tools, False lashes
Random crap....
So there is my new arrangement of my vanity. If there is anything that caught your eye and want me to review it, please feel free to comment below and I will get on that. =)

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