Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chic band bracelets from The bay

A few days ago, I was alone once again since my boyfriend was at work and I was just strolling around in the mall (which is dangerous by the way) and killing time before I went to work.  I was in the Bay when I saw their accessories on sale.  They were actually on clearance, more like double clearance. The sign said “Items that are less than $10.99= $3.99 and items more than $10.99= $6.99”.  When things are on sale, I get confused if the tag is already reduced or not but I saw this gold band bracelet that I thought was super simple but chic at the same time. I love how the band is just a medium thick band but has a “tie” that is mad out of a really nice pink rope material with a bead to tighten the bracelet. And the really surprising thing is that the bracelet really fit nicely with my very, very tiny wrist.  I almost always try to avoid buying bangles since they just fall off my arm anyways.  I also found the same bracelet but a silver version with black rope and a silver bead. Originally the bracelet was $16.99 which I think is super ridiculous since this isn’t really “metal or alloy” material.  It was marked down to $7.99 but I got these for $3.99 each plus tax.  If any of you guys are near the bay and love accessories, they’re “Expressions” accessories collections is actually really trendy but they have ridiculous prices for each piece, like $30, so just wait for them to go on sale.

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