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Unboxing: Memebox superbox #54 Pinkaholic

#54 Pinkaholic

 Yes I know, this is a super late unboxing too, but in my defence I only got this box three days ago since I ordered this box later then everyone.  I broke down and got this box since it featured a cleansing water, and I love my Bioderma Micellar water to bits but I want to try other brands like L'oreal, Garnier.  So when i saw that a Korean brand had a cleansing water, I was completely sold and had to get it for myself.  The other two spoiler was pretty good too, the Awesome glow glow balm and Shara Shara liquid highlighter made this box a very solid, well-rounded box.  I did not get this box right when it came out since I had the impression it would be a all make up box and I really try to stay away from that.  The box turned out one of my top favorite boxes!

$29.00 + shipping

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The whole box. Cleansing water came to Mama :D.  I will definitely be comparing it to the Bioderma MIcellar water.  Everything else looks amazing too!  So let's get started, shall we?
 Yes, sorry, the info card picture is never any good.  But this will change after the next rhee boxes since my dad surprised me with a light box! So I can now take super professional looking pictures with the white background and everything with even lighting!  Thanks dad for the early Christmas present :).  I love it.

Line em up!  Whoo~ Welcome to my skincare and make up jail, where you will be sitting in my collection and sometimes be forgotten you are there and never be used LOL.  Don't worry, I got a system where I sell things that I know I won't be using so it doesn't go to waste.  So keep up with my blog and you might even find the products you've been eyeing for for cheap.
Everything looks so amazing :O.  So happy I got this box, absolutely no regrets!
The first product is Style Y glossy pit crayon lipstick in 01 strawberry retailing for $11 and contains ??.  It does not state how much product it contains, but I'm going to guess 13 g? LOL There wasn't much product inside, about only 3.5 cm.  The plastic crayon packaging measures 1.3 cm x 10 cm.  Smell-o-scale= 4.5/10 and it smells like sweet strawberry.  It smells gooood.

This has a simple, clean packaging with the twist bottom to push up the product which is nice since you wouldn't have to sharpen it.  We are seeing a lot of Style Y brand in our latest Memebox, and i feel like it will be a steady brand that we will see in our upcoming boxes.  I won't be swatching this because I know I will not use this color and want to pass this on to my girlfriend :).

Product description:
Style Y's glossy pit crayon lipstick smoothly glides onto the lip, leaving a clear, glossy texture that makes your lips looking moist, supple and radiant.

How to use:
Blend in color onto cheeks with brush for the look of naturally glowing cheeks.

It is a pretty color, but I barely use lip colors and this would just be sitting in my collection, not being used.
 The second product is Style Y color fit bling bling auto crayon shadow in the color 01 Pink retailing for $9.  This is a full sized product and contains 0.9 g.  The twist up plastic crayon contains the cream eye shadow which is a really pretty color actually!  A peachy pink color with a gold sheen.

I love love love me some cream colored bases or even just eye shadow bases that you can wear by it self since it is easy.  I love color bases because they make powder shadows pop and can change the tone with just the base on the bottom.  I really don't buy any make up nowadays since I have so much, and I'm trying to enjoy the things I have bought  When I opened my stick, the whole cream just popped out and fell on the floor.  I was like NOOOOOOO.  EYESHADOW STICK WHYYY~~ LOL so dramatic.  I'm happy with the color because it is a color I can use everyday ;).  Happy.

Product description:
This auto-type crayon shadow applies easily and smoothly onto the eyelids with a creamy texture and a long-lasting finish.  It'll add that extra sparkling color and shimmering pink pearls fit for a lovely pink eye makup.

How to use:
Softly draw onto your eyelids and use a shadow brush or your finger to blend it in naturally.

 The color is a very light pink base with purple and green sheen and gold shimmers.  I don't have anything like this, and after the base is set, it does not rub off.  I can always count on korean eye products to work!  WHOO.  I have had such good luck with the waterproof eyeliners I have gotten, and this eyeshadow base type thing.  LOVE!
 The third product is Shara Shara liquid highlighter in the color 01 Pink retailing at $8 and contains 9 g.  This is a full sized product, measuring at 2.5 cm x 6 cm in a cute glass jar.  This totally reminds me of the Benefit's high beam liquid highlighter and I'd even say this is an exact dupe!

I did have Benefit's high beam once upon a time when I got this awesome set with the full sized Hoola bronzer, full sized high beam and three other products for the same price of one Hoola bronzer $36.  But I didn't really like how the highlighter didn't blend well into my skin and just looked like a streak of shimmer, so I just passed it onto a girlfriend. From the swatch, I can tell this is seriously an exact dupe, and it is a fraction of the price of the Benefit one which is $32!!  This one is only $8. Totally worth it!  You can also mix it into your foundation for that youthful glow to the skin ;).

Product description:
Shara Shara's infamous ethereal pink liquid highlighter creates a radiantly dewy complexion and adds a soft natural afterglow.  Dab this shimmering pink illuminator on the highest point of the face for an angelic sheen!

