Friday, May 30, 2014

Unboxing: Memebox Makeup edition reveal

 This is my second memebox now and I was just excited as the first one.  I am still currently waiting for six more and am considering if I should get the snail second edition superbox or the honey superbox or just wait until memebox comes out with new boxes.  But they are so tempting!  I just can't help my hoarder self!

Right when i got the e-mail saying my make up edition box was shipped, I stalked the tracking number until it said "Incheon" which to me means it has already left Korea and count another 7 days or so.  My package was shipped May 24 and arrived at my house today at 11:00 pm, May 29.  That is only 5 days! That's crazy~ I love you memebox.

If you want to check out my first memebox, click here. (lucky box #4).

I know you want to see what is in this make up edition box, go ahead, click read more. I dare you kekeke.

All the memebox packages usually come in this hot pink plastic bag which you open easily rip open without any scissors which is nice :).  When the mail women rings my doorbell and she is holding this hot pink package, you know I'd be jumping for joy at the door haha.
 Uhhh, don't ask me what that means LOL.  I can't read korean :S.
 Inside the pink bag, it is also wrapped in a bag of bubble wrap.  So secure!
Are they? Are they really?
The first thing I noticed when I pulled out the box was that it was significantly smaller then the first. And the logo is different too! But no matter, carry on.
 The first look :). I'm trying to make it as realistic as possible if you can't tell ;).

 Everything out of its packaging.

This box comes with five products.  I honestly was expecting there to be more products but that's okay, since four out of five products are full sized anyways.
 The first product listed is Cheek room make up base (sample size).  You could either get the green or purple one in your box.  This tube is 30 mL which is $9 and the full sized product is 15 g $38.

Product description: 
"This waterproof and moisturizing make up base is made from various flower extracts, sili-powder, and art-pearl; it will provide the perfect first layer of your skin make up by maintaining your skin moist, silky, and translucent for a natural look."

How to use:
As the first step of your make up, take a small amount and apply it evenly over your face using your fingers to gently pat it on.

 The first thing I noticed about the packaging, over then its very cute vintage feel, is that this tube is filled too much. Every time I twist it open, it just comes out by itself.
 This color of the make up base is quite pigmented.  It isn't a purple that screams I'M WEARING PURPLE ALL OVER MY FACE, but a soft lavender color.  For those that are confused as to why you need anything purple on your face, green is to cancel out redness on your face, while purple/ lavender is to balance yellow based skin tones, brighten and even conceal under eye circles or bruises.
You can't really tell from this picture but in real life after the base is blended out, there is a slight purple color leftover.  I can't say much about it yet but my first impression, but I will be sure to try this base out and review it in the near future.
 The second product is Dr. Young anti pore: pore eraser balm (full size).  This is 15 g and costs $38.

Product description:
"Enriched with witch hazel extracts, Swiss alphine herb extracts, marine collagen, and vitamin 5, the pore eraser balm is a primer perfecter for featuring the soft, silky porecelain skin. This pore primer will fill in all the fine lines and enlarged pores and control excess sebum for a long-lasting look."

How to use:
After skincare, apply an adequate amount on areas with visible pores or oily spots.
 This product reminds me a lot of the l'oreal studio secrets magic perfecting base.  It feels the same, but this texture is slightly more solid then the l'oreal one and it isn't pink.  There is no scent to this product either which is a good thing :).
To me, it feels like any other silicone based primer but this one does not leave my skin feeling greasy or sticky.  It makes my skin feel like a baby's bum.  I mean who doesn't want baby bum skin HAHA. I do!
 The third product is the MustaeV spot eraser concealer pencil No. 5 (full size).  This has 3 g of product and costs $18 each.

Product description:
"This soft, pencil-type concealer will delicately cover up even the smallest blemishes or finest lines.  Its creamy texture also offers a long-lasting coverage without stimulating skin troubles or sensitive skin.

