Friday, May 30, 2014

New memebox's and a few updates

Just today, memebox released two new memeboxes!  The aloe vera superbox and a skin care memebox.  By the way, the coupon codes also are valid if you guys would like to use it.

 The two newest released superboxes are the aloe one as I mentioned and burst of color 2.  I'm super interested in the burst of color box but I know for a fact I really don't need more make up but more skin care products keke. 
More info on their new superbox #30.  Link can be found here.  

Link provide automatically gives you $3 off from your shopping cart. Expires June 29, 2014.

I really want this box, but i know I really don't need more makeup but I need more skincare variety haha.

Link can be found here.  This also gives you $3 off :), until June 29, 2014.
The latest news from the regular memebox section:

Memebox global #11 has been restocked and will ship 2-3 business days after ordering.  Link can be found here.

The new skin care box is $29.  I actually thought it would be in the superbox category haha.  Surprising that it isn't. Link can also be found here.

The milk + whole grain boxes are now offered in a bundle with free express shipping upgrade.
Link can be found here.

Last but not least, they are also offering the free express shipping upgrade for hair and body 2 + office essentials.  These two boxes sound great, but the milk one and oriental medicine caught my eye first ;).  
Link can be found here.


Don't forget to save yourself some money too! Here are some coupon codes;

FREESHIPPING: code for free shipping on orders $70+ in memeshop

Exclusively for my readers, if you send and tell theMMnoob sent you, you will be credited 5 memepoints ($5)!

"Hi there, I was sent by MMnoob on regards of being credited 5 memepoints.  My memebox username is______(insert email that you signed up with)________." (You can copy and paste that :D, made it easy for you guys.  

Make sure you have signed up already on and provided your email that you signed up with in the blank or else they can't credit you your $5. 

Also there is another $3 off exclusively for my readers and subscribers too, use the code KEW87B.  This can be used on the memeboxes or their memeshop!  One time use only, expires at the end of June 201.

memebundle3: $5 off when you buy three of any kind of memebox

Hope this helps! ;) good luck not getting addicted like me hehe

P.S. If you need better memebox clarification, click here.

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