Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mimosa jewlery Haul

I remember when I first started high school and would have to bus home alone all the time and going to this store and buying a tons of earrings and ring.  I just love that store, but after that I started collecting make up and just put this store in the back seat.  But I went back into the store yesterday when I was in the mall and it was 70% off everything: D. Everything is actually marked up really high, and they usually have sales so that they make you think that you’re saving lot money but the “discounted” price is the real price.  Anyway I got two pieces from my visit.  I wanted to get more, but my boyfriend was getting bored so I decided to leave with just the two pieces.
 Anything you buy, they give you these really nice cloth pouches which I think it’s a nice luxurious touch.  They then put your product into this paper bag. I just love the way they package: ).

 The first piece I got was the “magic tooth” necklace.  This piece really caught my eye because I have never seen an actual tooth necklace and thought it was really cute.  It did come in three colors: gunmetal, antique gold and silver.  I got it in gun metal since I already have so much gold pieces.  The quality of the necklace is really nice and past pieces I bought before about four years ago are still in perfect condition! And the price before was $23 for this necklace which isn’t a bad price to pay for a piece that would last for a long time.  But after the discount, this piece was only $7 and some change.

The second piece is this really dainty skull.  I don’t know why but if skulls are done right, it’s not scary and quite fashion forward. This one I really liked since it was really dainty too but the big eye socket made it look a little cartoony and less scary. I really like the chain that it came with, really thin.  This piece would be a great piece to stack with other necklaces since it’s so simple. The one original price was $22 but I got it for $6 something. Pretty damn good :D.

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