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Unboxing: Superbox #61 My cute wishlist 3

My Cute Wishlist #3 Reorder
After the absolutely amazing my cute wishlist edition one box, I was hooked onto the cute bandwagon.  I didn't get the second edition though since I thought to myself that I already got the first one, so I don't need the second one.  I managed to dodge that bullet and bought the OMG2 2 which turned out to be the better box.  So when they came out with the cute wishlist 3 box, I'm like okay okay, I'll get it.  I absolutely love the graphic art for this box, it is so adorable and eye catching.  good job whoever created this!

$23.00 + shipping
 Let's see what I have to say about this box, and if you have succeeded or failed on making an amazing box revolving around the theme.

As always, there will be coupons at the end of the blog post so stay tuned!

 First product I see already is a repeat.  Sigh, Memebox may we get rid of Hope girl for a while.  We are tired of hope girl :S.  Show us different brands please!
 I am glad that we are getting Tony Moly more and more since I never know what to buy from big brands like them since they have so many products.  This is a great way to try out the brand without spending too too much.
 How the products came in the box.  The sunscreen is taking up so much room!
 Hmm... what do i think about this box? :/

 The first product is Hope girl tinted lip balm retailing for $12 and contains 5 g.  This is a full sized product and measures 4 cm x 2 cm.  Smell-o-scale= 2/10, and there is a very faint scent of strawberry, unless my nose is clogged up with boogers or something..  This was randomly selected from 01 Strawberry, 02 love peach, 03 hot cherry.  I got the color strawberry.

We got the same product from the Sweet shop box, and I don't think I'd be using this anytime soon since I do have four billion other balms I have to get through.  I'm also not thrilled that tis is an exact repeat, but at least I did get another color.  In my sweet shop box, i got the color hot cherry. Now that color I would try to say away because I am quite pale, like snow white pale, no joke.  So if i were to slap that on my lips, I would look so pale to the point where I look like the cartoon character.  Now I'm not saying that is a bad thing, but I don't usually wear make up everyday unless is a special occasion, so I would look totally weird with hot red lips and a bare face. You know what I mean? Okay I'm just ranting at this point LOL.  Back to the post.

Product description:
Scented with a delicate strawberry fragrance, Hope Girl's tinted lip balm is both a lip tint and a lip balm.  While the co-enzyme Q-10 and shea butter formula deeply nourishes your chapped lips, the lovely pink tint will stein your lips with a long-lasting, colorful radiance!

How to use:
Apply the tinted lip balm with your finger and blend it into your lips.
 It is a really pretty color and the packaging is simple but cute with the pink leopard print.  I'm not a print girl, but I do like this packaging.
 The color is super pretty, and I doubt that the color would look exactly like that in the pot.  I might have to try this.
 The second product is Shara shara fariy's make-up synery sun cream SPF45 PA++ retailing for $21 and contains 30 mL.  This is a full sized product and measures 6.7 cm x 15 cm.  Smell-o-scale= 5/10 and it just smells like normal sunscreen.

I am all up for sunscreen, but this is kinda...  How do I say this.  In my profession of being a cook, we have phased out plating such as sprinkling parsley all around the edge of a soup bowl because A) it is useless since you aren't using it as a flavouring, B) it just looks old school, C) it is a super mindless way to plate.  This is like that.  I have to say the girl is cute, but the packaging is so bulky and tall, the actually container that has teh sunscreen is just her dress.   Just why, Shara Shara, I know your trying to make a brand for yourself but the packaging just sucks.  It is like the parsley I was talking about. It is quite childish too, keep in mind the people that are buying Memeboxes are 18-25 and up! The people that have money to spend from working all day, 8 hours a day and wait to treat themselves to something nice.This product, is just no.

Product description:
The fairy's make up synergy sun cream not only provides a strong protection against UV-A and UV-B but it also creates an amazing synergy effect with base make up and works to balance out uneven skin tone and texture. Plus, its light formula absorbs quickly and adheres to skin without feeling heavy or stick.

How to use:
Apply the sun cream evenly over your face before base make up application.

 Can we please admire the box for a second? Even though the actually packaging is wack, the box is super duper cute :D.

 This reminds me of that magic trick where you saw a person in half and split them. LOL doesn't it?
 The actually sunscreen I do actually like.  It does not leave my skin feeling greasy and it does rub full into the skin.
 The third product is Ddung family foam cleansing cream retailing for $12 and contains 120 mL.  This was randomly selected from 01 fruit or 02 milky, and I got 02 Milky which is the yellow tube.  The plastic tube measures 5 cm x 15 cm.

