Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How-To tutorial on Simple Smokey Winged Eye

Products Used:
-Daiso eye lash curler ($2)
-Clinique High Impact Mascara ($20)
-Prestige Waterproof eyeliner in Cocoa ($7)
-Prestige eyeliner in Golden brown ($3--> got it on sale)
-Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Champagne 23L (metallic pink champagne)
-ELF Mineral Eye Primer ($1.50--> normally $3 but used a coupon code)
-Crown Brushes: Deluxe Oval Shadow ($3), Small chisel brush ($2) , Mascara brush ($3), 88 coastal scents warm palette ($20)
1)Prime your eyes
-By doing so, you have insured your eyeshadow to last longer and won't crease. Also it will make your lids a little sticky so that your colors will be more vibrant.
-apply and blend into lids

2) Apply a nude-ish color for a wash of color.Bold
-use a big dense eyeshadow brush and take some of your nude color
-this color that i choose is a frosty white with gold shimmers; left hand top corner from the 88 warm palette
3) Eye lining-Line really close to your lash line; here it doesn't matter if it is messy because the next step will fix it. -I use a brown instead of black because it looks more natural and throughout the day when it smudges, it won't be as visible.
*TIP: when eye lining your eyes, close your eyes, place your finger on your lid and lift your lid just a little bit, exposing the lash more then normal. Then LINE!*

4) Smudging it out -pick a dark brown color and load it onto your small detail brush (doesn't' matter which kind it is, as long as it is small and dense and can do detailing)
-start smudging from the middle of your lid and make your way to the edge; don't do the winged tip yet though

5) Winged tip
-use the tip of your tiny dense brush and make the winged tip with eyeshadow (reason for this is, it will give you enough drama for daytime without "trying too hard" and being too harsh)
-open your eyes to calculate the degree of your wing (not literally)6) Water lining
-Lining AGAIN? XD yeah....take a golden bronze color and line your water line. Remember not to tug on the bottom lash line because it is very delicate there.
What it looks like now... All we need now are the finishing touches...

7) Lashes
-Curl your lashes and put a coat of mascara
8) Smudge Bottom lash line
-select a dark reddish purple and smudge it on your bottom lash line
9) Highlighting
-Take your white eyeliner and line the inner corners of your eyes. In this case, I'm using a champagne color for a more natural looks.


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