Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New memebox: Smile care~

Memebox came out with yet another memebox! Wow they come out with new boxes so fast, I can't even catch up :S.  Wow this one is pretty cheap! $19.00.  I think I might pick it up!  My teeth aren't super yellow, but when I wear any red lipstick, my teeth doesn't look the brightest.  Hopefully there is some whitening products in here :D.

$19.00 USD
Shipping starts August 8.

Product description
"Whether its unsightly dry and thin lips, or discolored teeth that makes you cringe in front of the camera, smile with confidence with our Smile Care Box! It’s packed with products that add to plump and smoochable lips, and also products that whiten teeth to a brilliant, whiter smile! Studies show that people with healthy and youthful lips and pearly whites are perceived to be more successful and sociable, and this same survey also found that half of the men and women surveyed ranked a person’s smile more aesthetically alluring than gorge skin and glossy locks when considering the attraction level. Now that’s more of a reason to invest in your kisser!

Smile. Cus it feels good!"

Click to
As always, memebox bundles with express shipping are avilable too if you were already looking into getting this box and the other one paired with which is a good deal considering they just changed their shipping policy.  I will touch base with that new policy on the next memebox post.
$42.00 + shipping
Shipping date starts August 1, 2014

Ohhh....if you get this box, they ship out the smile care one 7 days earlier then the due shipping date!
$48.00 USD + shipping
Shipping starts August 1, 2014
$71.00 USD + shipping
Shipping starts August 1, 2014

*Brief shipping policy change*
Before memebox would only charge you $6.99 whether you bought one box or ten boxes.  Just yesterday they have updated that policy and is charging shipping per box.  That means if you bought three boxes, you'd have to pay $20.97 (if shipping was $6.99 each).  So the advantage of getting the bundles are that you only pay once and you also get express shipping.  Don't worry, I have coupon codes to save you money :D.

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