Thursday, August 26, 2010

ELF studio brush set

YEY finally, I have all of the studio brushes. My collection is sooooo complete. I almost have every product in the ELF studio line. Lets have a closer look, shall we?Inside the set comes with a small brochure of what the set includes.
The case is actually smaller then I expected it to be, but it is function-able. Its not the best case, but hey if you got it for 50% ($15) it doesn't really matter that much =P. All of the brushes are made from taklon bristles and are all very very soft.They all come nicely packaged with plastic covers, but only the face brushes comes with a case guard.
Angled Foundation Brush- This is actually really nice, I really didn't expect it. Its really nice and dense and the unconventional angle to the brush hugs the face really nicely for a more precise usage.Blush Brush- Has a nice tapered point which is good for highlighting, bronzing and, of course, blush. This isn't the typically fluffly big brush, but a nice small brush. Its almost the same size as our cheeks.Complexion Brush- A fluffy, tapered brush for a light dusting of powder. Its constructed with a narrow bottom and goes up fluffy.Concealer brush- Just the perfect size and shape for blending out concealer. Whether it is a small pimple or using it as a under eye brush, this brush as the right density to do the job.Contour Brush (aka. pencil brush)-A round brush tapered to a point for the precise application in the eyelid crease. Its good for either blending or making that sexy smoked out look.Eyeshadow C brush (also commonly known as the imfamous $1 eyeshadow brush with an upgrade)- Nice dense brush to pack on color.Fan Brush- Brush to sweep away fall out. Powder Brush- #1 best seller of the studio line, the infamous POWDER BRUSH! It is a multi-tasking brush that cane be used with powders, liquids or creams. This brush gives the nice airbrushed look and is good for buffing in powders and liquids.Small Angled Brush- I don't know if they changed this brush or its just a different one when you get it in a set. I bought this one for my mom before and this one seems way nicer, denser and thicker. Its good for filling in brows or lining your eyes.
Small Precision Brush- Another small brush eh? Good for applying eyeshadow on the tear duct area or concealing a blemish.Small Smudge Brush- Wow and I thought the ELF concealer brush was small, but boy was I wrong eh? I was quite surprised when I used it as a eye lining brush. WORKS WONDERS =O. Try it XD.


-price: A+ ($15 for the whole set with a 50% off studio coupon code)
-packaging: B
-product quality: B+
-Overall quality: A
-Buy again? Yes

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