Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Memebox coupon and memepoints update

Memebox has changed some of their policy and it isn't good news sadly.  There are three things that has changed, but there is a little bit of good news too.

1) Shipping policy change

Before memebox would only charge you $6.99 whether you bought one box or ten boxes.  Just yesterday they have updated that policy and is charging shipping per box.  That means if you bought three boxes, you'd have to pay $20.97 (if shipping was $6.99 each).  So the advantage of getting the bundles are that you only pay once and you also get express shipping.  Don't worry, I have coupon codes to save you money :D.

2) Referral and welcome points change
Up until now, if you emailed memebox and told them that MMnoob sent you, you could have gotten an extra $5.  Only until July 1 will this be vaild.  After that it will be discontinued.  They have also discontinued giving out 10 welcome memepoints.  But they promise to provide me with more coupon codes so stay tuned on my blog and subscribe!

3) They ship to four more countries! 
They now ship to Honduras, italy, Malta and Moldova.  So for those in Europe, you don't have to be frustrated with not being able to get some memebox love :D!


SHIP4CHEAP2 : when you buy 2 or more boxes, pay standard shipping only once!

MEMEBUNDLE3: $5 off an order over 3 memeboxes

Freeshipping: Free shipping on orders above $70 from memeshop (this doesn't apply to boxes)


If you are new to memebox, here is a breakdown of how the site works and what are the differences between boxes.

There is also "earn 3 memepoints" on selected boxes which you can check out here. (updated July 7, 2014).  This deal expires by the end of July so happy shopping :).

Also don't forget to check out my memebox contest giveaway that ends July 11!  Free to enter with no purchase necessary. 

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