Friday, June 27, 2014

Memebox giveaway WINNERS!

As promised, here are the winners for memebox giveaway contest! I just came back from work for 8 hours, super tired and am lacking in sleep but I WILL DO THIS FOR YOU!!!!

Firstly, thanks to all that participated in the contest.  Sadly I can not pick everyone as a winners but I am considering on doing more giveaways in the future since it is quite fun :D. So let's cut to the chase....

Annnnnd the winners areeee.................................
Whole grain memebox winner: MISSXTC

Waxing superbox winner : STACEY-MARIE JESSO

10 memepoints winners
2) KWOKERS (aka. Jenny Kwok)

Again, congratulations for those who win this time around and thank you all for participating. :D  Happy shopping~~~  E-mails have been sent to you.  If you do not reply by June 29, I will be forced to pick another winner.  Sorry :(.

Also please tell me what you bought with your memepoints, and for those that won the boxes, please link me your blog, video or whatever kind of social media you use.  I would love to see what is inside the boxes and your reactions. :D


  1. I bought the brightening skin care box! I am so excited! I can't wait! The only thing is that It gets ships in august...I have to wait for a long time T^T~~

    1. Haha that is aweeeesomeee~ I'm subscribed to their VIP emails since I buy a box... pretty much like everyday HAHA And they were $3 off before noon but I ended up not getting it. Not because I didn't want it but I told myself, if the shipping date is close to the cleansing kit and cute wishlist, I won't get it. My way of controlling myself haha.

      Its okay, the waiting game is worth it. Or you can get more boxes HAHA. Ohhh get the snail box ;), its shipping soon too ;). DOOOO ITTT



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