Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Memebox the breakdown + coupons~

 I have only recently found out about memebox but I am already obsessed like how I was obsessed with elf cosmetics for quite a few years.  I remember when I was still in high school, I watched my first Korean drama called "My girl" with lee jun ki as the supporting character.  I think I actually fell in love with him LOL as childish as that sounded and wanted to learn Korean, the culture, the language, everything you could think of about Korea.  At that time I started to play around with make up but only in my bedroom and never left the house with any until I was in grade 10.

Just recently I have started watching running man when I watched all my regular youtubers newest videos and dove head first with "get it beauty" beauty show that teaches women great beauty, skincare and hair care tips.  There are many unique tips that I enjoy and many interesting Korean products that they have shown.  I bought the Tony moly aqua aura sleeping pack because they showed it on one of the episodes and i was sold haha.  No will power as you can tell :D. 

Interesting fact that I didn't know until I got the box, the memebox is actually created by the production team of the actual show from get it beauty! 

So what is memebox anyways?  You guys are familiar with ipsy, glossy box, birchbox right? Okay now throw that subscription thought out of the window because memebox isn't like that.  The closest thing to a subscription is giving them your email so you get an email when there are promotions or when a new box comes out.

How much is it?
You get to choose which boxes you want and buy it if you want so you are not obligated to get anything monthly.  It is freedom :).

-mini memebox $15 includes shipping
-regular memebox aka. global memebox $23 + $7.99 standard shipping (or $23 express shipping)
-lucky box $23 +
-superbox $30-$50 + $7.99 shipping (or $23 express shipping)

What comes in them?
Memebox includes the most popular items from South Korea, 4-8 deluxe to full size samples (depending on what box you buy).  But their "sample size" can be already considered full size here in America.  I was even surprised a few products I got from my lucky box was sample size because it is so big!  I love it :D.  I still rant to everyone I know about how amazing the value and the box is.

What are the differences? I'm confused...
Global box contain 4-8 deluxe sample or full size products for $23 + $7.99 shipping. Many times they have more then 8 products which is great and many times, almost half the box is full size.  How amazing is that!

Superbox has 4-8 full size products for $30-$50 depending on what box you buy.  As you can see up top in the picture, many superboxes have categories which you can pick and choose from.  Unlike the regular global box, superbox has all full sized items.  Sometimes when they release new boxes, for 24 hrs they put they for $10 discount which is awwwwwesssomeee :D. 

The luckybox is $23 + $7.99 shipping and contains the well received and well loved products from their past global box and put them in these boxes.  I myself bought the #4 lucky box and absolutely loved it.  It contained a full size BB cream which I was super happy about since I have an obsession with Korean BB creams.

If you would like to check out my un-boxing and reveal, click here.

"I want to buy one, but are there any coupons that you can offer me?"
Of course! I promised coupons didn't I?  I'm all about using coupon codes, rebates to save when I buy anything online or physically in person.

1 meme point = $1

Exclusively for my readers, if you send hi@memebox.com and tell them MMnoob sent you, you will be credited 5 memepoints ($5)!

"Hi there, I was sent by MMnoob on regards of being credited 5 memepoints.  My memebox username is______(insert email that you signed up with)________." (You can copy and paste that :D, made it easy for you guys.  

Make sure you have signed up already on memebox.com and provided your email that you signed up with in the blank or else they can't credit you your $5. 

Sadly they have discontinued this service but they have  promised me more coupons to send to my readers :).

Also there is another $3 off exclusively for my readers and subscribers too, use the code KEW87B.  This can be used on the memeboxes or their memeshop!

FREESHIPPING: code for free shipping on orders $70+ in memeshop

There are weekly sales on brands up to 50% off so always check back on their sites.  They have introduced me to a lot of south Korean beauty brands I have never heard of.  When I go shopping online for my korean cosmetics, I usually turn to ebay because they are cheap and have free shipping but usually just search up well known brands such as tony moly, etude house, lioele, etc.  So memebox is a fun way for me to experiment and a lot cheaper then buying individual products.  But for sure I won't be buying every month or else I will be broke.  Kind of hard to keep myself in check because I want all of the newest boxes but I only I shouldn't :'(.

Anyways, this is a super long post but I hope this is helpful.  If you have any questions, be sure to comment down below and make sure you subscribe to the comment so you can see my reply!  Thanks for stopping by :).  Can't wait for my memeboxes to come in the mail.  Too bad you have to preorder super early but the wait is worth it!

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