Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chi silk infusion

     I remember back in the days when I didn't know what a straightener was. Keep in mind, my hair is naturally really wavy and frizzy and i honestly don't know how I could live without a straightener. But one of the things I did wrong was put too much hair serum back in the day so my hair was super slim and flat. I look back and I just wish someone would have told me and introduced me to Youtube LOL. I have to say I look way better now LOL.

     When the youtube beauty era started, people just kept talking about Chi silk infusion, chi silk infusion. I really wanted to know what everyone was talking about, so I went to the salon store near where I live and they had the biggest size of this for $34 on sale. That’s actually the retail price and they said it was $42 originally LOL. I didn't care and I made my mom buy it for me but I think that it was worth it since it lasted me for about four years! That was a $30 well spent I think.

      What chi silk infusion is a serum that protects your hair from thermal damage and you can apply this on your wet or dry hair. I usually just use it after I blow-dry my hair and I know I should put it before, but I don't like to put stuff in my hair when it’s wet. Just a little bit goes a long way, just about a dime size is more than enough for your whole head. I remember when I first got it, it kept touching my hair because it just made it so soft and silky. Using this with a ceramic hair straightener is best since it will give your hair that deep penetration of silk proteins.

     This product does have a strong scent but I really like it. Its got the same scent of a man’s cologne , the same scent of Givenchy Play men’s cologne. I personally like the scent and know a lot of other people really like the scent and it does stay in your hair after you apply it, so if that bothers you then don’t get this product.

     Word of advice if you live near a Winners, get this when they have it since I know they have it sometimes. I snatched it last month when I saw they finally had it again. The bottle I got was the second largest bottle for $20 so I think it’s not that bad. I could just live in Winners :D.


  1. Really the same scent with Givenchy's?
    I wanna buy that perfume with Chi's scent.
    I love it~~!!!>,<

  2. I rant and rave about this product. Couldn't imagine my routine without it!
    That's why it was the first thing I reviewed on my blog :D

    Greets, TRA x

    1. Thats so cool! I have been using this product since 2008. Its pretty expensive though but i always find it at winners so its okay :D.

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