Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New: Innisfree brand box!!!!

They finally made it happen!!! Innisfree brand box.  This and skinfood box that came out two days ago are the best boxes they have came out with.  I personally have never gotten anything from innisfree, and I know it is a really big brand in korea.  So this is a great way for me to stare exploring their skincare and make up.  I hope we get more skincare then make up though.  But honestly I won't care since I have nothing fro this brand anyways :).  This is a sure buy for me hehe.

Coupons will be included in the bottom.  There is only 3 days left for the $5 coupons, so make sure to use them :D.

$29.00 + shipping
Shipping starts Nov. 13

Clean, fresh air, soft warm sunlight, fertile healthy soil… Thinking you’re in paradise? Nope, you’ve just opened your Innisfree Box.
Innisfree is Korea’s first cosmetics brand dedicated to delivering clean and pure beauty from the pristine island of Jeju Island! As global “green beauty leader” in the beauty industry, Innisfree boasts all natural, and eco-friendly products to ensure 100% honest and 100% pure beauty ingredients. Praised and loved by celebs and makeup artists alike the year 2000, Innisfree has built a respectable reputation for itself with its famous line of cosmetics and skin care!
Enjoy all of Innisfree’s cult faves with this box to enjoy immaculate beauty!
Innisfree + CutiePieMarzia 2
Innisfree + cutiepie marzia 2$39.00 + shipping
Shipping starts Nov. 13
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  1. Hey!
    I just ordered this box this morning!
    Super beyond excited.
    I'm supposed to be getting my very first MEMEBOXes tomorrow (Tonymoly & Holika Holika superboxes woo!).
    I love reading your blog, by the way.
    You always have such cute comments heeheehee. :D

    1. That is super exciting :DDD. I'm kind of jealous that I didn't order the tony moly and holika holika box, but I feel a bit better that we get a bit of each of those brands here and there from the other boxes.

      I'm super duper excited as well :D. I bought this box and I feel like it can't be shipped fast enough! I want it now now now!! LOL I sound like a brat eh?

      And thank you for the support and compliment ! Means the world to me :).




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