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Unboxing: Memebox Lucky box #4 reveal

 I can't express how excited I am to get my first memebox.  It caught my attention when I was looking at Korean cosmetic and skincare products to buy and I came across a few videos on Youtube.  Every video I watched, they all loved it and the price was reasonable.  

What is memebox:
-South Korean based
-boxes range of $15, $23, $30-$50
-no subscription pre-paid based, just email subscription to keep up to date to new boxes
-all korea's most popular products
-4-8 full to deluxe sample sized product, sometimes even more then that
-never a dull moment! :D so cheesy 

The one main thing that I like about memebox is, it isn't really a subscription service, more like a shopping site where you can pick and choose what you want and won't be charged monthly. They come with 4-8 (sometimes even more products) full size or deluxe sized items.  They also have boxes called the superboxes which come with 4-8 full size products. You can choose from memebox's different boxes such as global box $23 , mini box $15 (shipping included), lucky box $23, superbox $39.99-$49.99 and some other specialty boxes.  You still need to pay shipping since it does ship from South Korea, but if you buy multiple boxes at once, you only have to pay for shipping once.

 So you wouldn't have to spend $15 every single month like Ipsy (price is for Canadians). YEY :D

Shipping wise, they have awesome and fast shipping. Shipping fee is $7.99 and it comes from South Korea. My package was shipped on April 30, they sent me a tracking number the next day by email and my package arrived today at 10:30 am, May 7.  That was only 7-8 day shipping. That is crazy fast! 

The memeboxes come as a parcel in this black sturdy baggie that you can easily rip open.  Inside is the little pink box wrapped in bubble wrap. Pull it out and......
 Your goodies! I'm honestly floored by how much products they give you and the size of them.  This does not even compare to the American or British beauty boxes.  Memebox is the reason I will be unsubscribing to ipsy.  Not because ipsy isn't good, they are for the price but American currency converted into Canadian is almost the same as memeboxe's price of $23 and I'm tired of American beauty products, they got really boring.  Korean beauty products on the other hand is like an untapped world for me and their packaging is cute :).

Anyone would be happy to get this in the mail! I love getting anything in the mail because it feels like I am getting a present which doesn't happen very often LOL.
 They include a card that tells you all the details from the products name, how much the full size cost and amount, which memebox it was featured in and directions of how to use it.  Super helpful :), especially when the products are in korean and I can not read Korean >_<.
 This box came with tons of products! 9 products! WOW
Closer look on the products in the box :D.
 First product featured is the Miguhara B.P cream.  These two are 3 mL (sample size) each.  The full size product is 30 mL for $37.  So these sample sizes together are $7.40 in value and were featured in memebox #2.

Product description:
"This dual-function cream serves both as a bb cream as well as a primer.  It keeps skin silky and even-toned, while controlling excessive sebum through its oil-free formula."

Just like usual bb creams, they come in one color.  A B.P cream I'm guessing is a bb cream combined with a primer.  This one is very interesting. When you first blend into your skin, it is just like a bb cream but then after a little bit, it turns into a silicone texture, just like the benefit professional or any generic silicone primers. Quite nice, but can't do a review since this is more of a first impression.  It's finish is matte from the silicone properties and it has a slight hand creamy scent but nothing you should be worried about, nothing offensive at least.
 Next product is Holika holika skin & good cera super cream 10 mL (sample size).  Full sized product is 60 mL for $19, sample size is $3.16.  This was also featured in the memebox #2

Product description:
"This ultra-hydrating cream not only hydrates the skin but also enhances the water-holding capacity of the skin, thanks to its powerful hydrating ingredients "ceramide."

This cream seems to be a gel texture, and smells very herbally which i don't mind since I am used to using lush products, but if you don't like the scent then you might want to steer clear.  The scent isn't strong, I'd rate it 6/10 on how offensive to my nose it is.
This product really confused me at first.  I saw bb cream and sun block so I was super excited that there was two bb creams in this box. Then I read closer and it said cleansing, so I though it was a cleansing bb cream that had sun block.  I got even more confused LOL. Hey hey, don't blame me.  I literally ran to the front door when I heard the mail women ring my door bell and knocked on my door, I was still asleep and wasn't wearing a bra >_<. Okay back to the product.

CNP laboratory cleansing perfecta 50 mL (sample size).  Full size product is 150 mL for $23, sample size go for $7.66 and was featured in memebox #5.

This is a great size and I would have even thought that this was a full size product.  Great job memebox, I am forever loyal :).

