Wednesday, June 13, 2012

skin79 BB cream haul from eBay

Since my skin79 hot pink bb cream I got last year from Hong Kong is going to run out very soon and I don’t want to part with it, I hit up eBay and got myself some good deals! I have tried other two bb creams previous from trying the skin 79 bb creams but I really didn’t like it. I have tried the aloe skin food one but I didn’t really like it since it just doesn’t really work that great and it could easily look somewhat cakey. I have tried my sister’s missha one but it’s a little too grey for my liking.

The skin79 hot pink is so easy to use, you don’t even have to use a brush and it just melts into the skin like butter. I almost never use a brush with this bb cream, I mean you don’t even need to! The color is somewhat grey but when you blend it into your skin, you can’t tell and it does give pretty good sheer to medium coverage.

So I already know that I love the brand skin79 so I wanted to try what else they offer.  I actually bought from two different sellers.  The first one was a deal for 2 15g travel sized bb creams for $19.99, which I thought was a pretty good deal since one runs for about $10-$12.  If you don’t know about bb creams, and I know myself am sick of hearing this, but bb cream is on the fine line of a foundation and tinted moisturizer.  A lot of people say that bb creams are just tinted moisturizer, but I don’t think so.  I think it’s in a completely different realm of things.  BB creams has a lot of different properties, especially whitening properties since Asians really seek out snow white skin. 

Diamond the Prestige:

-all skin type
-SPF Protection 25 PA++
-Whitening features
-sebum control
-wrinkle improvement

Hot pink super plus:

-all skin type
-SPF Protection 25 PA++
-Whitening features
-Sebum control
-wrinkle improvement

VIP Gold Super plus :
-all skin types
-SPF Protection 25 PA++
-whitening features
-skin nourishment
-wrinkle improvement

Vital Orange :
-contains lots of vitamins like vitamin A (Elasticity), C derivatives (brightening), E (moisturizing), E derivatives (nourishment) and F (moisturizing)
-SPF Protection 50 PA+++
-Eco-oil mix (plant based eco ingredients)

I also got myself some samples of the Snail nutrition bb cream. I didn’t get a travel size of it because I really don’t know how I feel about having snail slime on my face. >_< Benefits they claim are:

-brightens dark and dull skin tone
-whitening properties
-wrinkle improvement
-contains 45% Korean snail secretion
-UVA and B rays protection

I will be doing reviews in the future when I have more time to use these but I’m really excited to use them since I’m a really low maintenance kind of girl and I never touch up so we will see how this goes .

eBay sellers I got the bb creams from.  I highly recommend them since they have pretty cheap prices, fast shipping (and its free shipping too :D), top sellers and they sell the real deal and none of that fake stuff.  Check it out :D. They do give you some samples, but the first seller I link you do gives you tonssss of samples so just a heads up . They are really good sellers.

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