Friday, May 30, 2014

Drugstore (mostly) lippie & other randoms haul

I don't know what has gotten into me, but I am in currently obsessed with lip products, well other then memebox that's for sure haha!  I bought one of the l'oreal lip caresse and was obsessed!  It is true that they aren't the best with staying on your lips, but I love how it makes my lips look juicy and plump without looking like I drooled all over my lips.

 The first one I got was the dark purple and the red one, but I ended up giving the red one to my friend since she loves wearing red lip sticks all the time.  These retail for about $8-$10 each which is pretty expensive but compared to the YSL lip stains, these are a steal.  I have bought one of the YSL lip stains but ended up returning it because it applied chunky for odd reason and $40 for a lip stain doesn't really sit well with me.  And l'oreal and YSL is the same company, so these are actually pretty much the same thing, down to the formula and the applicator!  I actually ended up liking the l'oreal better too!
From left to right:
188) Coral tattoo: Hot coral color
193) Eternally nude: browny nude color
185) Lilac ever after: dark lilac color, doesn't really show on the lips though :/
182) Pink perserverance: light baby pink color
191) Stubborn plum: light fushia orchid purple
186) Berry persistent: dark plum purple
 These give a really nice natural color on the lips since it isn't crazy pigmented like the OCC lip tars, but pigmented enough for you to see that there is a nice lip color on your lips.  My favorite colors that I have are berry persistent, stubborn plum and coral tattoo.  Berry persistent gives that nice vampy dark lip, while stubborn plum is really nice for spring and summer since it is a refreshing light purple and tattoo coral looks great since it is an alternative to red for me :).
After wiping away the lip gloss, it does really stain! I would personally recommend my three favorites since they are the only ones that will still stay on your lips after the gloss disappears. I definitely would not recommend 182 pink perseverance since it does not have any color on my lips and just looks like a clear gloss.  That is super disappointing since I really wanted a lip pink on my lips :/.  Poop...
 I also picked up some of Rimmel's apocalips.  I know we Canadian's have the same name as UK's but Americans have them as "show off lips".  These remind me a lot of OCC lip tars from the degree of how pigmented these are.  For the price, you really can't beat it.  They are about $7-8 each, awesome price!

I got here 101 celestial, 301 galaxy, 100 phenomenon and 400 big bang.

Celestial: rose pink color
Galaxy: slight mauvey purple color
Phenomenon: light peachy nude
Big bang: shocking bright cool colored red

The texture of these are slightly on the thicker side but nothing that would irradiated me.  I would not wear phenomenon along with my NC25, my mom would not let me out of the house and would call the ambulance because it looks like I'm the walking dead! LOL  I'll just use it to mix with the other colors haha.
 I also picked up at these maybelline color tattoo 24hr in their two limited edition summer colors, 115 simmering sea and 110 sunwashed sky. These were about $7 each? I don't remember :/. 
 At first glance, I thought they were the same color, but shimmering sea is a darker blue with a golden sheen, just like the colors that remind me of a mermaid's tail :), while sunwashed sky is a more shimmer slivery blue.
 Close up  of shimmering sea
 Close up of sunwashed sky
I personally wouldn't use shimmering sea by itself on my lids since it looks weird and dirty on my lids. But sunwashed sea I would since it is a nice light blue sheen :).
 The last product I picked up is rimmel's scandal eyeliner in purple.  I love their eyeliner in brown so I thought I could try their purple too :D.  I actually wanted the light blue one but the two that was in the drugstore was destroyed :(.
I thought it would be slightly more pigmented, but I still have yet to try it on these eyes so we will have to see.
I almost forgot to include these! I got super excited when these first came out about four five months ago.  Itsjudytime reviewed these and they looked great on her, but sadly not the case for me :(.  I think it is because I am so fair.  Sigh...the search continues.

Anyways, that is it for my drugstore haul for now.  Hopefully I will remember to review these more in depth in the future :). 

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