Saturday, June 21, 2014

Memebox contest giveaway!

I'm super excited to announce that Memebox contacted me to hold a contest for my lovely readers! YEY! Free stuff! I love free stuff, and of course you do :D.  This will be my first contest ever so it is super exciting for me.  So lets cut it short and lets get to the point!

What are the prizes?  How many people can win?
5 of my readers will win prizes.  There will be two main prizes and three small prizes.  One person will win one Whole grain (retails for $23 USD + shipping) memebox, another will win a Waxing superbox (retails for $29 + shipping), and three people will win 10 memepoints each (1 memepoint = $1, so someone will win $10). 

Click for more info!

To check out with the whole grain memebox is all about, click here.  You guys will be lucky to receive this since I didn't even buy it for myself :(.  I want every memebox on the planet but my bank account won't allow me haha.  
Same deal here, to check out the waxing superbox, click here.  I was so close to getting this memebox too but I chickend out since I have tried waxing, but it was a lot more work, messy, and more painful then plucking.  Yes yes, I know...I'm a chicken.  :/

How many people can win?  Who can enter.
Five people will be picked based on your answers.  I will pick the best answers and reward those accordingly.

Anyone can enter.  As long as Memebox ships to your country, you can enter. It would suck if you won but then can not ship to you.  

Currently, they ship to Austria, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, 
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hongkong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Netherlands, New Zealand, 
Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA. 

I'm sorry in advance if they do not ship to your country.  I understand it is frustrating and I'd love everyone to get themselves some memebox love too, but since memebox themselves are shipping the boxes out, there is not much I can do :(.

What do I have to do to enter?
1) Be subscribed to this blog.  This will help you in the future when I announce the winners and to see new memebox news and my other review and hauls too :D.

2) Like Memebox Facebook pagehere is the quick link! When you comment on my blog, please make sure you write the facebook name you go by.  I will be checking if you liked their facebook page or not.  If not, you will not be picked as the winner.

3) Create an account with memebox.  Don't worry, this will not cost you anything.  In fact, they are providing new accounts with 10 memepoints.  It used to be 2 memepoints when I signed up so you guys are lucky!  It is free to sign up, with no obligation of a subscription.  They will just send out e-mails for updates, that's all.

4) Comment on:
A) Which memebox is your favorite, whether it is a box that is already sold out or these two boxes.  To check out memebox's beauty boxes, click here.

C)  If you won 10 memepoints, what would you buy?

When will the contest end?
Contest will end June 26, 2014.  I will be picking winners on that date and be in the process of picking the final winners. 

 June 27, I will be emailing (by email : for your personal information.  So don't be alarmed if you see a weird e-mail address in your mailbox.  And don't worry, I won't come stalk you :).  

June 30, I will have to email memebox back with the winners information for them to ship out the boxes or give you the memepoints.

What information do I have to provide you?
I will need to get your:

Full name, first and last name
Full address (street number and name, postal code, country, etc.)
Phone number

Memebox account: so the email you signed up with

Please make sure:
You are the age of 18 years old.  If not, please have the consent of your parent or guardian.  I wouldn't want your parents be like "Why is there a strange hot pink package showing up in the front of my house? O______o.....".  Yea, let's not do that to your loving parents okay?

Come back onto my blog on June 26 to see if you won.  If you do not respond my email by June 27, I will be contacting another winner.  That would be unfortunate.

******Enter only one time.  Those that spam will definitely not win.***********

The fine print:

1) no purchase necessary to enter
2) By entering this contest, you are aware of all the rules and the criteria to enter for the chance to win.
3) Prizes are only opened to those that have opened an account with memebox.
4) I am only hosting the contest, therefore I am not in control of shipping out the prizes. Please contact memebox if you have problems with shipping.

Check out my $3 off coupon link on selected memeboxes here  There is also a way for you to redeem another 5 memepoint onto your account by emailing them saying I sent you.  Details are in the post.  So if you win memepoints, you will have 25 memepoints in total, save $3 EACH selected box, and be able to save another $3 with my unique code (expires end of June 2014).  Click away!

A newbie to memebox? Don't worry! Here is my breakdown on the company :D. You welcome.

See how awesome memeboxes are here!
Memebox make up edition

Memebox lucky box #4

Memebox pore care edition one


  1. I really like the aloe box, I like how the aloe makes my skin smooth and healthier. I always get pimple scars and the aloe just make it better.

    If I had 10 memepoints, I would use it to buy more memebox! I have 3 to buy in next week.

  2. I like Memebox Special #17 K-Style Cosmetics box because I'm more into Korean style haha or Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care box .
    If I had 10 memepoints,then I would buy want to buy whatever memebox that catch my eyes.

  3. I am really interested in Memebox Special #15 Waterproof Makeup. you can't go wrong with waterproof makeup haha I cry easily, love the beach and water so anything waterproof i gravitate towards.

    If I had 10 memepoints, I would want to buy a memebox since they seem like such great value or something from the memeshop section on the site. There are just so many products that i would i want to grab my hands on and try out!

  4. I just received my first memebox - Lucky box 2 - so that is my favourite as I loved it :) and I have another 6 coming...obsessed. Really looking forward to the OMG box and the K Pop box. If I had 10 memepoints I think I would order a pore care box because they look really good!

  5. My favourite box would be the the snail superbox! I love trying new things and all the snail products were amazing! It really helped my hyper pigmentation from the acne that I was having. If I won the 10 memepoints, I would love to use it for the OMG box. It would be interesting to see what kind of beauty products people are using in the other side of the world! My fb name is Christy Choi and my email is Thanks you the giveaway! ^.^

  6. My favorite box is the Luckybox 2, it's just filled up goodness! :) Andd if i won 10 points, i would love to get the detox box, preferably in a valued set.

