Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New at memebox!

I just spotted this on their website and I wanted everyone to know! Before when you sign up, you only get $2 for memepoints to use, but right now it is $10 when you sign up! Thats $8 more!! What a steal!!!!

I also have some coupons that you can use with that $10, so check it out here.  This link also includes a breakdown on how memebox works and their different boxes.


FREESHIPPING: code for free shipping on orders $70+ in memeshop

Exclusively for my readers, if you send hi@memebox.com and tell them MMnoob sent you, you will be credited 5 memepoints ($5)!

"Hi there, I was sent by MMnoob on regards of being credited 5 memepoints.  My memebox username is______(insert email that you signed up with)________." (You can copy and paste that :D, made it easy for you guys.  

 $3 off exclusively for my readers and subscribers too, use the code KEW87B  (expires by the end of June, one time use only)

If you use all these coupons, you can save yourself $18 off your first box!  So if you wanted a 
$23 memebox, you would only be paying $11.99 (shipping included in this price), or a superbox priced at $32, you would be paying $20.99 (shipping included too)

memebundle 3: $5 off when you buy any three boxes
Also new at memebox is their #6 luckybox for $23.  Link is here.

Lucky box has quickly become my favorite since you get the best products from their past boxes and you get a lot! My Luckybox #4, link here, contained 9 products for the same price.  That's 9 products!!!!!!  I think I might be picking this box up or not, we will see :D.

Super EXCITING NEWS! I just checked their site and most of their meme lucky box are back in stock! OMGGGGG~
Another box they just added is their Herbal cosmetic superbox #31 for $32.  Link is here.

This one seems super interesting since herbal sounds super natural.  Ohhhhhhh LOL.  Shipping for this box starts July 16.

For their father's day special, they just released a Nakedbox father's day special going for $32.  For more information about the box and the products, click here.
Global memebox #12 is also out for sale, link is here.

Darn it! There are too many good boxes.  This is hard not to break the bank.  Memebox, why are you so awesome?

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