How to use:
Before or after makeup application, use a brush or your finger to blend in a small amount of the highlighter along your T-zone, under-eyes, and over cheekbones.
 The packaging is so much cuter then Benefit high beam :D.
 Instead of a brush tip, this has a flexible silicone tip which I actually like better then the brush :O.
 Swatch of the highlighter.
 Blended out.  The finish looks fabulous, and the more I look at the picture, the more I feel like I should give this product a second chance.  It looks amazing and natural :D.
 Now that I compared the benefit high beam four billion times above, let's compare them side by side shall we?
Swatch side by side.  They look eactly the same, exact same slightly pink, mostly a white pink sheen.  The texture is slightly liquidy and blends into the skin leaving your skin a very noticeable glow. 
Absolutely the same thing.  I'd just say get the Shara Shara one, cheaper, same product, cuter packaging.
 The fourth product is Insobeau perfect deep clean one-stype cleansing water retailing for $22 and contains 200 mL.  This is a full sized product, measuring 5 cm x 13 cm. This product have no scent at all.

This product is the reason I bought this box.  I love my Bioderma water, and want something cheaper, which this isn't cheaper actually since it contains less product and is $22, but I want to see if all Micellar water are the same.  I don't always use make up, but when I do, I love to use the Bioderma micellar water since it gets rid of everything.  I even use it as a toner to ensure all dirty is off my face before I sleep.  I was super duper happy to see this as a spoiler and just sold me in an instant.  Hopefully this works out the same as Bioderma so I don't have to buy another bottle for at least the next half a year :D.

Product description:
Enriched with tangerine peel extracts, lemon balm extracts, and various vitamins, this One-step cleansing water works to cleanse away make up residues and dead skin cells while soothing, moisturizing and protecting the skin at the same time.  What's even better, it'll truly shorten your cleansing routine into a one-step because your don't need to rinse off after using the cleansing water!

How to use:
Soak a cotton pad with the cleansing water and gently wipe it all over your face, moving in an inward-outward direction. Use a cotton tip for cleansing eye areas.
 Super cute packaging.  This looks super promising ;).
 The fifth product is Secret key color recipe the pink cream retailing for $34 and contains 55 g.  This is a full sized product measuring at 5.5 cm x 5 cm.  Smell-o-scale= 6/10, fragrance is just the generic korean floral scent.  Not too strong, just right.

I still have not tried any of the moisturizers I have gotten from secret key and I know I should since I have heard good things from other girls that have used it.  So many moisturizers to use!  I can't go through it fast enough :O.

Product description:
Secret Key's color recipe THe pink cream specifically targets signs of fine wrinkles and lines on your face and works to tighten and light up dry, sagging skin for a more youthful, healthier looking complexion.

How to use:
After toner application, take an adequate amount of the pink cream and gently massage it all over your face until all capsules from the cream pop and absorbs completely into the skin. 

 I'd say the cream is more of a gel, and you can see little white capsules in the gel.  Ohhh :O
 The last product is Awesome glow glow balm  retailing for $35 and contains 45 g.  This is a full sized product and measures 6 cm x 4.7 cm. The balm has no scent.

I don't know why but I got the impression that the jar would be biger but it is already a good sized jar since there is quite a bit of product inside.  I didn't know what to expect since the description on memebox wasn't very clear.  But what this is s a hard balm that is multipurpose.  So you can use it as a moisturizer, a lip balm (this i would be a big ass tube of lip balm LOL), cuticle moisturizer, anything.  You can use it on every part of your body and I really am glad I got this since I have just been using pure shea butter from L'occitane, but it is super greasy.  This balm is not greasy at all and is very moisturizing.  I like!

Product description:
This ultra hydrating and soothing balm made with argan, olive, macadamia, oils delivers soothing hydration whenever you need it.  With its concentrated formula, a little goes a long way.  It balances the moisture levels in the skin, and gives a healthy glowing sheen. It can be used together with a facial cream for extra moisture and glow, and it can also be used in place of a lip balm, hand cream and a highlighter.

How to use:
After cleansing and toning the skin, apply a small amount of balm onto the skin and massage into dry areas.

1) Style Y glossy pit crayon lipstick $11 
2) Style Y color fit bling bling $9
3) Shara Shara aurora liquid highlighter $8 
4) Insobeau cleansing water $22
5) Secret Key color recipe the pink cream $34
6) Awesome glow glow balm $35
Total: $119 on the info card

I can't really seem to find 5 out of the 6 product's official website so I can't really find the retail product prices.  So I will just end it here and tell you my overall thoughts on the box.  Overally, I love this box.  I like how there is 3 products for skincare, and 3 products make up wise.  This was a very well rounded box and would most definitely recommend this box if it was ever restocked.  I give this box a 5/5 stars.  I'm excited for everything in the box except for the lip color, but that is not memebox's fault since I just am too lazy to put on a lip product, and usually just use lip balm. Two thumbs up, MMnoob approved :).

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