Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New baked products from ELF

About two weeks ago, elf cosmetics came out with baked products and this really got me excited! I haven’t gotten this excited since I have a lot of their products and I love them all. But when I checked up on elf two weeks ago, and I saw these and wanted them A.S.A.P! So they finally came in the mail today and I must say their shipping has improved quite a bit but they did kind of increase the price for shipping to Canada. Before if you pay through PayPal, it would just be the flat rate of $6.95 but now its $18. Me sad face, but the shipping was which faster and more reliable than before. Usually before, it was take about three weeks, but this time it took only 13 days.

Anyways, things that I got are:
-studio baked blushes in passion pink, rich rose, pinktastic, peachy cheeky
-studio baked bronzer in Los cabos, Maui, St. Luca
-studio matte lip color in rich red and nearly nude
-studio baked eyeshadow in Pixie and Toasted

Review and swatches will be coming up.

1 comment:

  1. Very interesting!! Can't wait to see the swatches!!



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