  7. My favorite box would have to be the Oriental Medicine, because I am always open the Asian medicines and products and I think it's an interesting premise! :) If I won 10 points? Probably use it towards my next purchase (which is like always) :P and my email is

    Thanks so much for letting me know about the giveaway!! :)

  8. my favorite box is the Memebox pore care edition one
    fb name Karin Shaim
    gfc Karin

  9. I would like to try their lucky boxes, it would be a great surprise! If I won 10 memepoints I might buy one of their makeup boxes
    fb: Maelin cheung

  10. I really like my memebox global #11, and if I won the points I would but the Pomegranate box or ljh tea tree oil! fb:Charlotte Hern

  11. I really really want the Honey box to be restocked so I can get it! Otherwise, I have ordered so many boxes I will have to wait and see what the next box is to spend my points on :)

  12. I'd like to try the K-style box but it's sold out T_T though Nakedbox #19 seems interesting too~
    liked them~ name is Michiyo Chan

  13. I would love to spend my $10 points on more memeboxes! My favorite so far has been luckybox #5, it was so full of awesome stuff.

  14. The aloe box is my favorite. I love aloe in any way, shape, or form. I drink the stuff and use it in my hair and everywhere. If I won the points, I'd probably buy the skin care box since I need some extra help. (FB Hannah Lobban, email:

  15. The first box I purchased from Memebox was the box for oily skin, and I still, love, love, love that box, so happy with it! And even though a lot of people didn't enjoy the green tea box, I loved that one alot too. If I was to spend the 10 points, it would be on any of the memebox boxes, they're all so amazing! Agh! I gravitating towards the luckybox #7 just to try a variety of products, and also the other boxes for oily skin and the pore boxes!
    Facebook: Freya Coyle

  16. My Facebook: Hoại Băng
    Memebox email account:
    My favorite Memebox is Memebox for hair and body. I love all the stuffs in that box, they really work and have great value.
    If I have 10 points, I absolutely go for O.M.G box. So curios about this box!

  17. I would love to win the Wholegrain box as I've had my eye on that one but not bought it yet. If I won the 10 points I might put it towards that one, or the Skin Care or Pure Cosmetics. Basically all of them, it's so hard to choose. My favourite box I received so far was the Hair & Body box, that was great. But nearly all the products are used up now so I'm waiting for Hair & Body 2 to arrive.

  18. The O.M.G box is my favorite box and i would like to spend 10 points to purcase it :)
    my facebook is Janne Kari Viken and my memebox email account is

  19. Following as Luvea Ah, facebook: Natalia Kaźmierczak
    My favorite box so far is luckybox #5, it had such great prodcuts, i love them all.
    10 points I would spend on box, OMG or zero one, both seems great.

  20. Honestly, I love all my Memeboxes, from quantity to the total value of each boxes there are indeed impressive!

    If I happen to have 10 meme points, I will definitely get Memebox Global boxes because I believe I will never go wrong by choosing the classic.

    My facebook: Vivian Kit
    Shipping Country: Australia

  21. I liked my memebox for hair and body the most!
    I'd spend 10 points on waxing box:) fb:

  22. Luckybox 5 is a favorite but I would love to get a makeup box.

  23. My favorite box is the OMG! Box. That sounds like so much fun! I think I would spend 10 points on a Pore Care or a Detox Box. Unless they come out with another super fun theme. (Facebook name: Amy Janel Cortez)

  24. would love to try the makeup edition box...

  25. My favorite memeboxes are the luckyboxes, so far they have been fantastic!

    Boxes I would like to try are fermented cosmetics and memebox for him so my husband can try one out too

  26. My favourite memeboxes are the Luckyboxes, now i'm waiting for Luckybox #7.
    If I had 10 memepoints, I would want to buy a MEMEBOX Superbox #31 or any other box.

  27. I'm currently waiting for my #12 memebox global and if I win I'd like to buy the K-style box :D

  28. Following you via GFC :) I feel in love with the makeup box after reading this post! Liked the FB page and registered with

  29. I haven't bought a Memebox yet but I watched some youtube reviews & I'd love to try the Whole Grain Edition or the Superbox #38 Detox Care. If I win 10 points? Probably I'd use them to buy the Detox Care one.
    My facebook name is Sole Rrs
    My email is

  30. I haven't tried anything from Memebox so I don't have a favorite! If I won 10 memepoints, I would use it on the K-style or OMG box :)
    Facebook: Jasmine Tang

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. My favorite memeboxes are the global editions because they never disappoint and they always have a cool variety of products! If I won points, I would wait for the next snail box because I've never tried snail products before and they sound so interesting. I would really like to try them and see if they make a difference to my skin :)

    FB name: Jenny Kwok

  33. My favorite box was SB Anti-Aging. It was packed with awesome and powerful products that really could help fight the time. It was expensive but worth the money you paid. I also love regular memeboxes for variety and great value

    FB Renata Podraza

    1. If I win 10 memepoints I will buy Fermented Cosmetics box:)

  34. As I have acne prone yet sensitive skin I really appreciate Korean attitude towards this problem. My favorite box was Pore Care 2. I would spend extra 10 points to buy free from oil and troubles 2 box.

  35. I would choose the Fermented cosmetic box 2

  36. I would choose the zero cosmetics box or the snail superbox if it restocks :)



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