Product description:
"Cleansing perfecta is used to remove waterproof make up, BB cream and sunblock.  This oil free cleansing gel thoroughly removes stubborn waterproof makeup and sunblock."
 Glory Nail vegan Lacquer 15 mL (full size!) goes for $20 and was featured in a memebox #1.  Sadly I can't wear nail polish because of my work field but I will be passing this down to my boyfriend's sister who loves nail polish :).

Product description:
"It is a nail lacquer from professional nail care brand with self-developed built-in brush that makes color on your nail you see from the bottle"
 Mamonde first energy serum 10 mL, full size goes for 100 mL $27 so sample size is $2.70 and was featured in memebox #1.

Product description:
"It is a light-texture featuring powerful natural ingredients "gold and silver flower vinegar".  The flower vinegar is fermented for over 60 days in a clay pot and it evens out the skin texture and clarity for more beautiful and prepares skin for make up."

Wow this sounds like something i really need.  Let's hope this works.
The texture like the description says is very light weight, and is a translucent gel.  

 Goodal Repair plus essential oil 15 mL (sample size), full size 100 mL for $48 and was featured in memebox #4.  

This oil smells a lot like peppermint toothpaste, but the scent is very light so I don't mind it.  A little goes a really long way and it does sit on top of your skin so either use it at night as a treatment or mix into your foundations, bb creams, moisturizers to use in the day time.

Product description:
"A fast-absoring multi-use essential oil derived from 7 kinds of super seeds, argan, olive, maccadamia, sun flower seeds, jojoba, camelia, and green tea seeds.  The combination of super seeds oil hydrates, firms the skin and enhance the skin complexion."

Wow that is crazy, it has argan and maccadamia oil? DAMN.  Must try :D.
 HeartFace ultra pore care sleeping pack 20 mL (sample size), full 100 mL for $49 and was featured in memebox #8.  This really seems like something I could get my boyfriend to try since he has pretty huge pores (sorry boyfriend ;).

Product description:
"Ultra pore care sleeping pack that keeps your skin moisturized all night long.  Additionally, it minimizes your pores and controls sebum production while you are asleep!"
 This cream has a very floral scent, with a slight hint of grandma which I don't really like but if it does what it claims, I will be a happy camper.
 LJH Tea tree 90 essence 20 mL, full size product is 50g for $32, sample size is worth $12.80 and was featured in memebox #2.  

This product doesn't seem like it would work with my normal to dry skin but I know my boyfriend would really need this product.

Product description:
"A light-textured tea tree oil formulated with sensitive skin in mind.  Made from 90% tea tree extract, LHJ's tea tree essence 90 clears, moisturizes and brightens troubled skin, targeting acne and delivering nutrients deeply for a hydrated, vibrant complexion. Key ingredients include sea buckthorn and centella asiatica, plants know to delay the skin maturation process and speed the healing of damaged tissue."
 Last but not least, the main attraction! FULL SIZE BB CREAM~
Gowoonsesang bling bling bb cream full size 45 mL for $24.  This product already pays for the whole box!

Product description:
"It is an all-in-one essence, sun protection and bb cream that covers from skincare to complexion coverage. The soft texture featured by the swirl of essence and BB will add flawless and fine texture and tone to your skin."

Any bb cream is a happy addition to my bb cream family! I can't wait to try this out on my face :D. I am looking on ebay for this bb cream but no one carries it.  Gowoonsesang's other bb creams are expennnsive~ Like sephora priced $35-$50.  DAYUMMM.  This is definitely something I would not pick up myself so it really is nice to get this in the mail :).

Total box value:
1) Miguhara B.P cream:$7.40
2) Holika Holika skin & good cera super cream 10 mL: $3.16
3) CNP laboratory cleansing perfecta 50 mL: $7.66
4) Glory Nail vegan lacquer: $20
5) Mamonde first energy serum: $2.70
6) Goodal repair plus essential oil: $7.20
7) Heartface ultra pore care sleeping pack: $9.80
8) LJH tea tree 90 essence: $12.80
9) Gowoonsesang bling bling bb cream: $24
Total: $94.66

Overall I am really happy with this memebox purchase.  At first I really thought that it was quite expensive as it is $30 USD (about $35 CAD after conversion) but the reviews were all positive so I gave it a shot.  I have three more coming scheduled to be shipped in the end of May (make up edition), and global box #13 in July! Soooo far away but I can't wait.  I also bought the pore care superbox when it was $10 off so I got it for $30 plus shipping instead of $49 :).

Check them out at

To check out other lucky boxes, click here

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review nor was sent this product, this product was bought with my own money and this is my honest review ish, first impression.

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