Thursday, June 21, 2012

ELF studio baked bronzer

ELF's description of the product :
“Create a healthy, shimmering sun-kissed look with our Baked Bronzers. Baked in an oven, these bronzers offer rich pigmentation for a beautiful effect. The long-lasting formula provides a luxurious, smooth and even application. Infused with active key ingredients Jojoba, Rose, Sunflower, Apricot and Grape to nourish and hydrate the skin. Apply this shimmering color dry for sheer pigmentation, or use a damp brush or sponge for a more vibrant effect.”
Product Packaging:

These are the exact same packaging as the studio baked blushes. If you haven’t checked out my other review on the newest baked products from elf, I will link it down below. Unlike the studio baked blushes, these don’t have vining in them and are just one color. These are packed in a decently hard plastic with a nice clear lid that closes quite securely. The powder itself is pressed into a dome which I quite like but if I use this more and more, there will be a huge hole >_<.

Its dome :O.  Can someone say Domo-kun? :D
    Baked bronzer compared to the baked eyeshadow
         Baked bronzer compared to a MAC blush
Color pigmentation/ pay off :

Unlike the bronzers I usually use, this bronzer has a satin finish which some people would love and some people would hate. I personally quite like it since it gives me a really nice natural finish and you don’t really notice the subtle sheen.

 Los Cabos: dark cool brown with subtle sheen; one of the most pigmented one out of all three

This shade would work great for those that have a more cool tone skin tone or people with warm skin tones could use this has a bronzer instead of contouring.

 Maui: warm brown with subtle golden sheen; second most pigmented

This one would be great for contouring warm skin tone since it’s got more of a reddish brown color.
 St. Luca: light cool brown with little to no shimmers

When I first swatched all three on my hand, Los Cabos and Maui really impressed me but when it came time to swatch St. Lucia, there was little to no color. I had to rub the produce so hard to get any color on my bare skin. But when I tried it over my foundation, the color did show but it was still subtle. So I’d only suggest this shade to those that are really really pale since it is really subtle and barely there.


Unlike regular good powders, baked products usually have this somewhat griddy texture. This is just like those types. If you have ever felt a MAC mineralized blush, it has the same texture. Just imagine touching the surface of a really smooth but somewhat griddy stone. :)

For those that hate smells, this is for you! No stinky smells :D.
 Lasting power:
I tried these out today and they lasted for almost five to six hours of wear. This actually wore pretty good throughout the day, but I would say that you might have to touch up halfway through the day, but I don’t even bother.

Price :

These retail on their site for $3 each which is a really reasonable price, but there are always coupon codes so just check out retailmenot and grab yourself a 50% off studio line coupon :). I believe that there will be a 60% off sale that happens every year around the beginning of July so check back on their website for that sale.

Overall I do like this product and I would use St. Lucia a lot more even though it’s not that pigmented but it works great for my pasty pale skin tone. For contouring, I would use Los Cabos but I will definitely stay away from Maui since I don’t wanna look like a oompa loompa, you know what I’m sayyying? ;)


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  2. Hi! I am more into light-medium and my undertone is warm. Los Cabos looks pretty but I'm afraid it might be a little too dark? Do you think I should get Maui instead? Thanks! Love your review!

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