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Unboxing: Memebox: superbox #13 pore care reveal

 Guess what came in the mail today! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~  This is the box I have been waiting endlessly for since I work in the kitchen and my blackheads regenerate like in 24 hours! LOL I HATE MY BLACKHEADS!  THIS...... IS....... WAR!

 Like usual, the memebox came in the same hot pink baggie and was wrapped with bubble wrap.  The big reveal!
 This superbox came with 5 full sized products.  The difference with superbox and memebox is that superbox are all full sized products but you do pay extra for it.  This box was priced at $39.00 but when it was first released, it was on sale for $29 for 24 hours.  I actually missed the sale since I was working and by the end of the night, it was sold out. I was super heartbroken, but like my usual self, I was strolling on the website and I think god heard my silent prayer.  It was in stock and on sale again the next day! I don't know if that was a mistake, but who cares! LOL
This time around, the card didn't have any pictures, but instead it has all text and this was on the back of the card.  Never had that, interesting.
 First look at what is inside the box.  I hope I got the order right.  I like to leave it and take a picture so it is like you guys are opening it with me.  But I got a little too excited showing my friend over facebook so I think I might have messed.  I'm sorry :'(.

Ohhh look at all those products! So exciting!!!
The line up!
 The first product is the O'GCE Blackhead all clear nose pack + pore tightener.  This retails for $11 for one full set box.

Product description:
"O'GCE blackheads all clear nose pack + pore tightener full set is a two step system that is designed to remove existing blackheads and whiteheads around your nose, and tighten up pores to control oil production and prevent the formation of new blackheads and whiteheads."

How to use:
"Wet nose and apply the nose pack on your nose.  Wait 10 minutes or until the pack has completely dried.  Remove the nose pack slowly starting from the ends.  Rinse nose with lukewarm water and apply the pore tightening serum."

 I've actually heard that nose strips are not good for your pores since the actually stretch your pore size over time.  But i think the tightening step will help :D.  I hate using strips too because they hurt so bad when I go to rip it, it actually makes my eyes tear up.
 The second item is Velieve white clay mask which retails for $35 for 280 mL.

Product description:
"Cleanse your pores of dirt and oil, tighten enlarged pores, and enhance your overall complexion with this refreshing pore clay mask."

How to use:
Apply the clay mask all over your face avoiding the eye and mouth area after applying toner on a clean face, and wait 10 mins or until the mask has dried.  Rinse with lukewarm water and proceed with normal skin routine.
Ze back of the box.  There is english! AHHH
 First off, the packaging is way too adorable! I will for sure be saving the jar after I have finished this mask :D.  I'm super excited about this mask since it claims to clear my pores, tighten them and enhance my overall appearance.  I will be forever in love if it does!
 This looks like a smooth gray clay mask.  Ohhh~
 The third product is SNP pore contraction whitening gel cream retailing for $28 for 100 mL.  Ohhh it says it cools down skin! I learned from get it beauty that the skin on our face should ideally be 31 degrees Celsius. Anything above that will make your skin age faster.  So anything that will cool my skin will be loved by me :).

Product description:
"This paraben free gel cream soothes red and irritated skin improves elasticity and increases overall moisture in your skin while also cooling off overheated skin.  Pomegranate extracts increase the skin's elasticity, and lime and honey extracts increase moisture, basil extracts increase vitality and soothe irritated skin, and lotus flower extracts even out skin tone and brighten your complexion."

How to use:
Apply as the last stage of your skin routine morning and night.  Massage into skin and allow it to absorb into the skin.

 The scent of this gel reminds me of a clean, clinic with a slight hint of floral.  LOL what kind of scent description is that XD.
This product I'm super intrigued since there is that cool gel thingy on the top to scrub my face with HAHA.  This is Nella Fanatasia pore jelly pore blackhead remover retailing for $29 60 mL.

Product description:
"Nella Fantasia pore jelly pop blackhead remover is a pore vacuum cleaner because it helps to loosen blackheads by absorbing dirt and excess oil.  The complexion is left smooth, clear and refined.  Oxidiation reversal complex within the formula targets sebum oxidation, a leading cause of blackheads and the trigger for the build-up of cellular debris for a clean and clear pores."

How to use:
Open the Pore jelly pop blackheads remover container and remove the sticker seal.  Twist the top to the right to open.  Slightly squeeze out 2 to 3 ml of formula from the container onto the pink jelly spike applicator.  Massage the jelly spike applicator around the nose, cheeks and forehead for approximately 1 to 2 minutes.  Cleanse the face with cleanser or water to rinse.  Close pore jelly pop blackhead remover by twisting it to the left.  Was container."

They don't sell anything like this in America.  This is why I love korean skincare and cosmetics! The packaging is cute, all their products are innovative and it isn't boring to use :D.  I find a lot of American products are pretty much all the same products, but with different packaging.  So dumb.
Don't worry, the spikes don't even hurt. They have a rounded tip and a short but it feels fun to play with kekekeke.
The last product is Alonism pore tuning erasing balm, retailing for $34.  This product reminds me a lot of Benefit's Dr. feel good, a silicone based make up primer. It has the same tin container too! Ohhhh~
Product description:
This pore erasing balm is perfect for covering enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, and any imperfections in your face in preparation for flawless makeup coverage.  It contains green tea, aloe vera, grape, witch hazel and chestnut extracts to mattify the skin while also locking in healthy moisture.

How to use:
Use after finishing your skin care routine and before make up application.  Apply the balm into T-zone, nose, and cheek areas and gently massage into skin to reveal a velvet smooth skin before make up application.

Like the name states, this is a balm and the finish is slightly silicone too but I actually like this one a lot better then the benefit dr feelgood since that one is crazy silicone finished while this one still has the silicone, but it doesn't feel like there is heavy make up on my skin.  The scent is slightly herbal too which I don't mind since I got used to lush products.

Overall, I love this box. I love how memebox has focus boxes, not like ipsy which made you do a quiz but doesn't even use that quiz to give you exactly what you want. Memebox is smart like that even though everyone gets the same products, you get the freedom to pick but still have the excitement of mystery.  I can't wait to use all these products and review them again :D.

If you are interested in checking out memebox, click here.

From my experience, memebox will not do anything less then impress.  I've already got three boxes and all of them have blown me away.  I know I need to slow down since I need to actually try all of the products, but but....ALL THE BOXES SO SHINY! I'm like a crow that loves shiny things haha.

Hope you enjoyed this memebox unboxing and I hope you found this helpful :D.

Although the pore care edition #1 is all sold out, there is a new edition 
3 which you can check out here.

It is $39 but keep in mind they are all full sized products.  Shipping starts July 25th.

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