How to use:
Fill in the spots you wish to cover up with the concealer pencil and use your fingers to smear the boundary between concealer & foundation for a natural gradation.
 The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the pencil was, hey its an eyeliner! But it was a nice surprise to see that it isn't an eyeliner, but in fact a concealer pencil.  
 The pencil is actually a lot darker then what it looks like! It looks more like an NW30 color.  By the way, for reference, my skin tone is NC25 from MAC.
 Blended out.  The concealer kind of just...smeared off LOL.
 *Top is MustaeV concealer pencil, bottom is MAC chromographic liner NC25*

After realizing that, the first product that popped into my mind again is that it is very similar to my Mac chromographic eyeliner pencil in NC25.
*Left: MustaeV, Right: MAC*

As you can see from the side by side swatch, the MAC one is a lot more lighter and yellower based while MustaeV's shade is a lot more tan.  MAC blends out a lot nicer and creamier, while MustaeV is slightly harder in texture, isn't as creamy and pretty much just smudges off my skin.

I will see how this product is with time, hopefully this is a good product and maybe I can use this on my waterline too? :D
 Fourth product is N.S.M Cooking tint or ReBorn sorbet melting tint gloss (full size)(you could have got either or, not both sadly haha).  Mine is the ReBorn sorbet melting tint gloss which is 5 g and costs $21.

Product description:
The cooling tint and the Reborn sorbet melting tint gloss creates a bio-film over your lips to protect and maintain moisture and nutrition within.  What makes these lip products so much more special is their texture.  The moment you apply them, they will instantly melt into your lips with a soothing and cooling feeling without being too glossy or stick."

How to use:
Apply the tint gloss on your lips from the inner contours for a natural gradation.

 I really like the packaging. It is super cute and the tube feels really high quality :).
 I'm glad this is a hot orange color! I know that Koreans love their oranges and their hot pinks haha.
 The doe foot application reminds me a lot of the L'oreal or YSL lip stains. There is that hole in the middle with the tear drop shape for accurate application.
The color is super pigmented too! Don't worry, it will not look that crazy on your lips.  Remember that your lip color is red or pink haha.  I will not look like a cartoon~  The texture is moisturizing yet it feels like there is a grip on my flesh so it won't just wipe away.
 The final product is Ladykin Blossom Blusher (full size).  It contains 8 g and costs $15.  It was randomly selected from 01 berry sherbet, 02 milky apricot, 03 aurora blossom, 04 aurora sweet or 05 luna reddish.  Mine is 01 berry sherbert.

Product description:
"This is a soft, micro-textured blusher which can be layered multiple times without sticking together and blocking up your pores.  It will naturally blend onto your cheeks and maintain its vibrancy all day long.  There are five different options available, offering a wide color spectrum form a romantic pink to a luxurious pearl pink.

How to use:
Apply the blusher on your cheekbones and blend it in for a natural gradation.

 The packaging reminds me a lot of Milani's packaging.  Does it not?

 The product has a very floral and powdery scent so for those that do not like scents, this product might not be for you.
The texture, kind of confuses me.  The powder itself is soft but the color goes on slightly chalky. It does not look powdery on the skin though and gives a nice subtle coloring to the cheeks. I'm not sure if I like it or not. 

Total Box value:
1) Cheek room make up base $9
2) Dr. Young anti pore eraser balm $38
3) MustaeV spot eraser concealer pencil $18
4) N.S.M reborn sorbet melting tint $21
5) Ladykin blossom blusher $15
Total: $101

Overall I would give this box 3/5 for excitement and 4/5 for value.  I paid $23 + $6.99 shipping but I did use coupons, points that I have saved up and the "buy three memeboxes, get $5" off coupon so I didn't really pay that much for it.  Also a tip, if you buy multiple memeboxes at once, you pay for shipping only once ;).

I am still waiting for six more memeboxes to come in the mail, some aren't even schedule to ship until July but I can already not wait! COME TO ME~

If you want to check out memebox, click here.

For coupons, click here.

Even if you don't know or not sure if you want to buy any memebox, you can just sign up and follow them on facebook.  From time to time, they give everyone 5 or 10 memepoints to spend which is the same as $5/ $10.  The maximum I have gotten is $15 which is awesome and I spent it on the color bundle so I ended up paying $15 for all three boxes :D.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review nor was sent this product, this product was bought with my own money and this is my honest review ish, first impression.



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