Tuesday, October 21, 2014

International contest giveaway WINNER

Firstly thank you for those of you that entered into my first giveaway.  I created this giveaway because I wanted to share my love of beauty and my love for Daiso.  LOL Unlike a lot of other more famous blogger/ Youtubers, I am just an normal person and a normal girl that has an interest in skincare and cosmetics, but don't got billions of dollars to burn.  So my guilty pleasure is daiso since they have so many cool gadgets for super cheap.  I hope whoever the winner is (of course I know who it is), I hope you enjoy everything you get in this goodie bag.

I have meet a lot of awesome people on this blog, and you guys have became my family.  I love talking to you guys personally, and you make me feel like the world is a lot smaller and I got a lot of sistas to talk about all things beauty, which is super fun to me :).  

To the winner, I hope you enjoy everything you are getting in the package, and if you can take a picture of you holding it up and tag me on instagram, I would be a happy happy girl!

Without a further adieu... the winner is!!!!!!

Random generator said #3, so the third person who posted on my giveaway blog post is~~~


Congralutation girl! Come and collect your prize :D.  It is almost Christmas time too :D.  Enjoy pampering yourself.

I will do more giveaways in the future when I find more cool things to send to you guys, so again, thank you all for joining in on the fun and enjoy reading my blog!  Love you all~

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