I'm not going to open this yet either since I have quite a bit of cleansers to go through, and I am using the Milk and rice cleanser from my milk box and Michael todd's honey and oat cleanser which I love :D.  This will be added to my cleansing stash.  The packaging is cute on this one hehe.

Product description:
The family foam cleansing cream is enriched with various fruits extracts- plum, grapefruit, peach, apple, tangerine, and blueberry- and is extremely gentle and moisturizing while its abundant, fine bubbles work to remove all skin impurities clogging up your pores.  The family milky foam cleansing foam is just as gentle in its formula packed with milk protein extracts, chamomille flower extracts, lavender extracts, peppermint leaf extracts, and rosemary leaf extracts.

How to use:
Lather the cleansing cream with your hands and gently massage into your face.  Rinse off with warm water.
 The fourth product is Shara Shara kissing sugar lip sugar scrub retailing for $7 and contains 10 g.  This is a full sized product and comes in a tin container which measures 4 cm x 1.5 cm.

Sorry that I'm not going to take a picture of the product inside, but I again, do not wait to waste it by just opening it to take a picture and having it expire.  But I have this picture to show you the inside.  It just looks like every other lip scrubs on the market.
Product description:
The grains of sugar and walnut shells work as natural scrub, gently rubbing away any dead skin cells on your lips.  This buttery kissing sugar lip scrub is also enriched with honey extracts, avocado oil, argan, spinosa kernel oil, and various vegetable oil complex which deliver in intensive moisture and nutrition care for softer, suppler lips.

How to use:
Take a small amount of the lip and rinse off with warm water.
 The fifth product is Youngwoosa Oh! It's lovely and soft cream retailing for $47 and contains 45 g.  This is a full sized product and measures 6 cm x 4 cm.  Smell-o-scale= 3/10 and it has a very light fragrance of herbs.

The packaging on this is pretty cute, but the girl and the dog reminds me of the old school, Asian advertisement from like the 1950's or something.  Slightly creepy, slightly cute.  I'm confused.  I love me some moisturizer so you can never go wrong on giving me moisturizers :).   Welcome to the family moisturizer, welcome....

Product description:
Youngwoosa chose to only concentrate on the ability of its moisturizing cream to instantly fill in deep hydration and to prevent moisture loss by creating a protective barrier over your skin. Experience the wonders of 2X moisturizing system of Oh! It's lovely and soft cream and how it'll make your skin softer, silkier, smoother, and healthier overall.

How to use:
Apply the cream evenly over your face and pat it on for full absorbency.

 I'd say the cream is medium in thickness, and soaks into the skin nicely too.  I think this would be a great cream to use after my Donkey milk and argan moisturizer.

The last product is Tony Moly red cheeks girl's patch retailing for $2 and contains one set.

I always wondered if we can reused this little pads? I mean they don't break down and you just throw them away. Can you not just wash them, and soak some essence of your own and use them? Maybe even put them in the fridge before you use them.  I don't know how well this will work since it is just a silicon pad with some liquid, but I am curious to try this out.

Product description:
This hydro-gel type cheek patch is specifically designed to deliver an intense moisture relief and a soothing effect to dry, rosy cheeks.  Enriched with rose flower, cheery blossom, apricot, aloe ver, cucumber and green tea extracts, it's extremely gentle to the skin and scented with a sweet essence for full absorbency. 

How to use:
After cleansing, place the two patches on either cheeks.  Remove them 20-30 minutes later and pat in the remaining essence for full absorbency.

*Prices in purple are prices I found through official site  or popular online stores*
Not sure if you guys have noticed, but I have always included the link of the official website link for you guys to check it out.

1) Hope girl tinted lip balm $12 ($9.49 USD/ 10,000 Won)
2) Shara Shara Fairy's make-up synergy sun cream $21 ($17.09 USD/ 18,000 Won)
3) ddung family foam cleansing cream $12 ??
4) Shara Shara kissing sugar lip scrub $7 ($5.93 USD/ 6,250 Won)
5) Youngwoosa Oh! it's lovely and soft cream $47 ($37.03 USD/ 39,000 Won)
6) Tony moly red cheeks girl's patch $2 ??
Total: $101 on the info card.
Total: $83.54 retail prices from Korea

Overall I'd have to give this box a disappointing thumbs down.  I do like that we got a full sized cleanser with a pretty cute drawing of a girl, the sun screen is a staple but the packaging is just too bluky, I don't mind that we got a lip scrub but because i do have quite a few lip scrubs from other boxes, it does underwhelm me.  I'm excited for the moisturizer and Tony moly face patch is interesting, but nothing I'd be rushing to try.  I give this box a 3/5 stars.  It was a good try memebox, but this will not make it up to one of my favorite boxes.  Especially compared to the stellar first cute wishlist box which blew everyone out of the water. 

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