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Korean cosmetic haul 2014

 Have you ever had that sudden urge to buy make up? Or is it just me? Okay it maybe just me haha.  I have been super bored with western cosmetics.  It seems as though all the products from different companies are all the same but with different packaging. The reason why I like Korean cosmetics better is that it is cheaper, more effective, and the packaging is just so darn cute!  Here is my 2014 Korean cosmetics haul that will last me forever!

 I have an absolute obsession with BB creams if you can't tell already.  I have a Chinese 21 year old with normal to dry skin with yellow undertone, and am NC25 in MAC terms.  I have still yet to find a foundation that works with my dry flakey skin. If you just look at my bare skin with just moisturizer, it looks fine but once foundation hits my face, its a no go.  I don't know why and I would really like to find a foundation that works for my annoying skin but as for now, BB creams will do just fine.

I couldn't decide on whether or not to get the full size of the triple the solution Lioele BB cream or the water drop BB creams, so I ended up with this miniature set that comes with both of them and also a sunscreen of SPF 45 and their blooming shimmer pearl base which is a pearlescent base which you can use underneath your make up for a radiant glow or on top as a highlighter.  

I got mine for $13.04 USD with free shipping but they have raised the prices on this set.  If you want to check out the seller I got it from, click here.  This seller sent this out super fast and came to me from south Korean to Canada in about 9 days.  It was crazy how fast it came :).
 Each tube comes with 5 g of product each which is enough to use for about 5-6 times full face.  I still haven't tried these out yet but when I do, I will do a review.
From tony moly, I bought the Aqua aura sleeping pack, tomatox magic white massage pack, and an appletox smooth massage peeling cream.

I got the aqua aura sleeping pack because it was featured in "get it beauty" sleeping beauty episode where the celebrity guest showed this item as one of her favorites.  I love the Laneige sleeping pack that my mom always gets her friend to bring back when they go to Hong Kong, so I figured this would be the same thing.  A really cool thing about this sleeping pack is when you rub it on your skin, it starts to form water droplets on your skin. It is just like magic!  I have used it a few times already but I don't think it is hydrating enough for me to call a sleeping pack as it is quite light.  I would use it for the summer time when my skin isn't too dry.  I got this for $11.42 USD from here.

I've seen many people talk about the tomtatox and the appletox product on youtube and was very interested.  I haven't used a tomato based whitening product before and the packaging is so fun! Just...TAKE MY MONEY!  Also the appletox peeling cream really reminded me of my Laneige defoliator that gets rid of your dead skin like eraser bits but without any harsh particles in the cream.

Tomatox I got for $9.32 USD here.
Appletox I got from the same seller but it is priced at $118 LOL.  I think it is out of stock but they want to keep it listed, so they jacked up the price so no one would buy it. I got mine for $8.05
 Since I have only really used skin79, skin food and holika holika's BB creams, I thought I should give etude house a try too since so many people talk about it on youtube.  It isn't too expensive, like all the other products I have bought, but I was so confused with their older BB creams which has different names.  It was hard for me to pick but I finally choose the Etude house BB cream bright fit. Cotton fit was matte finish according to my research, and dry skin + matte finish doesn't end up well so that was the one I ended up with.

I also got sucked into their sweet recipe line by Etude house.  Their choux base was just too tempting and many said they did see a difference with their skin looking a lot brighter with it.  I was debating with this product and their magic any cushions in the pink color but ended up with the choux base in peach since it was more travel friendly.  

Etude house bb cream bright fit I got for  $11.28 USD here.
Etude house choux base in peach I got for $9.30 USD but the seller jacked up the price too (its the same seller haha).  Guess that is out of stock too.  It is $120 if you are desperate but there are other sellers selling the same thing. Just make sure the seller is from South Korea so you can avoid buying anything fake.
 It was natural that I would have ended up with the skin79 super BB cream purple.  I absolutely love the hot pink version and am still using the same tube after three years of abuse.  This one is suppose to be more moisturizing the the hot pink one with a higher spf too. I don't know why this one is double the price though, around $30+.  So when I saw this for $16.11 USD, I jumped on it.  As of my first impression, it is just like the hot pink one but the color is a lot darker then the hot pink one and you can definitely tell the color difference from my face and my neck while the hot pink one doesn't give me a drastic color change.

You can get this product here and the price actually dropped too! $15.88 USD.
 I still wasn't satisfied with my BB cream collection, so I bought this Holika Holika petit BB cream.  This one has five different versions: moisture (purple), essential (orange), watery (green), clearing (teal) and shimmering (white).  I choose this one since I have very dry skin and as for my first impression, I really like this.  And it is dirt cheap too! $5.18 USD for 30 mL.  Works great :D, super happy.  You can buy it here.
 All the BB creams I got in this haul.  This is actually a collective haul.  I bought all of these at the same time, but because I bought these items according to the cheapest prices, they came at different times so it was something that could not be avoided.
BB cream swatch (from left to right): Lioele triple the solution bb cream, Lioele water drop bb cream, holika holika petit bb cream, Etude house bright fit bb cream and skin79 super bb cream purple.

Hope the swatches and links are helpful.  I am not affiliated with the sellers, I am just a common customer that bought from these sellers and had a good experience with them so I link them for you guys :).  Of course make sure to search on ebay again to find the cheapest prices to save yourself money.  Most of the time they are free shipping too.  Happy shopping!

Comment down below if you have any questions or just random comments, either is fine.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Awesome! The only Korean product I have tried is Skin 79's pink BB Cream. I absolutely love it - it is my second fave. BB Cream (second to Oasis Beauty's BB Cream). It's really nourishing and rich, it's gorgeous. Thanks for this post!



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