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Makeon waterproof eyeliner set season one review

 This eyeliner is flashy isn't it!  The first time i saw this eyeliner was in someone's video unboxing of the superbox 2.  It was so cute and the eyeliner colors look so pretty!  All of the girls that have received this set was super impressed with the lasting power and so was I.  So when I saw this on sale on Ebay, I jumped on it! The retail price for this set is $29 which isn't bad considering an urban decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil is $20 each, for $9 more, you could get a set of 5 gorgeous shades! Awesome deal if you ask me. 
A view of the back of the box.  All korean except for the names! How convenient :D.

Isn't the case so cute! It reminds me of the little mermaid Ariel.  I think it is actually her haha.  Korean packaging is way too cute for North America! Korean cosmetics all the way~
Memebox's description of the product:
"Create captivating eyes in five different colors with first or second season of Makeon's Mermaid Waterproof Gel Eyeliner. Long-lasting, waterproof, and ultra smooth, this gel eyeliner makes lining your eyes like a pro easy. For a smoky, dramatic look, it can also double as a softly spreadable eye shadow. "
This set comes with five shades.  

From bottom to top:
Party tonight pearl black #S02
Lovely espresso brown #SO3
Sexy vampire burgundy #SO4
Secret princess gold #SO5
Look at me lovely beige #SO6

 Look at me lovely beige reminds me a lot of my Make up forever champagne waterproof eyeliner in 23L.  But the main difference is the Makeon eyeliner is a little more smoother, and that it is gel while the make up forever one is not.
 Here is a side by side swatch.  The left one is the Makeon one and the right one is make up forever.  As you can see, the Makeon one is a lot more of a cool light pinky nude color while the make up forever one is more of a warm pinky nude color.  I like the both, but I think that I like the Makeon one better now! I use these both everyday for my inner corner for that subtle... I'm awake look ;).
 The brown one called Lovely espresso brown also reminds me of another eyeliner I have called West from urban decay's travel sized eyeliner Black market.  They are both matte brown and both creamy.  But the urban decay one does not stay on all day for me, but a few hours and also doesn't stay on my waterline well either.  Makeon though, stays on my lids and quite well on my waterline.  Makeon wins again!

A swatch of all of the colors, including the dupes from urban decay and make up forever which is on top.  The black one is also from urban decay called black market which is a matte black.  It is slightly different from the Makeon one which has silver shimmers in it, so it isn't really a great dupe but the best that I have in my collection.

As you can see, the colors or gorgeous! Especially that burgundy.  I haven't came across a color like that with this great of pigmentation, and this great lasting power. :)

Here's what it would look like on the eyes, enjoy :D.
 Party tonight pearl black
 Lovely espresso brown
 Sexy vampire burgundy
 Secret princess gold
Look at me lovely beige

Overall, I would give these eyeliners this ratings:

Lasting power 4.5/5
These are great when it comes to lasting power.  After applying and letting it set for 1 min, you can rub your eyes and it wouldn't budge! This is on the lines though, not so much on the waterline.  They show up on the waterline, but won't last like my Kate gel eyeliner.  Nonetheless, I give these 4.5/5.

Pigmentation 5/5
All of these have awesome pigmentation, the colors are unique too. That burgundy color is to die for! The pencils are creamy and the colors just need one swipe and it is good to go.  Love!

Ease of use 4/5
These are super easy to use since they come in a pencil form.  The sad thing is that I thought these were retractable but when I received these, they were the ones that need to sharpen.  But these are that good so i can overlook that :).

There is actually two other sets, season 2 and 3!  They all look so amazing, I really want to get them all but I know that isn't a smart thing since I have a huge huge huge make up collection waiting to be used.  LOL

Those that are interested in these, here are some simple links to get you to where you can buy these :).

Season one and two makeon eyeliner set

Season three makeon eyeliner set

I know that this set right now is sold out but I will still link it in hopes that it will restock in the future!  This is a great deal since the box is only $23 + shipping while the eyeliner set itself is $29.

Naked box 12 

This set also comes in this superbox #2.  It is also sold out right now but there might be a chance that it will be restocked again so here is the link too :).

Superbox #2

They are having a special right now where you can get the Tosowoong total make up set and get the From nature memebox for free! This is a first come first serve basis for the first 40 people that orders it so hurry!

Tosowoong value set~

They also sell these by singles so if you fell in love with one color but don't want the set, this is the way to go :).  $10 each, 1.2 g each

Makeon gel pencil eyeliner

I believe these are newer colors to add to the collection and they look super nice!  Same price of $10 for 1.2 g each.

Makeon bronze spectrum gel eyeliner

Also make sure you check out memebox's website.  No I wasn't paid to do this review, and no they didn't send me anything to review.  I bought everything with my own money but because I love these so much, you guys really need to know about these. 

 I myself haven't heard of this brand before I came across them from memebox.  I would just be focused with big korean cosmetic brands such as Etude house, Tony moly, missha, etc but it is so much fun to discover new brands :).

For those that are confused from all the different boxes, I made up a guide that would help you out so click here and here.  There are coupons to save you money too! Your welcome.


Hope you find this helpful.  Check out my memebox unboxing too if you are curious :).  The link are below the pictures~

Memebox make up edition unboxing

Memebox Lucky box #4 unboxing

Memebox superbox Pore edition one



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