Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Forever 21 rings haul

      I have an issue.  Before I was collecting make up for about four years and i have since slowed down since I have too much and I'm being more realistic.  I can't use all that make up...I'm going to start cleaning out a lot of it and give it away to my boyfriend's sister.  But now i'm addicted to buying accessories since it makes your outfit's mood.  Just wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans is really boring.  Put on a few accessories and voila :).
      I was waiting for my boyfriend in the mall, and that itself is already dangerous because I always want to be doing something when I'm waiting so I naturally went to forever 21's accessories section.  I have to admit that forever 21 has pretty nice accessories, bit I never buy anything that’s over $6.80 since I don't think it’s worth it. 

     So i honestly went back just to get the cheetah ring since I saw it last time but I passed on it since it wasn't really my style and it reminds me a lot of guess style.  But I just kept thinking about it and i actually had a dream about it, so i went back to get it.  I had to search long and hard since it had been a week since I last saw it and a lot of it was already sold.  This is the bad thing about forever 21 accessories, if you like something then you have to buy it then and there or else a few days later, there would be nothing left.  So I did finally found one all the way in the back, all jumbled up with other rings.  It is somewhat a pain in the bum if you are shopping for accessories in forever 21 since it’s like shopping in a thrift store, dig dig dig!
      What attracted me to the cheetah ring is that it feels really expensive, and could be sold at guess for $30 but it was $6.80.  The eyes have "emerald" gems which doesn't look too cheap and some rhinestones on the tail.  I usually don't like my accessories too bling blinging since it easily looks super cheap but this looks really nice and I'm glad I finally got it :).

The next one I got is an armour ring which I'm usually super shy about wearing things that will attract a lot of attention but the oyster shell center of it just was too pretty! I'm really on a shell kick lately, my DKNY rose gold watch and this! So pretty!  I love how it also has tribal details all around it which reminds me of a sun.  This one is actually cheaper than the cheetah one, $4.80 YEY :D.

    The other three is kind of meh but I thought it would be nice to wear it with other rings.  I got this really cute red heart ring.  It is somewhat girly for my taste, but I somehow really like it and how the enamel is pretty high quality.  $3.80, a cheap thrill: D. 

     I'm noticed that recently, forever 21 in Canada (or just the one where I live), are coming out with more things that are only $1.50 and I love that! So cheap: D, I don't have to turn to eBay for super cheap accessories.  I got the star ring which is plain and simple but It’s really good quality and I'm pretty sure its just alloy but for the price, you can't beat it! $1.50.  When I went to pay, there are always bowls there to attract people to buy more stuff! So sneaky but I saw that the cardboard is pink which means $1.50~~  I know it kind of looks like the rings you would get when you were a kind at parties, but I swear to you that it looks prettier in person and when you wear it, the "gem" sparkles in a very subtle but pretty way. 

     I'm really concerned about myself control LOL.  I think i should stay away from the mall for the next three months :'(.

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